Is The Peoples Program a Scam or Legit – A Cash Gifting Scheme

Is The Peoples Program a Scam or Legit – A Cash Gifting Scheme

More and more people are getting stung by so-called legitimate opportunities online and today I am reviewing a Company claiming to be legitimate but are they?

Let’s look into some facts and details of what and who they are to give you some information before you go spending your hard earned money on something that may or may not work.

PRODUCT NAME: The Peoples Program

A cash gifting program commonly called the TPP and it works like this

Here is a screenshot of the payment process

This strikes me as weird and it seems to me the people who started this are the money holders however I might be wrong but get a gut feeling this is not a great place to join.

You pay a one time fee of $50 for administration and all you do is talk people into joining for amounts up to $10k and this is how the people are making the money.

I feel this program has some holes in it and when I typed in their URL this is what came up which again made me wary of this program as it all seems very secretive and by invitation only which I don’t get at all. surely if a Business is honest and upfront, they would let you see what they are all about before you join.

Can you join for free? No- You must pay the minimum fee of $150 to get inside


Owners: Unknown

Overall Rank: 2/5

Price to join: $150- $10,000

 Product Overview

It is called cash leveraging and money is the product

The Good & the Bad

 PRO – Can you make money? Yes, if you have a lot of money to invest


  • High start-up cost
  • People have to be invited to join
  • A wide range of entry-level payments
  • Hard to get new people
  • Marketing costs are way too high for low-money join ups
  • High risk
  • Could be a big time and money waster

Marketing is done by way of a fully automated system – “Hands-free” as they call it which again tends to make me concerned about this place.

It also goes on to tell people, you just plug into their self-automated system and all the leads will come. some will join, others won’t – Well no surprises there and the more I learn, the less likely I am to recommend this place as a good opportunity

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They also go on to say, you will never prospect, people, they will call you- Now my thoughts are. How many of these schemes have I seen online that offer you the Magic Wand to make$1000’s of dollars every day without doing anything?


OK, I just found a members website relating to TPP and inside it takes you to another site/landing page offering you leads and cash and once again, if you pay $197, oh no special discount ending in a few minutes, however, I left the site open way past the timer and guess what the offer didn’t change. Funny that.

Anyway, the offer is discounted today only in the next 20 minutes for only $15 – How can that be justified as legal and if the product is that great, why would anyone say its $197, then slash the price to $15. This has got scam written all over it.

Go check out this website – you will find it is just another landing page trying to entice you to join for the incredible price of just $15 and you will be rich- Well, I am telling you right now, this is not how to do business and when I saw the picture of Brad cuddling his grandson and puppy, it felt even worse so my verdict is this.

And here is another flashy scammy looking landing page for you to check out

Money and more money from you guessed it Marvin this time- Brad has turned into Marvin and the Picture is a woman telling you to go for it – Suspect.

And there are more landing pages with flashy cars, the flashy homes and all the usual spam type nonsense promises all through the page.

What really bothers me most of all and I would love someone from TPP to write to me on this is how and why do they want to dodge the IRS?

Surely if this business was honest, wouldn’t they want to let the IRS know about them and pay their taxes like we all do when we are earning great money. This sets off big Alarm Bells for me. What about you?

VERDICT: LEGIT but bordering seriously on a Scam in my opinion, because I can’t prove it to be not legit but I would take what I have written as a warning to you and if I were you I would find a better place to build an Income online

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I’m 60 now and I have been stung in the past from dodgy business platforms claiming to be great and I can almost smell them as I arrive on these sites and when I came across a review of the platform I use.

I knew within 10 minutes of joining for free and having a good look inside at everything that’s offered to members, I was in the right place to build my future online and that is exactly what I have done and am still doing today and will continue to do for as long as I can.

I love it when people contact me and say, ” Vicki, thank you, I am so rapt I joined you and now look where I am today” These people have time and money freedom through working hard, learning and growing online and so can you so please ask yourself this

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8 thoughts on “Is The Peoples Program a Scam or Legit – A Cash Gifting Scheme”

  1. These Scams do have a similar pattern: Lots of empty promises in advance, trying to lure one in with images of flashy cars and people chilling on the beach. A lot of made up reviews that should prove that it is a legit business opportunity and of course the fact that you have to pay in advance in order to get anything. These people are nothing but frauds and people like you are needed to uncover and expose them. Too many good people fall into those kind of traps. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The people’s program (TPP) sounds too ambiguous to be legit. From your post, there’s no real business plan to how this business run. Secondly, looking at the fact that it’s owners are unknown is a red flag because you don’t know who you’re investing with. It’s definitely better to join a tested and trusted program like Wealthy Affiliate.

    Warm regards

    • Yes, Louis

      I love WA and hope many people join to see how to change their futures

      My review of the TPP is how I see it and don’t understand how such prices are charged when saying they want to help people- Odd and scam maybe

      Thanks for your input

  3. This is very helpful article. My bone of contention still remain why will some schemes pose to be what they are not. Reading through this review you will know it’s not legitimate. Why would the membership fee be that much and yet they are still not real. But my belief still remains that they can change for good. Thank you.

    • Yes it is not good to see such high join fees when its meant to be to help people

      I don’t understand this as all hence this article

  4. Oh man, that is a Ponzi scheme from the word “go.”  I can’t even believe it’s actually allowed to exist!  It’s like one of those old chain-letters, but done electronically.  And they say the income is not taxable!  FALSE!  It is absolutely taxable (if you ever received a dime, which is HIGHLY DOUBTFUL.)  Scams like this really trip my trigger, because I can just see desperate people falling for it, and the perps gleefully take their money and run.  Disgusting.  Thanks for the good info and for exposing these criminals.


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