Is Finish Line Network a Scam – What the Experts are Saying

Is Finish Line Network worthy of investment? Today we are going to discuss what FLN offers and whether or not it is a scam.

Let’s get into this

Finish Line Network digital products are backed by Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey, and the business is based in Florida.

So what products do these people offer?


You can buy the silver package for $47 per month and this is what you will get:

Organize your leads in an intelligent environment.

Automated segmenting of your leads into “Buying Trait” categories.

Proprietary “Stay Fresh” lead monetization system.

Gather leads with built-in professionally designed landing pages.

Create your own landing pages quickly and effortlessly – no web development skills needed and highly intuitive.

Then it’s onto the Gold product and this will cost you $130 per month, however, you are able to buy these 2 products for $177 each month or you could buy the entire package offered by FLN for $4997 and this includes Epod which is all you need for your email marketing and you can also but this for a one-off price of $1997

It is becoming quite expensive when you look at all the different products and their associated costs and I feel there are a lot better places you could join to learn how to build a very successful business.


Digital Domination is another add on which is $997 and this is a live event to teach you how to develop the right mindset for business, learn how to use social media platforms (I can teach you this for free), how to develop a daily action plan, how to monetize your business and how to minimize distraction for a more productive workday. To me, $997 is steep as this is taught for free where I belong and seems a little over the top and perhaps just some more marketing hype to get you involved.

Most of the products within FLN can be on-sold and if you choose to do this, you pay a $20 membership to get the resell availability and this is the main focus of FLN. To get people aboard and get them reselling the products as this is where they make the big bucks.

Unfortunately, unless you buy the highly-priced products, you will not receive top commission payout but instead, a minimal amount will be paid to you and of course, you have to find a sponsor 1st and they will also get a share which is now starting to feel a bit like a pyramid scheme.

Here is an image of all the products from a screenshot I took giving you the line-up- I’m not saying this business is a scam but I honestly feel there are much better options on where to invest your money for your future business build.

The total price is $4997 plus ongoing monthly costs and although some of what is offered will benefit people, there is also lots of hype within the products that can be learned without costing money so before you spend your money on these products, do some more research as I did.

I am a successful business owner and I have researched many programs online to help people with their buying decisions and I am not going to recommend this product today.

Other companies involved

Traffic Authority, Online Sales Pro, and Success Count all seem to be part of FLN and claim to make millions of sales however some of the details of these companies are somewhat sketchy as well and anyone who has a business knows, it takes hard work, learning the skills and loads of effort to become successful.

You cannot just plug into some platform and watch money arrive in your bank account. People might try to tell you they can help you do this but please, please do not go near sites like this. “If it seems to good to be true, it most likely is” Yes it is an old saying but still very real in today’s online world.

Show yourself

There is something that really irks me when I research online “Business” opportunities and this is when I go to the About me or Company or About Us page to read about the founders/owners of a business, only to find there is nothing, nada there except sales hype saying they are awesome!!

Where are the faces behind the brand? Where is the Integrity when you hide who you are? Is it a place I can trust?

My answer is NO – I like to see who I am spending my money with and I searched high and low to find pictures and bios for FLN and I couldn’t see an about us page and on the company page there are no faces and bios there either and yet if I go to really high-quality places, I am always pleased to find a face behind the website and often a bio explaining what the owner does and where he has come from which is a pleasure to see.


I checked out the compensation plan for FLN and I did get a surprise because when you become an affiliate, you are known as a rising star and you split your sales 50/50 with your upline

To rise up in the affiliate program, you have to do some serious selling of these digital products before the split becomes 80/20 and this is MLM to the max and like many other companies that have fallen, I do not recommend spending your hard-earned money investing in this company.

When I was researching this company I decided to join up to see more of what’s inside however the 1st thing I was asked was- Please enter your referrers details and of course, I have noo been referred so good luck trying to get in without buying something as this seems to open the door but I am not prepared to put my money in their pockets on this one.

In closing

Thanks for stopping by to read this post and I hope I have shared enough information for you to know there are better platforms where you can learn all the skills you need, get all the tools you need to create a truly successful online business.

I used to be like you, looking online, reading loads of reviews until I read one review written by a guy called Kevin and I made a choice after reading this really great review, it was a good place to become a member and I joined and now I work full time from wherever I like doing what I love, helping people learn how to become successful in the online world and I can help you as well so please come and join me for free and take a look inside my no.1 recommendation online.

Until next time

Vicki, signing out

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18 thoughts on “Is Finish Line Network a Scam – What the Experts are Saying”

  1. Hello Vicki, this review is beautifully written. Once a platform does not have a transparent owner amd has very unreasonable upaells, them there is a big reason to frown at it. Finish line network might be using a legitimate model to make money for its subscribers but the way they have done it is really inappropriate. Adding mlm tactics is a worse part of it. That’s k you for the eye opener. I wouldn’t advice any one to try FLN.

  2. Hi Vicki,

    Reading about Finish Line Network sounds so familiar it’s almost like you can write the same review over and over again just plug in the new company name. It seems to be getting worse. You found the owners but no photos and no bios? What does that tell you? In my opinion, they either have something to hide or they do not want to be held accountable. Or maybe it’s both? Either option is not good. Way too expensive and it sounds like they’ll take your money with no questions asked. In other words, you may have questions but there is no one around to answer them. No thanks. Good article.

    • More and more of these types of sites are popping up online, Bob and it’s always good to share any information to help people with their buying decisions

      Thank you

  3. Thanks for the useful review and info! There are lots of scams and/or suspicious stuff in this money-making online industries 
    but thanks for sites like this, we have info about things. Personally, I found Wealthy affiliate such as a great platform for affiliate marketing. However, thanks for a good and informative website and have a nice day! 
    Kind regards -Jesse 

    • Yes WA certainly is the best choice if you want to develop an online business with integrity and all the skills

      Go well and enjoy

      Highly recommended

  4. Thanks for your feedback on this topic Vicki! You make such a great point when you talk about the lack of bios and about us pages. I agree and would definitely feel more trusting if these were available, Navigating the online business world comes with its own scams for sure. Adequate research and diligence are key in my opinion. Great article.

  5. Thanks for this review. I have been looking into Finish Line Network as a tool to make money online and have come across similar reviews where the negatives outweigh the positives with this product.It seems as though that the main complaint is the high cost and lack of trust. After reading your review, I have decided to look elsewhere to try to find a reputable platform to start an online business. Thanks again!

  6. Thank you for this review. The information products they are selling are definitely very expensive. Thanks for pointing out the multi-level marketing element because that alone is a good reason to avoid it. I am doing wealthy affiliate now and it is going pretty well. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of value out of my premium membership so far. Wealthy affiliate seems to be one of the more trustworthy make money online programs. Also it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to start which is helpful.

  7. Its surprising how someone would come up with an idea on business, then all of a sudden ghost on his own idea on which you expect people to believe its legit. Most sites like this are really much in our business world today. They tend to show what they don’t truly offer. Although FLN may not be a scam but they haven’t portrayed themselves to be trust worthy enough. Thanks for taking your time to make this review Vicki. 

    • I agree with you Dane- I was very surprised to find no about us page or faces welcoming me to this site and it didn’t give me a feeling of trust or confidence to become involved and then the up-sells hit me and it was time to retreat from this offer and go with the best

  8. Wow, I feel like those are too many upsells in one program. And they are also costly, to say the least.This indeed sounds and looks like a pyramid scheme. The requirement to get a sponsor for you to earn a substantial amount sounds like a heavy task to me. Who would want to bug people and ask them to be sponsors?

    I believe research is very important in any business. You might end up paying for stuff only to realize that they could be found on the internet, for free.

    Thank you for such a thorough review.

    • Yes, I found the whole process and the up-sells a put off as there are much better places to grow your business and I hope you check out my no.1 recommendation Carol as it is really a great platform

  9. I’m so glad I found your review; I very much enjoyed reading it! Your ‘tell it like it is’ matter of fact way of discussing Finish Line Network was refreshing to me. I previously read a little bit about FLN and honestly, their package sounded like exactly what I needed and had been looking for however, the pricing was a bit high for my liking. 

    I stay away from MLM structured programs – I have tried a few in the past and found my sponsor would reap the benefits of all my hard work and I was left with mere pennies. This alone was enough to turn me away, so thanks for that piece of information.

    I’ll take a look at your recommended program and bookmark your page for future reference. Thanks so much for your input and advice!

    • Hi Shan

      Yes, the up-sells were what put me off this program as there are more out there that give people everything you need to build a great future online so please do go check out my recommendation and I hope to connect with you again on the inside as a member


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