Is Clout Bucks a Scam – Protect yourself NOW

Who is Clout Bucks?

Cloud Bucks is a Scam

Is Clout Bucks a Scam? YES so read on

Website: Please do not Join this Scam!!!

Clout Bucks looks to me and to a lot of people a rename, a new domain name for the scam and having looked at numerous YouTube videos, the proof looks 100% that it is the same scam with a different name and I just found another which may or may not be related but looks very similar as well and this is Referral Pay. co

Online there are so many Scams and finding them and sharing the information with you is so important.

I read a review of Clout Bucks and in there it said this is a data harvesting site where you are promised $25 for joining this place.

The problem here is when you join and you are promised $25, you have to refer people to this place. You then do some other things to earn your $25. When it comes to withdrawing your money, you have to go through a verification process. Well, you may have guessed… You don’t get paid – no matter how hard you try.

Why did I say Clout Bucks is a Scam?

Everything I have researched says Scam, and the website is almost the same as and that’s the 1st red flag. is now up for sale as Clout Bucks, the same people try to do it all again under a new name.

Is Clout Bucks a Scam

Red Flag when you see this. You have to collect data for Clout Bucks by inviting people to join and this is not an ethical way to do business.

Then it goes on to say this:

Is Clout Bucks a Scam

Another one

Here is another one that looks like it is connected to the same people which is another red flag for Clout Bucks. I could be wrong and if I am please step up and tell me but it sure is similarIs Clout Bucks a Scam

The exact same thing is on Clout Bucks and yet this is – Feels like the same Scam to me with yet another name.

When does it end?

If you checked out both sites at the same time- It would stick out really clearly that these sites are so similar.

All you do is share to social media, invite people to join and you can make $500 per day- What a Joke!!!

These are the tasks you need to complete to make money but unfortunately, even if you complete the tasks, you won’t get your money because the verification process won’t let you. Weird

Check out this screenshot and add up the money you are able to make and you tell me if this company can afford these payouts because it is a lot of money being paid out every day to millions of people.

Is Clout Bucks a Scam

Refer Friends $10 per referral

Get clicks $2

Download Apps $10

Complete Surveys $24

Create YouTube Videos $50

Total for 1 person doing all tasks $96 x 10 people = $960 x 1 million people = $96 million dollars every day that this company payout. Really?

I don’t think so and nor do any of the people I have researched who have experienced this “company”

There are so many scams online and this is another one, well perhaps 2 more at least and I will keep researching and will most likely find more of the same thing under a different domain name.

My advice is to share this post with as many people as possible to help people understand how wrong this business is and to stay away and be alert to scams online.

Making money online

To make money online, you have to work hard, doing honest business with people, and building trust with your readers, not telling them a lot of information that’s not real and could possibly cause them, harm online.

A better option would be to learn how to create and build your own blogging website with a niche you enjoy and make money from your site.

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Belonging to an honest platform with Integrity a true pay it forward attitude and a platform that teaches you amazing skills and gives you the best tools to use to become successful online is a way better choice than joining someplace that could be stealing your id and using it to procure all kinds of things online. Warning!!! Stay away, please!!


Even their contact details don’t feel honest– there is an address in Australia, no email address, no phone number and the only way to contact them is via Twitter or Instagram and this feels like another red flag.

I work inside the no.1 platform on the Internet and we can message the owners anytime, we can email or we can chat live to them and they are their most days to help the members by answering questions or just generally connecting with members from all over the world. This feels honest and safe.

We know who owns Facebook but no-one knows who runs Clout Bucks when you Google CloutBucks all that comes up are reviews and none of them, are saying it’s a good idea.


Recommended – NO

Rating – SCAM

Pros – None

Cons – All the above

There are written reviews, Youtube videos, and information online everywhere about this place and I have yet to find a good review about Clout Bucks and I will be very surprised if they don’t get shut down or do a runner with people details and money or sell all the information they gather so 100’s more spam emails hit people email accounts trying to rip people off.

I checked out their Facebook page and screenshot it to share with you.

Only 40 people like it. Say What!! Yes, only 40 people so how can they be paying out so much money to all their members and why when you click on the Facebook icon on their website, you get taken back to their site and not Facebook- Strange happenings.

Is Clout Bucks a Scam

And the only comment on there was from someone saying its a Scam

I am done- Is Clout bucks a Scam? YES


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you share this post everywhere you can please as this way we can help more people know about where not to join online and this will help a lot of people.

Thank you

Go well and if you can share anything about Clout Bucks please do this in the comments below

Thank you- See you next time


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4 thoughts on “Is Clout Bucks a Scam – Protect yourself NOW”

  1. I have heard so many negative things about clout scam that I will not be joining them and after reading this review of them I can certainly say that clout scam, oops, I mean clout bucks isn’t worth trying out to earn money online

    I have just shared this post on my social media to make sure that none of my friends ever get caught in this awful scam and be able to learn that not everything they see online is going to make them rich

    Thanks so much for this Clout Bucks Review, it is going to save a load of people 🙂

    • Hi Matthew and thanks for sharing this post

      Yes, Clout Scam, I mean bucks is another Scam alright and I also believe the other 2 I mentioned and possibly more are connected to the same people whoever they are

      Thanks for your support

      Go well

  2. Clout Bucks sounds pretty scammy at the get-go. I appreciate you bringing attention to this product. I’m always on the lookout for scams. $500 per day just for sharing social media and inviting people, hmmmm. Sounds a little too good to be true honestly. The numbers don’t seem to add up I agree. I’m definitely going to share this post and I recommend all readers check out the links to Wealthy Affiliate! 

    • Thank you. The more people that read this post the better. I hate scammers big time and this is a prime example of how not to do business online


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