Is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners -See what the Experts say

This is a great question and I get asked it often as more and more people are looking online wanting to make extra money on the Internet.

Sensible move, very sensible.

Hi and welcome and before I answer your question I would like to tell you a bit about me and my experience as there is no point you being here if I don’t know what I’m talking about right, OK, let’s get into this further.

My life before Affiliate Marketing

Just like you, I too asked the question, Is Affiliate Marketing for beginners as I knew virtually nothing about how to make money online. Hey, I didn’t know how to build a website, I didn’t know about SEO, PPC, SSL. Meta tags- I knew Zip – Well I knew a little. I joined Wix a long time ago and built a website with drag n drop and then had no idea on how to get it indexed and ranked with the Big Search Engines- Bing Google and Yahoo so my website floated in cyberspace and I walked away. Frustration and a lesson learned.

All I knew was that I wanted to build a website around my offline business and didn’t know how to do this properly and one night a friend who was looking online asked me to do research on (X) Company as she was told it might be worth a look, so I agreed and did some research and got a big RUN- Do not Join feeling and while I was searching for Linda, I came across a review of this Affiliate Marketing Platform and I read the article written by Kevin, and he seemed really genuine, honest and knew what he was talking about and I decided to go take a look for free.

Well, I couldn’t believe what was on offer in this place and I rang my friend Linda and said, “You gotta take a look at this platform I’ve found. You can build your own business and there is training to teach you everything you will need”

I found my Affiliate link and sent it to her so she could join for free to come and take a look. Within a couple of days, I decided to go Premium and then all the doors opened and Linda did as well and since then I have built 4 businesses Online all of them Successful and inside Wealthy Affiliate, I am also an ambassador Ranked 4th Highest in the Platform

Here is a screenshot

As you can see I joined in June of 2018 and in the past 3 months have created 6 training within Wealthy Affiliate, written 64 Blogs to our members and asked 18 questions and I am Honoured to have this position although it doesn’t have a reward for being one or anything. It’s a goodwill thing really.

Anyway, let’s move on

What Will You Get from Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has been built for anyone with any skill level so if you are just starting out, this platform has everything for you as a Premium Member to create, build and grow your own Affiliate Marketing Business and become very Successful Online as well.

If you are working full- time, and I know 1000’s that are, you can work this a part-time business and eventually if you work smart and hard, this can replace your full-time income so you no longer need to work for someone else- Not sure about you, but for me it is awesome Time Freedom to work my own hours, wearing whatever I feel like, making a coffee when I am thirsty and the best part, I can go fishing when the tide is right without feeling bad that I’m not working.

Absolutely anyone can make this type of business a huge success – All you have to do is learn and build and keep doing this consistently and you and Success will become really great friends.

Here is what the 2 Memberships offer and Wealthy Affiliate offers way more than the Image below- I am amazed by the 1000’s of great resources we can use anytime, The support from over 1800 Experts within the Community, the camaraderie of our Members. It is so great and the members age from 17-80 years old so I’m telling you, anyone can do this.

So as you see in the image, Wealthy Affiliate has got it all covered and Carson and Kyle told me via email today, 2019 is going to be better in so many ways- I’m not going to share what is going to happen because most of the Members have no knowledge as yet as Kyle hasn’t announced it, but I’m pretty sure, come early 2019 he will and everyone will benefit immensely from the goings on 🙂

Yes, A Big Yes.

In answer to your question in the Search box online- Is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, I can 100% say, Yes, it sure is and here is a video to share some information with you

My suggestion at this point is to join for free and come and see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about for yourself and if you feel that you would like to pursue growing your online future, then I look forward to connecting with you in the platform and to help you in any way, I can and well done if you do this.

For those of you who still have more questions, please ask me in the comment box below and I will reply within 24 hours and give you, your answers.

Wealthy Affiliate has already changed my life and I know if I keep working hard for the next 18 months, I am going to be able to travel to places I have always wanted to go to places like Nashville, Alaska and other great places in the USA and Canada.

Some of the members who have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 2 years are earning around $5-$7k each month.

How would that change your life? I know for me it would give me the freedom to work on my laptop while being on holiday and that is something I have wanted for a very long time, so Yes, I work hard every day on building my businesses and I love it.

I never tire of it as every time I think about WHY, I am doing this, it motivates me more and more so if this excites you please join me now and let’s get you underway as we move closer to 2019. Let’s make the New Year Your Best Year and see how far you can go with you Future Online

Thanks for reading this post and I hope I have given you enough information on whether Affiliate Marketing is for beginners and I hope to see you soon

Please do me a favour

Leave me some feedback on this article and of course, if you have questions, please ask as I am to help you



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19 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners -See what the Experts say”

  1. Thank you for this complete info about affiliate marketing i will say the affiliate maybe is not for everybody but Wealthy Affiliate is totally beginners friendly i personally I’m a member of WA and like you what i start i didn’t know nothing about it until i join WA now i’m not a Expert but i learn a lot from this platform 

    Totally recommended 

    • Just keep going and learning and building

      No Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone however anyone can do this business if they choose and WA has everything you need to become successful and I wish you continued success

  2. You’re right.  Affiliate marketing can be for beginners .  The training with WA is all there and on your own time.  Make no mistake it is work, but so very rewarding it is now and will be when the money comes in.

    WA is a big yes and I have worked hard like you and wouldn’t be anywhere else.

  3. Hi Vicki,

    I second every word in this article. I have spent years and years working for other people and its something I have come to regret. People, because they give you a job, does not make them a good boss. A horrible boss can literally ruin your life.

    Not to mention the hours in the rain for buses, trains, delays etc – you are not paid for that. That is YOUR time gone forever on meaningless struggle for pay that barely sustains you in this world.
    NOPE! I am very anti working for others because my experience doing so never got me ahead of a hand-to-mouth existence.

    Since starting with Wealthy Affiliate, I am happy to say I earn regular from home. I was doubtful if ‘I’ could do it, but with some work and persistence, Google has my site ranked nearly top 5 in my niche. Less than 1 year I will #1!

    Wealthy Affiliate is and will always be my top choice.

    Thank you Vicki for spreading the word on the worlds #1 Affiliate Marketing Training Platform in the World.

    • Hi Philip
      My pleasure and thanks for popping in to give share your knowledge about WA
      It truly is amazing and I hope to help many more people become successful online
      All the best for 2019
      Go well

  4. Great article, wealthy affiliate has really helped a lot of people find their footing in affiliate marketing. I like the fact that they make it clear that making money online is not an overnight success thing but a progressive process that can go for many years to come. You start by building one website working on it continuous and if need be add more sites as you go by, you will eventually hit your goal income.

    • Hi Anita

      A great comment thank you and so true

      Great things take time to build and I hope 2019 beings you all you are hoping to achieve

      Work, stay focused and go get those Goals ticked off

  5. Hey Vicki,

    This question get asked all the time, when we promote things as affiliates.  Many have doubts about how things work, and is it a good option for beginners

    It is important to start your online business from a trustworthy and honest platform like Wealthy Affiliate who provides A to Z knowledge about affiliate marketing in an easy to follow pattern.

    The training and guidance at WA is incredible and I sincerely believe that it is important to start your career with an established organisation like WA.


    • Hi Shubhangi

      i totally agree with you

      The support, the training and everything Members are given is incredible and for the fee we pay, I still am amazed as I don’t think there is any University in the world that teaches what WA teaches and also look at all the extras that we get everyday from the Experts in the Community who just keep giving their expert training and knowledge for free


      Go well in 2019 Shubhangi and thanks for stopping by today

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience about affiliate marketing. I have done it for a couple years and I found that anyone who has a passion in any subject can do it. I have seen many affiliate websites from toy review websites to even dog training websites. Possibilities are endless. 

    • Hi Jessie

      Yes, the possibilities are infinite and as more and more companies are turning to the Internet to gain more customers, the need for Affiliates grows as well so for anyone who wants to build a business in this field, now is the time to get started and if you build and work hard, success will come in abundance

      Go well in 2019 and go get those goals ticks off as completed


  7. Hello Vicki, I just finished reading your article and you nailed it i reckon very inspiring! I cant believe how much you have accomplished in such short time. What are the business’s you have launched? I agree with your article i think Affiliate Marketing is for beginners but only if you are in the right environment to learn and ask questions such as Wealthy Affiliate.



    • Hi Conor

      My sites about teaching people how to make money Online and I am also working on a new site to help people learn the Strategies to success Offline and Online

      I hope 2019 brings you everything you work for and lots of achievements along the way

      Thank you for your comment and go well


  8. Thanks Vikie. This is a wonderful article. You are encouraging me to continue to press on toward the goal. I am two months old at WA, but my progress is very slow due to work commitment and family responsibilities. I remember you encouraged me to start blogging every I learn new things at WA and I am realizing importance. I want to make time for WA training and task accomplishment toward reaching my goal. To those who are thinking about it, start to your move and join WA for your financial freedom in the future. Paul.

    • Hi Paul

      Yes, it really is important to keep working consistently to build your site and I hope in 2019 you and success become friends as you grow more and more


  9. Affiliate marketing is a great place for beginners to learn the basics to start with and then go from there to learning even more.  As long as you have a passion and something worth writing about you can learn how to turn that all into a money making business.It is awesome that Wealthy Affilitae has a way to get answers to all of your questions.  You can reach out and get help any time that you need it.  I really recommend it to anyone who wants to try it for free, and find out what it’s all about.

    • Hi Andy

      Great feedback thank you and Yes, beginners, intermediates and advanced lessons are all available in Wealthy Affiliate

      Every day when I am inside the platform, I see more and more amazing trainings, videos, statistics on Trends and more and it is incredible what we get for the small fee we pay

      I hope 2019 brings you everything you have set to achieve and I wish you all the very best



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