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The Internet is growing exponentially every day and now is the time to become an Internet Affiliate Marketer and take advantage of this amazing growth.

Learn how to create and build your very own business and become streaks ahead of any competition out there by utilizing all the training and the 1000’s of resources in the platform that truly does give you everything and for a price that is unreal considering what is offered to all premium members.

Just before I share this awesome platform with you, I want to tell you how come I know this platform has it all.

I was looking around on the Internet for a platform that I could join to build my on online future and came across a review of this place so I read the review from a guy called Kevin and from how he wrote, I knew he was honest and a no-nonsense kinda guy so I decided to take a look inside and this is my story of what happened along the way.

Joined for Free

Yes, I clicked the link on Kevin’s review and I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free to take a look around.I decided to push every button inside this place to see what went on, who was around and was it any good? Lots of questions were in my head and I wanted them all answered before I went further, even though I already had a good feeling on arrival.

I set up my free account and my profile and within a few seconds I was being warmly greeted and welcomed by people within the platform and this just kept going. it was incredible. these people were all members and cared about new people like me. I felt a real sense of belonging very quickly and after I had gone to live chat and said hello and asked a few questions, getting the answers I needed within seconds,, I knew this platform was where I was going to really begin my journey to success online so I paid my premium membership which was $19 for the 1st month, a bonus offer which is available to you if you decided to join after reading this post.

Choose a Niche

I then started the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and the 1st thing you do is choose a Niche. now a niche can be a lot of different things.

Here are some examples: Football Jerseys, Soccer Balls for Junior players, Best Basketballs, Swimming gear, Skin diving, Horse gear, Beauty Products, Hair styling products, Best Jeans for work, Work Boots, Hunting gear, Safety gear for fisherman/hunters, climbers, hikers… and the lists is neverending.

Ok, so you have chosen your niche, now you choose a domain name relative to your niche and it is a good idea to do a keyword search before you choose a name so you can get one that is unique to your niche as it will be easier to get indexed and ranked by the Search Engines- Google, Bing and Yahoo, down the track.

Here is an example of what NOT to do when choosing a domain name if you can avoid it, please do.

soccer-balls-for-juniors  dot com or as these are not good choices so think before you buy a domain name and then once you have a really great one,a domain name within Wealthy Affiliate can be purchased for $15.99 for the year and all the Hosting, Security, SEO and Analytics is all part of your Premium Membership so no need to worry about how to do all this even though as you go through the training, you will learn more about these subjects.


Website Design and Build

This is where the fun begins as you have over 3000 WordPress themes to choose from within Wealthy Affiliate and in the add theme, there is a special feature where you can tick boxes if you want something really specific for your site.

Once you have chosen your theme, you click to create a website and within a few seconds, your website will be ready for you to use. About 40 seconds is all it takes to have your very own website to start building your own online business. I was so amazed at this when I did it and I’m sure you will be as well as it is so quick and efficient.

If down the track a bit further you decide to try another them, all you do is go to themes and have another look around and see what else might be better- It really is the best 🙂

Get started with the Training

At Wealthy Affiliate there are 2 Training programs you can do and I suggest to everyone I help, they do the OEC 1st to get your website built and also build a solid foundation for your site and you will learn all the skills and get all the tools you need to do this as part of your membership.

Here is an image of some of the lessons in the OEC training  

There are no hideous up-sells – Just the price of your domain and the membership and that’s it.

I am still in awe of what Kyle and Carson give the members inside Wealthy Affiliate. when they built their business over 13 years ago they wanted it to be a real pay it forward style of business and to this day, that is exactly what it is and it just keeps getting better.

Yesterday Kyle announced that 2019 was a year of amazing growth for Wealthy Affiliate with all kinds of new and innovative ways to remain the top platform on the internet to build a business and stay ahead of all the competition and that is truly exciting to know as a member there.

When you have completed this training, there is also Bootcamp that teaches all sorts of marketing skill, advertising plans such as PPC and more – plus videos as well to help you learn.

Here are some of the things you will get as a premium member

  • 50 websites- 25 site rubix and 25 domain
  • Training x 2 Courses
  • Training- extra training within the platform created by some of our premium experts on all sorts of helpful subjects, from WordPress, adding images, SEO, Video Marketing, e-commerce, Shopify, Meta tags, Content creation, Writing skills, Keyword research and 1000’s more resources
  • A community of over 1800 experts to help out 24/7
  • Live chat 24/7 to answer questions you may have
  • Success blogs
  • Motivational posts
  • SEO, Analytics and SSL Security all included
  • Live weekly Video training and recorded so you can watch anytime that suits you.
  • 1 on 1 coaching from your own mentor if you want this

and much much more – and it keeps getting added to every day by some of the awesome experts who are truly paying it forward to all premium members so my suggestion to you is this.

Join for free by clicking the banner below and come to take a look for yourself and if it is what you want, then pay the $19 bonus and get started on your Internet Affiliate Marketing business build today

There are no risks and so much to gain from joining the best platform on the internet and because the Internet is growing so rapidly and more and more companies are using the Internet to sell their products, there has never been a better time to get on board and learn all you can and build your own full-time income online.

Before I go I thought I would add this image so you can see some of the success results Wealthy Affiliates are experiencing

















I look forward to seeing you on the inside and I will be there to offer my help to you personally as you move forward

Go well and remember Success starts with the 1st step

Bye for now


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