Income School – Project 24 Review

Income School – Project 24 Review

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Todays’ review is about Income School-Project 24 and although I haven’t used this program myself I have researched this product and feel I can give you an honest review based on what I have learned.

From beginners to advanced online marketers, Income School has a lot to offer and I hope you enjoy this review.

Who is Income School- Project 24

Income School- Project 24 Review

Founders: Jim and Ricky

Products: Niche Websites

Cost: $499 for the 1st year and $199 after that every year

Rated 7/10

Legitimate: Most definitely – Yes

Website: Income School

These 2 guys are fun and teach very naturally as they too are passionate about what they do. They both do a load of YouTube videos and you have most likely seen them on YouTube if you have been searching for how to’s in Niche Marketing.

How long will it take to complete?

There are 92 Videos and 123 lessons for you to complete and both Jim and Ricky say it will take around 2 years however they also do not guarantee you will make money which is totally fair as you will only make money if you work hard consistently and do it correctly and this goes for any place you join to become successful online.

Income School- Project 24 Review

These guys are very successful with Income School/Project 24 and a lot of people have become very successful though going through this program.

Income School-Project 24 review

Coaching Calls

1-on-1 Coaching calls are available to members of Income school via Skype however there is a fee for this so if you want extra help to push your business further, you can make use of this.


Jim and Ricky also have a lot of recommendations for tools to use when you are building, for instance, WordPress plugins, email services, podcast tools, website hosting suggestions, YouTube Tools, How to monetize your site with ads, Stock images you can use, outsourcing your writing for content on your site, and WordPress themes to use for your niche site.

These are all very helpful and will set you up to do very well if you work hard and learn from the program.

There are no promises from Jim and Ricky and I like this because no-one can predict whether someone is going to become successful. It is up to each individual and what you are prepared to do each day to grow your Online Business.

How do I get started with Income School/Project 24?

Go to the website

Complete the registration forms and You can get started immediately.

A Simple process to go through and you will be on your way with Ricky and Jim and other members inside this platform.


  • They are active within Income School
  • They answer a lot of questions and are no pushy with upsells
  • They do some excellent training videos on Youtube
  • They explain their recommendations and the costs and which to use as beginners
  • All their video are enthusiastic and they really do care about helping people
  • There are often updated courses to learn from and content


  • They don’t have a live chat for people asking questions
  • There is no focus on becoming an Authority for your Niche site
  • They feel Keyword research is unnecessary and I believe it is vital.
  • There is no monthly payment offered so it can be expensive for people just starting out online
  • They don’t use link building

Yes, Ricky and Jim have created a great program, with an honest and very down to earth approach to teaching and relating to people and I really enjoy the videos they post on YouTube as do a lot of people.

The reviews I have read are 90% positive which is a great sign and the odd negative review is someone trying to spam and take business from them – lol- gotta love those people.

Here are a couple I screenshot for you

Income-Project 24 Review

Anyhow, Jim and Ricky are doing a great job and I wish them success in all they do.

If you want to join them to learn how to grow your business, click here to get started or take a look around

Other Options

  • Maybe you have already tried Income school and it didn’t work out
  • Is it too expensive for you?
  • You want to learn but need a better price
  • You want to learn how to use links and keywords
  • You want a live chat 24/7 facility
  • You want 1-on-1 mentoring but not have to pay $399 for 45 minutes- Instead, have it free whenever you need it.
  • Your hosting to be included with your fee

I did a comparison chart for you and you may like to check out Wealthy Affiliate as another option.

I think for me the main reason I didn’t join Income School was because of the yearly fee instead of the monthly fee. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can pay yearly and save more than monthly and I did this late last year when I could see things were really starting to happen inside this platform. The yearly fee is $359 which is again a cheaper price and I feel Wealthy Affiliate has the edge with their training offered to premium members and investing in yourself in order to build a presence and success online is vital especially if you want to stay ahead and become a truly Successful Affiliate Marketer.

Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself and see which program you feel is for you


Is Income School a good choice? Most definitely however if you are still not sure please try my recommendation and Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE

Wealthy Affiliate offers these things in the image above and I thank you for stopping by to read this review and all the best in whatever you choose as both these programs are honest and even though my preference is Wealthy Affiliate, it is totally up to you where you choose to grow your Online Business

Go well and thank you again

I would appreciate any comments you have or experience with either company so go for it.


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8 thoughts on “Income School – Project 24 Review”

  1. Ricky and Jim make a compelling case for their project 24 programs.  I have been on the fence about joining Project 24 for a few months now.  The price and no refund policy is really what is keeping me from taking the plunge.  They have some great free youtube content that really makes you want to join up.  

    I have tried a few other programs.  Savage affiliates and currently Wealthy Affiliates.  But Project 24 seems to be exactly the kind of training I need.  Wealthy Affiliate has a great community and some wonderful back end stuff like web hosting.  But I have struggled with the training they provide.  On the other hand that is “a me” problem because there are new success stories every day on Wealthy Affiliate.  

    Thanks for the write up on Project 24, I am always looking for opinions on it and I have yet to find anyone who doesn’t like it or think it is a very good product.


    • Hi Michael

      Invest in yourself and try Income School but stayed focused on everything and all will be well

      It is a business and we must all work hard consistently

  2. I have tried Wealthy Affiliate and I can say it’s very good for it has turned me from a techno-phobe person to someone now owning niche websites. 

    This Income School Project, although I haven’t tried it yet, just by looking at it, I can say it’s also a legit program like Wealthy Affiliate but maybe for selected audiences only because of the lack of membership payment plan. 

    For people in the Western Hemisphere, shelling out $499 and then $199 a year is affordable but here in my country, that’s a bit high and only few can afford. Some people here earn only $1,000 a year so you can imagine what would be the effect if someone will force himself just to buy into that program. 

    Yes, of course, it is a business and can make you money, but what if the person is not able to recover the payment, then you can just imagine how miserable will be for him and his family living in poverty for months.

    • Hi Gomer

      Your honesty is wonderful thank you and Yes, even for people like me in New Zealand, the cost is around twice the price which to me is out of range.

      Wealthy Affiliate is real and the price is also very reasonable and affordable for people who are looking to build a great online future

      I wish you continued growth and well done for being a member of such an awesome platform

      Go well

  3. You have really opened my eyes about Income School Project 24.

    At first, I didn’t know what to expect but, now that I know it’s legit. My only other concern is investing the $499 upfront without having the option of a refund. That is kind of scary!

    I guess that’s why you say if I’m unsure try out Wealthy Affiliate and it’s free.

    I’ll keep that in mind because right now I am really focused on Income School. Do you know if they take PayPal as a payment option? It would be great if I could use my PayPal account. I know not all companies take them.

    Either way, PayPal has that payment protection rule.  So, when companies don’t offer a refund, I like to use them with these types of accounts.

    I am glad you pointed out that keyword research is vital. I read many bloggers articles, and even I know that this is something important.

    Anyhow, when you mentioned coaching calls it reminded me of Super Affiliate Network and MOBE. I was a member of both.

    Regardless, I know you said you didn’t purchase Income School. However, you did do an excellent job of reviewing this program for us all. So, do you happen to know the fee for the coaching calls?

    Thank you, for this informative article. You have answered so many of my unclear questions.

  4. I really like the fact that you filter all those scams out there and come up with all these good, recommendable platforms. I’m excited to give Income School – Project 24 a try! I have started viewing their webinar and they’re nice guys. I have started learning about making money online and I know they’re being realistic and are not promoting hyped stuff. I’m excited, because I would like to put the things I have learned so far into perspective by listening to their approach.


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