How to Start a Website for Free – Learn and Earn Affiliate Marketing

How to Start a Website for Free – Learn and Earn Affiliate Marketing

I’m Vicki, the Owner and founder of this business and my purpose with this website is to help people learn how to earn money by building online businesses within their own niche and I love what I do.

I also build websites for people who haven’t got time to do this themselves.

Todays’ post is about how to start a website for free and learn and earn with Affiliate Marketing, one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online.

Join for free

Wealthy Affiliate is the NO.1 Platform on the Internet and there are 100’s of reasons why this is so and this platform for me is also NO.1 for anyone wanting to achieve financial freedom online.

Yes, it takes time to build a business whether it’s offline or online however if you are prepared to put in the effort consistently, you will know huge success when you have built a really solid foundation and you are well-known with Google, Bing and Yahoo.

So with this said, join Wealthy Affiliate for free and Let’s get you started.

What is offered with Wealthy Affiliate

For a free membership, you get 2 free websites using Site Rubix as your domain and 10 lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification which I suggest you do as soon as you have set up your account and profile as this will give you a really big kick start with your knowledge base and of course if you are new to this online stuff, learning is imperative.

While you are going through the lessons and building your 1st website, you will want to go to the comments section within Wealthy Affiliate and offer comments on peoples websites as this gives you credits and money once you become a certified commentator which doesn’t take long as there are over 1 million members so the need for comments is high.

Once you are certified in commenting, you will then be paid for commenting as well as build more credits for yourself so you can ask for comments for your site. It is what’s known as Comments and Feedback or the Give and Take thread in Wealthy Affiliate and it works 🙂

You can also promote Wealthy Affiliate to people you think may like to do what you are doing and you get your own unique links to use, to do this and Yes, you will get paid if they join via your link which is so great.

There is also a Keyword Research Tool we all use to create quality content for our posts, called Jaaxy and this is also ranked as the NO.1 Keyword tool to use online and you will automatically become an Affiliate for this program when you join Wealthy Affiliate and if someone signs up via your link, you get paid. Another way to earn while you learn

Going Premium and what does this mean?

If you are serious about building a truly successful business, I suggest you do what I did and become a premium member with wealthy Affiliate as you will have absolutely everything offered to you within the platform.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a free member and within a couple of days, I went premium and have continued to be amazed at all the training, tutorials, videos and the other resources available to premium members plus if you get referrals from your WA links you will receive one of the highest paying commissions on the internet which means if you work hard and build a great business, you will eventually earn a full time living from your online success.

I have 3 Businesses now and I also have referrals who have joined Wealthy Affiliate as premium members so my income is looking good and continues to grow every month and I work full time from my home or wherever I am at the time.

Here is a screenshot of a few success shares from members in Wealthy Affiliate

As you can see people do great in this platform, however, there are a couple of reasons apart from Wealthy Affiliate, that make this happen.

I remember when I joined, I followed some leaders within the platform and learned the keys to success very quickly and they are: You must focus, be determined to reach your goals, have a really strong WHY, you want this and be prepared to work hard to achieve the results you need to get indexed, ranked and known by Google Bing and Yahoo.



You must write great posts/articles/blogs of interest to people and also ones that help people with their buying decisions and if you do this, you will know success.

There are no hidden secrets to this or magic formula- It is real and you must respect this and work for all you want consistently, even if you are still working full time. Every chance you get, you should spend to build your future and if you dedicate a certain amount of time every day/night, you will grow your business well and success will become your friend.

Anyone can do this but only if you are prepared to treat it seriously as you would an offline business, except you probably don’t have to work as hard as offline businesses need so much to keep them growing and they also need a lot of money to do their building, not to mention all the costs from overheads etc.

In Wealthy Affiliate all you have if your membership fee which is $49 per month and when you think about this, you need to know that at most places to host a website costs more than this each month especially when you also have to consider paying for SSL Security, SEO and all the other necessities, whereas at Wealthy Affiliate everything is included.

The only extra cost you have is buying your domain names and you can do this within Wealthy Affiliate as well for around $13.99 for a year which is really great.

Business Choice

If you want to see what Wealthy Affiliate is like, please join for free, set up your profile and go to live chat and say hi to members. Ask them questions, then go take a look around the platform by pushing buttons and icons and seeing what it’s all about.

Start the training and then if you feel this is right for you, please go premium and invest in your future online and I will be inside to help you when you need it and also the Expert helpers are there 24/7 along with some amazing people in the community who will encourage you and help you out if you get stuck or have questions.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing I have done in my working career except for when I was a professional Singer. Now I am just as happy as I was then and you too can enjoy all that is offered to us.


Carson and Kyle the Owners and Founders of Wealthy Affiliate started this business over 13 years ago and today it is known as the NO.1 Platform to build success, online and I agree with this 100%

There is no doubt about what Wealthy Affiliate brings to the table for everyone and I invite you to come and see what I’m talking about and I am sure you will be so happy you made the decision to join Wealthy Affiliate

2019 and Beyond, if you get into it will be successful and your life will be enhanced in so many ways

I look forward to connecting with you and hope I have shared enough information on how to start a website for free and how you can learn and earn with Affiliate Marketing.


Take care and thanks for stopping by

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below and also give me your feedback on this post

Thank you

Go well and Grow Big


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16 thoughts on “How to Start a Website for Free – Learn and Earn Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hi Vicky, very good and informative article about starting website for free. As a member of WA, I can agree with you that this is one of the best affiliate programs online. At WA you have offered a lot of lessons in your training, I also very like the comments section where you can give and take comments and the Jaaxy tool, this is really usefeul! It is definitely the reliable program but you need to put some efforts to build your website and then make some traffic which leads you to earn something. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • Hi Luke

      Great to see you are a member with WA and I wish you a year filled with success my friend

      Work hard and watch all the great things come your way

      Be awesome

  2. Thanks Vicki for sharing your post regarding Wealthy Affiliate.

    I know there are so many platforms around but i think this particular platform looks promising.  Aside from so many trainings and tools to help you in your online business, it has all the community that help and supports you.

    Having said that, there is also an affiliate program that can create you income. Well, that`s awesome!

    All the best!

    • Hi Hannah

      Yes and Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone wanting to learn how to create and build a business online and i hope you are going well Hannah

  3. I do agree whole heartily I have been a member now for sometime and if you want to learn affiliate marketing this is the place to be. As far as experience you mentioned that you can earn from giving comments to other member websites which is wonderful. I have used the extra cash to put towards my membership anyone can do this. The training is top notch and resh. Plus you get live training’s every week on a variety of subjects relating to your websites. Case in point this week the live training was on Google Analytics, you can not get that with any other platform,only Wealthy Affiliate. 

    • So true Cathy about the live training especially on all the things we get taught with this

      So valuable and free to premium members – how cool is this

      WA Rocks, there is no doubt

      Go well and keep growing in 2019 and beyond

  4. hello vicki, thanks for this write up. Many people are out there looking for opportunities and means they of earning consistently on the internet. Some are are looking for someone to take them by the hand. Your write is so detailed about the wealthy affiliate website can be a starter for those set of people, I will surely help in getting this across to them

    • Thank you for reading my post and thank you for your kindness

      I am honest in my writing as I want people to know how awesome Wealthy Affiliate is and WHY

      I hope 2019 and beyond is all you work for and dream of

      Go well

  5. There is no secret to building success in the online world. It requires work and patience. That is really the best way to do it. The fastest way to make money online from my experience is with money. If you have enough money you can actually start making money pretty fast but the problem with this method is that it is extremely risky and if you are not an expert you would lose your money real fast.

    The wealthyaffiliate platform can teach how to make money the right way from scratch and it is what a lot of people need. The community is amazing and are willing to offer you help at any given time. There are even ways to earn money in the platform so you can focus more on building on your business without having too much about money.

    • Hi Jay

      Yes, the make money with money can be a tricky one especially with all the scams online hooking people in and taking their money then disappearing into cyberspace

      This is why I love Wealthy Affiliate as it has been in business for over 13 years and growing every day with amazing members joining to build a future online

      I wish you a successful 2019 and thank you

  6. Hi Vicki, thanks for your review on Wealthy Affiliate. Since I started out in online business, I have not seen a program as profitable as Wealthy Affiliate. The platform is very much friendly to newbies as well as professionals. So many benefits are offered and the community is so superb. To cap it up, they allow members to register for free on their starter program and still have access to some training. There are so many tools that assists one in excelling at website building, content writing and affiliate marketing. To me, WA is the best program I have ever been opportune to partake in.

    • Hey Gracen

      It sure is and I wish you continued growth and success in all you work to achieve

      Be awesome and 2019 is yours to grow big

  7. Hi Vicki,

    I have read your whole article with all necessary information about starting a free website and learning and earning affiliate marketing through the wealthy affiliate program. I believe this program and it’s activity very much and I already joined this as a premium member and also purchased a premium domain for my future business. I am also earning from it’s comment task as a certified commenter. I am still learning and I will give it 100% ratings. Thanks for sharing this helpful information with us.

  8. Hi Vicki,

    I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate for a year now and now i am doing the same as you are doing as wel. I build websites for people and help them with marketing and SEO.

    I am so thankfull i found this website. I am someone who has epilepsy and has seizures every day. So a regular job is no option for me but i didn’t want to sit at home every day and do nothing besides being sick and thinking about my didease.

    That is why i did research for making money from within my hone. It took me a year to find this website. And the investment for the first month is only $19. That is something u forgot to tell people. That is if they become a member within the first 7 days.

    I gave it a try because $19 is a low investment and worst case scenario: i only lose $19. I found lots of friendly people who wil help u if u don’t understand. I also have met many new friends for life from all arround the world. It’s all love over there because we all share the same dream and that is to make a passsive income so we can spend more time with friends and family.

    Thank u for writing this article 

    Much Love,


    • Dahay,, you are a courageous and wonderful human being and you will do so great

      Your attitude alone is a success already my friend and I am so glad you are part of our awesome community and you are building your future online

      Go well and be you always


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