How to Start a Business Online- Create and Build your Future

How to Start a Business Online- Create and Build your Future

Many people think to start a Business Online, all they have to do is build a website, add some cool stuff and the money will roll into their bank accounts.


Others believe that can join an online business, plug into the system and let auto-pilot do the rest. WRONG AGAIN

So what does it take? Let’s take a look at how to create and build your future online.


I suggest you go take a look online just to do a little research into things that interest you. I have said this to people a lot and some say. Yeah but my idea has been “done to death” which makes me smile because if they had any idea on how many different ways there are to market a niche, they wouldn’t make such a stupid comment.

For example

Let’s take Basketball Shoes- If you decided this was your niche then take a look at this screenshot 

There are 320,000,000 that’s 320 million results for best basketball shoes

Here is another example



So for any one niche. do what I did and see for yourself how many results are on google.

What I now suggest is this. If you haven’t got a niche/idea in mind, write a list of all the things you enjoy and don’t stop until you have run out of ideas. Give your mind a chance to remind you of some you may have forgotten over the years.

Now choose 5 of your best picks. Now, Yes you guessed it, pick 1. This is the niche you are going to run with so well done

Website/Domain Name

Ok, you are starting to build some momentum now and it is time to choose a domain name. When choosing a name for your website, you want to keep it as short as possible and this can be a challenge so think smart and remember it must be relevant to what you are going to write about in your content on your website.

Here are some examples,,

It is going to be tricky getting a domain name that is really short so do the best you can. or are good to use without hyphens, such as believe- as Google doesn’t like this at all and you are out to please Google Bing and Yahoo and attract a lot of traffic to your websites.

Website – Who do you go with?

When you are looking for a great platform, you need to consider all these things

  • SEO Management
  • 24/7 Support
  • Training on all aspects of building a great site
  • A successful and well-known platform i.e. WordPress to create a stunning website
  • A company that has been in business for many years and shows a history of success and most of all honesty
  • A Keyword platform you can use

Now, this may seem a little bit daunting to newbies in the online world but I am only telling you all of this to ensure you don’t jump on the next site, sign up, pay a lot of money and get nothing in return

How do I know this happens? Quite simple

People including myself a few years back have been stung by dodgy sites and have lost 1000’s of dollars

I have learned what to look out for and also belong to an awesome platform that offers everything anyone could ever need to create and build a future online and I help people like you to do.

I know the most important things for me are honesty and Integrity and this platform has this and so much more to help people. It is the best!! 🙂

So who am I talking about?

Wealthy Affiliate

Why Choose Wealthy Affiliate? Well, it comes down to getting everything you need to become successful and what is even better, you don’t take my word for it because you don’t know me at all really. You join for free like I did and you can go see for yourself.

They won’t even ask for any credit card details. Kyle and Carson who are the founders of Wealthy Affiliate started the business 14 years ago and they have built an absolute state of the art platform for beginners right through to advanced computer people to join and build an online business

Remember the bullet points just above, well they offer all of this and more. Again, don’t take my word on this. Go and see for yourself

WealthyAffiliate is alive with honesty, a caring helpful online community of people from all around the world, 24/7 technical support and they use WordPress as their platform for you to build your website. WordPress comes with themes, special plugins, in fact, everything you need.

Everyone I help has come back to me to thank me and guess what, should you decide to come to take a look, I will see you there.

Ok, let’s go into the $’s now

Wealthy Affiliate offers you this

  • Free to join
  • Upgrade to premium for $49 per month or pay yearly and save even more money
  • Comprehensive training with Certification and Bootcamp for premium members
  • Live chat 7 days for starters and 24/7 for premium

There are no more upsells, that is the price you pay as a premium member, so work it out

Here are the 2 Membership Offers

$49 per month divided into 4 = $12.25 per week divided by 7 = $1.75 per day.!!!

So you tell me where you can own your own business for $1.75 per day. I think somehow I’m gonna be waiting for a very long time

If you go Premium within  your 1st 7 days, you will receive a Bonus Offer for your 1st Month of only $19

You also have the option to pay for a year or 6 months should you prefer and these prices are also discounted for You.

Even if it took 2 years of hard work to achieve a full-time Income and be able to work from home, the amount would be around $800 and for this money, you get Wealthy Affiliate University and everything else you need to become an Online Entrepreneur and I know for a fact, there is nowhere online you could achieve all the things offered within WA for $800

If you find somewhere, please let me know lol and good luck finding somewhere.

Wealthy Affiliate is the NO1. rated Platform on the Internet to learn How to start and grow a Business Online so please join for free and check out the inside of this Successful Platform and work with over 1800 experts inside who work 24/7 helping our awesome members.


I hope I have given you enough information to make an informed decision to go take a free look. If you have more questions you need ask, please email me or leave a comment below

When I found Wealthy Affiliate, after looking around for a long time for something honest and worthy of my business I knew within 2 days I wanted to go premium and I have created 4 websites now and loving every minute of my online life.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention. As a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate, you can build 50 websites. Imagine over a few years what kind of income you could make from monetizing even 10 let alone 50. Just saying 🙂

Enjoy Success


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26 thoughts on “How to Start a Business Online- Create and Build your Future”

  1. Hi Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I like the idea on how to find your profitable niche. I really need help on this area and you have given me great help and advice. I’ve been struggling with finding a niche, I was stuck. I created one website but I think I need a better one. Thank you so much for the great ideas.

    • I’m glad I could help and once you pick it- work hard and build it with loads of awesome content to help people

      Go well and stop back in to let me know how you are going

  2. Hello Vicki,

    Thanks for sharing such an helpful post. I’m usually to blogging and i actually appreciate your content. The article has genuinely peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your web page and maintain checking for new details. I am looking for some good blog sites for studying. I was searching over search engines and found your blog site

    • Good to connect and great you have bookmarked the site- Join the mailing list and you will get all our updates on posts etc and this may help as well

      Go easy

  3. Definately agree with you.  I started with wealthy affiliate in october 2018,  I have some health issues and can’t do my carpentry career anymore due to physical limiatations.  I find this business is fantastic cause I can work when I want, which is really handy as times I find it hard to focus and work.  When I am well I can put in a bunch of effort and have that work pay over and over in the future.  The training is awesome and so is the community.

    • Hi Sam

      For everything bad, there is always something good and being able to work from home from now on is so great and you are right if you work hard consistently you will know success really quickly

      Go well and keep moving forward with your future online my friend

  4. Hello Vicki! Thanks for your guide on how to start a business online. Your directive on how to pinpoint a particular niche is interesting. I also know that it is very important for one to choose a niche that he is passionate about, in order not to get bored with writing contents on the niche. Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best, not only does it offer all the necessary tools needed for successful online business, it is also free to join before upgrading to paid member.

    • Hi Gracen and thank you for stopping by again.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate sure is the best platform to belong to create and build a truly successful future and I hope you are doing great and building strongly

      Go well and be awesome

  5. Making money online can be the most frustrating thing one could ever venture into. Last year I laid my hands on so many things just to help me perfect my online marketing website. Few days ago I joined wealthy affiliate and I must confess, they’ve got what it takes to turn a newbie to a pro.

    • Im so glad you finally found WA

      Work hard and build a solid foundation and you will be on your way to success

      Go well and do awesome

  6. Hi Vicki, 

    I must admit I have gone in a read a good number of your blogs but I have no idea how to post a response over there, so I’ll confess to you now how good you are at describing the stuff your at – I must admit I find it insightful to read your blogging. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Stella

      I love helping people and believe all readers should learn easily and with good information so thank you and I am glad I helped you as well

      Be awesome

  7. I had to laugh out loud, when I read your first paragraph about people thinking that creating a website is a matter of just adding in ‘some cool stuff’. I had thought the same thing too a few months ago until I joined Wealthy Affiliates recently. what you have listed in your step by step instructions as a nice summary and I have been trying to share what I am doing with some friends and family but they do not see it as clearly.  Your article is very straight forward and this is something that I can share easliy for their own understanding on how to create a website with the proper training, that you have offered through Wealthy Affiliates. Thank you very much.

  8. Hi Vicki, Thank you for the review on WA and also your take on how to make money online. Robert Kiyosaki said that business is a good asset, that means that your website will be a perfect asset that will generate income 🙂 That made me think that I need to make more passive income in order for me to have a nice retirement. First thing that came to my mind was to make money online since it need very little money for investment. I used to own 2 Thai restaurants, one in Manhattan and the other on is in Fort Lee, NJ. You have no idea how much money I had to put in and how many investors that I have to convinced to loan me the money. After long hours of research I came across WA. I was new to the affiliate marketing and wanted to learn more on how to do it. I tried the free trail and I was so impressed with the lessons. I love that I can always go back and rewatch the video materials again and if I came across any question, I can just write a question in the community and someone always stopped by and help me with my question.I have just completed all 5 levels recently but I know that there are still a lot more to learn. My next goal is to learn about email marketing. So far I am very happy with Wealthy Affiliate 🙂

    • Wow- what a busy woman you have been and Yes, $1000’s and $1000’s of dollars go into offline business growth and it is exhausting as you never feel like you stop

      I used to work 16 hour days when I owned my hotel and it never closed even when the doors shut

      Enjoy WA and the freedom and money it will bring you Nuttanee

  9. Definitely, finding a niche or rather deciding on what niche to pick  can be very daunting or confusing. Even after you choose 5 of your topmost topics, it can be difficult having to choose one or two to run with. 

    But with WA, starter or premium members can decide to set up 5 websites/blogs on all five of the niches, armed with the trainings and available resources on how to garnier traffic and utilize the SEO, I believe that beyond the sky is the limit.

    • Yes, there are so many choices although I always teach people to go with something they really enjoy and a subject/product that will make them money down the track

      Really important to build 1 website until it is rocking before going on to build more

      25 websites are offered with your own domain name at Wa and over time this will be achievable but doing it right from the get go is so important

      Thanks for your comments

  10. Wow! So clearly written, which makes it such an easy read! There is enough information in the beginning of the post pulling me to read further where there is so much more useful and insightful information. 

    And the stuffs sooo true! Its so much more than just ‘having a website’ or just having ‘stuff run on autopilot’! Thank you for all the clarity on this topic. And just as a btw, the upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

    • Thanks for sharing your positive input tonight and I am so glad you are working hard within WA creating an awesome future

      Go well and Grow Big

  11. Hi there!

    This article is very great and engaging. I couldn’t stop reading especially with the beautiful illustrations that gives a better explanation of each paragraph. I’m a Premium member of Wealth Affiliate and I must say it’s the greatest Platform for online entrepreneurs and anyone looking to venture into online business.The Premium and Amazing training offered by the community is top notch not to talk of the Monetary aspect of it which is also great. I just felt like chipping in one or two about Wealth Affiliate for those who still doubt this wonderful platform.Thanks for this article. It’s great.

    • I know its really funny people doubt the platform. I don’t believe its the platform they doubt. I think it is themselves they doubt as with over 1.5 million members WA is the best place to learn how to become extremely successful online if the effort is put in

      Go well and thank you for your support

  12. Many a time people focus on money rather than the process and effort that translate into making fortune with an online business. I was convinced after reading a number of hyped reports of people making huge money with affiliate marketing that it’s the fastest way to make money online. While indeed affiliate marketing delivers good results, little did I know that one would have to put in more effort and consistency to make something significant. I had to change my perspective of microwave mindset since I was coming from the background of make money easy schemes which couldn’t deliver results though. 

    Thanks for your honesty and I’m taking into consideration the offer you’ve shared. Continue the good work to help others. 

    • Yes, building a business takes consistent effort that is for sure so well done getting the microwave mindset gone- love the metaphor

      Go well and be awesome

  13. Vicky, 🙂 :), I really enjoyed reading your post.  I really like your writing style, a matter of fact and straight to the point.

    I read your whole post and there is nothing that I disagree with.  My story is similar.  My search to find some way to make money online started 5 years ago.  I signed up for a few survey sites and quickly found out that WASN’T going to work let alone make me financially free.

    I only have God to thank for not allowing me to find some of those scams that are out there.  OH, I found some but there was just something about them that made me skeptical.  You know, that “too good to be true” feeling?

    3 1/2 years ago I happened on a WA review written by Vitaliy. I found it intriguing so I looked for others and they all said the same things.  I was still a lot skeptical but I read that I could sign up for free so I figured, What the heck,  I got nothing to lose with a free membership.

    And guess what? You said they don’t ask for a credit card well… I found out that they DON’T ask for any money or a credit card.  IT REALLY WAS TRUE!!!

    I’m not making any money yet and that might sound a little negative but the truth is, that’s on me. I haven’t exactly been consistent with working through the training or writing every week.

    However, there is one thing that I have found and that is that there are a lot of successful Affiliates in this platform and they are making enough to have quit their J.O.B.s and are living their dreams.

    Anyone can do this if they have a dream, a passion, And WA WILL teach us everything we need to know.  They will teach but the work is on us.  If we take action we will succeed.

    The best of success to you, Vicky.  You’re rockin it. 

    I am re-grouping and Moving Forward,


    • Hi Wayne and well-done working and belonging to Wealthy Affiliate for your online future

      This really is the best platform to learn and build so well done you and all the success you work for

      Thanks for your input tonight


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