How to Promote Your Website- Long Tail Keyword Tool (FREE)

Keyword Research is Vital to Business Success

How to promote your website using a Long tail keyword tool and which one do you use to make sure the job is done correctly and your SEO is rocking?

Today’s post is about a really awesome Keyword Research Tool that 1000’s of Online Marketers use daily to ensure when they are writing content/blogs, they are being checked out by Google, Bing and Yahoo.

As an Online Marketer, I do loads of research every day and I enjoy writing about different programs and products that help people who want to become successful online and we all want that- Right?

So let’s get into this post about a Long Tail Keyword tool you can try for free.

Longtail Pro

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I have chosen to share some important information about this great Keyword Research Tool so you can move to the next level with your online business.

LongTail Pro is Free to trial and then as with any great product, you must invest in your business and pay for all the great features offered by LongTail Pro.

What is a Keyword?

Keyword Research is vital to your business so what is a Keyword and how does it work for you?

Let’s say you want to write an article/blog post about Basket Ball Shoe for Wide Feet and this is what you want as your title.

1st you need to check if it’s a great keyword by seeing how many times this title has been used in the content, how many people are searching about this subject, and if it all stacks up, it is a good choice.

Here is an example from my keyword search on this title

Basketball shooter

Basket Ball Shoe for Wide Feet – Average people searching per month- AVG is 64, the QSR (Search Results on people who have written about this is 16 so this is a good title to use for your post/blog.

The 64 is great because that is quite a few people looking for the answer to this question and the QSR is below 100 which is fantastic.

Learning how to use Keywords can be done inside LTP so click here to get started for free.

What does LTP give you as a Marketer/Business Builder?

  • Exact Search Volume and Keyword Competitiveness
  • Personalized Metrics to pick the best Keywords
  • Support when you need it from SEO Experts
  • In-Depth Competition Analysis
  • Track your rankings Free with your Membership- Normally costs around $99 per month for this service

And loads more really great tools for you to use and it’s FREE to trial so go get started.

Recommended -YES!! 9/10

I highly recommend this program as one of the best Keyword Research Programs you could buy as it has everything you need to keep growing your online presence and the most important aspect of this is being on Page 1 of Google Bing and Yahoo and even better, being on page 1 in 1st place as this is where you get the hits and visitors from and this is what you want obviously if you are going to be successful online.

There really is no point to being on other pages as you are not likely to be seen or taken notice of so having the best Keywords is vital!!

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income says this:

For those of you who don’t know Pat, Pat is one of the leaders in Online Marketing and he knows how to Rank.

Michael Carp from Copy highly recommends this product and gives it 5 stars as well and so do 1000’s people all over the Internet who use Long Tail Pro.

Why else choose Long Tail Pro

Below is more of what you get with LongTail Pro and I am sure once you get familiar with this program, you will also find it an awesome tool to use before you write your next blog post.

How to Promote your Website?

Using the best programs and products gives you the Online Business Builder the Edge if you learn how to do this properly.

I took time to learn how to use Keyword Research in my early days online and it has been the best way to get ranked quickly, gain authority and become truly successful at Affiliate Marketing which is my choice of business online.

I knew nothing when I 1st got started online so I joined an excellent platform that has been a God-send to my business knowledge and my personal growth and success online and this platform has helped over 1.4 million people learn from Experts in Affiliate Marketing and loads more cool opportunities online.

Content is Key

I learned in the 1st week of my training that content is key but not just any old content. Keyword-rich content giving people valuable honest information about whatever it is you enjoy.

Writing excellent content is a learning process and if you do Keyword Research before you get started, you will be giving yourself and your business an amazing level upgrade because having excellent Keywords is Vital to your success. Without using this process you will find yourself drifting around in cyberspace without being noticed by many people at all and this is NOT what makes a person successful or financially well-off.

Images with Alt-text that are optimized is also important for readers as people love visuals and will stay on your site longer but nothing is better or works more efficiently than excellent Keyword Research and using a great program like Long Tail Pro will give you the edge you need so go take a look for FREE and get your business up to the next level.

How much does LongTail Pro cost?

It’s FREE for the 1st 7 days so you can see for yourself if this is what you want and if yes, then invest in your business and really get moving to the next level with LTP

Long Tail Pro Pricing image

In Conclusion today

I recommend you go join LTP for FREE to see how you go for 7 days and then upgrade and get serious about building a high ranking business that creates a full-time income so you can enjoy Money and Freedom doing what you love.

Please do me a favor and leave a comment or ask me questions and I will reply to you within 24 hours

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Until next time

Vicki Crawford, signing out

Vicki Crawford

Go well and may Success become your best friend

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6 thoughts on “How to Promote Your Website- Long Tail Keyword Tool (FREE)”

  1. Thank you for reviewing Long Tail Pro. I’ve been searching for a good and powerful keyword research tool like this one. I remember Pat Flynn mentioned about this tool and decided to search for some reviews. I’ll try to check the tool and see if it is really the one that I want. Do you find it more satisfying compared to Google Keyword Planner?

    • Yes although I still use Google as well just to check out keywords to research

      LTP is a great program to use and all the best growing exponentially online 

  2. I appreciate the time you took to write this review!  I especially like how you explain the importance of keyword research prior to writing/submitting an article.  I, being new to blogging, am still lacking in the knowledge of SEO.  You helped me to understand much better and why it is so crucial to utilize.  Thank you for writing this!  There is a lot of value here.  I’m going to check out Long Tail!  Cheers!

    • Glad I could help and enjoy getting to know LongTail Pro as it is a very good program to help to rank and so much more

      All the very best to you and success in all you do

  3. Excellent article,I salute your writing prowess and the great post you have shared,for a tool to have rate 9/10 I believe its worth using and this keyword tool is very vital for every online business owner,bloggers,article writers and website owners for a better ranking from google,this tool is very useful and beneficial,thank you for sharing this wonderful tool that helps in keyword research for higher google ranking.


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