How to Promote Affiliate Products on My Website

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I am a successful Affiliate Marketer and thought it would be great to share how to promote affiliate products on my website with you today.

Over 4 billion people are searching for products to buy, sell, learn about and if you want to build your Affiliate website into great business then keep reading and I hope to give you some really good ideas on what to do and how to do it well.

So what’s 1st on the list?

Before you add products

It is really important to build a solid foundation for your website before you go adding products on it as you need to build trust first and foremost.

Adding product reviews and also helpful content relating to your chosen niche will gain trust with your readers and build relationships with people who will start to realise they can come back to your site to get honest posts and honest reviews.

I always advise anyone to have at least 20 posts on their site before adding affiliate links and products and once you have done this, then let’s look at the next stage of your online business build.

Product reviews.

Gaming Console

People want answers online when they are looking to learn and buy so if you write really decent product reviews for people who are looking for products, you will be not only helping a lot of people with their buying decisions but you will also be giving them options to buy better quality which is what people want when they are spending money.

Often Affiliate Marketers think they should only offer lower-priced products on their sites because of their mindset, but if you look online, You will see people like quality and will pay more to get a great product so never limit yourself to lower priced items.


Always be the buyer and think about what you would like to buy- Quality or cheap and not worth the money spent. I know which I would prefer.

People have money and they are visiting your site, so please give them what they want.

A quality review of great products relating to your niche.

So how do you set up a product review?

WordPress Templates

I am fortunate because I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and inside this platform, there is Site Content and I am able to set up Review Templates, Content writing templates, and loads more templates for my business needs.

If you haven’t got a template, then all you need to do is set up your post using great keywords for your title and good information.

This is an example of how I do reviews

I use Jaaxy for my Keyword research so let’s say I wanted to review Slow Cookers made by Sunbeam

In Jaaxy I would type this

How to Promote Affiliate Products on my website

Check out the screenshot above- This is such a great search as it has revealed not only sunbeam slow cookers but other varieties to review also and you could even do a recipes page for slow cookers

If you don’t know a lot about Keywords, please click here to learn more

Having excellent Keywords is so important when it comes to indexing and ranking with Google Bing And Yahoo so please ensure you always do your keyword research and always try to keep your QSR under 100 and as low as possible and the AVG as high as possible.

Adding Affiliate Products

Let’s say, You are an Amazon Affiliate and you are writing your review about Sunbeam Slow Cookers and want to add products to this review – First, I would do this.

slow cooker

Product: Sunbeam 5 Litre Slow Cooker

Manufactured in: USA

Instruction booklet: Included

Price: Varies with sizes and can be purchased from Amazon

Now- Add the Image of the Sunbeam Slow cooker you are reviewing and share a detailed description of this cooker including the different sizes, why you recommend it or why you don’t recommend this product and if you do not recommend it please add your recommendation and also write some honest facts on why you prefer….. whatever brand of slow cooker it is you feel is better.

You may also consider doing a review on 5 different cookers so you could research keywords like this example

How to promote Affiliate Products on my website

With this Keyword Research, I would go with “The Best Slow Cooker Reviews” and this way you could do this as your title

The Best Slow Cooker reviews- (Top 5 for 2019) and this way you could choose 5 of the best and write a really good post/review.

After each product, you place your product with your affiliate link.

If you need help on how to add affiliate products please watch this video

Content is Key

When writing any posts and adding your Affiliate Products, always give your readers quality and honesty and do not write 500 words and think it’s enough.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo want to get to know you as an authority in your Niche. By writing quality posts, you will gain authority much easier and quicker than if you write 500 words with only some of what your readers are wanting.

I always work at having 1000 minimum in each post and my rankings are awesome which also means I make income because when people are searching for information online, they very seldom go past the 1st page they are on before they click to go read something, so make sure those Keyword Titles and the content is informative and engaging.

Another really important thing is to keep your paragraphs short as this keeps readers engaged more easily and makes posts so much easier to read which means your readers will stay longer on your site and are more likely to do business with you.

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I hope I have answered your question- How to Promote Affiliate Products on my website and if you have any questions, please email me at, join our mailing list or ask me in the comment section below this post.

I am here to help you build success online and I am happy to help any way I can so please stay in touch and visit regularly or sign up when you see the pop-up appear. I know they are a pain but I can promise you, I will not spam you or send you junk you don’t need. 🙂


Build a great business online takes time. You need to learn the skills and use the right tools to become successful as well as work hard on your chosen niche to help people as much as you can.

I am a member of an amazing platform where we all pay a fee and receive absolutely everything you will ever need to learn and build a truly successful Affiliate Marketing business and the great thing is, it is FREE to join and take a good look around so if you are new to Affiliate Marketing or you need to up your skill level, then I suggest, you invest in yourself and your future online and learn from the best.

Until next time

Go well and keep believing in you and Your future in Affiliate Marketing

Vicki signing out until tomorrow

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6 thoughts on “How to Promote Affiliate Products on My Website”

  1. Thank for sharing this nice post.

    i am into affiliate marketing and it is an awesome journey really, thanks for mentioning that it takes time to build any business, but with consistency it takes a shorter time to build a successful online business, because most of the time the mindset of people going into the business is to get rich quick, which is also possible with persistence and consistency.

    Thanks from Raymond

    • Hi Raymond and welcome

      Yes consistent excellent keyword content will help anyone immensely with indexing and ranking and I hope your business growth is going well

      Thank you

  2. Thank you for such an informative post. When I first published my post, I made that mistake where I just keep selling the products to my customers instead of winning the audiences over. I think trust is everything, once you build that trust with your audience and help them solve their problems they will come back to you. Marketing strategies now have changed a lot, people can find within a few clicks if you are giving the right information or not, so sincere and accurate are a must for your site. I also find that if you are very active with your post you get a higher rank as well.

    • Hi Nuttanee and thanks for stopping by again

      Your input is always valued and Yes, marketing strategies are changing so we need to always give honesty and great info to people

      Thank you and keep being awesome!!

  3. Vicki, you really are wonderful for making things easier to understand. With all the training I had, sometimes it becomes confusing so I had to go back and review some essential points. I’m glad to read this content because I was having a hard time remembering how to interpret Jaaxy’s Avg, traffic and QSR so I can use it well in an attempt to get the right keywords. I think keyword search is what I should do first before making my own content. It’s like a guide in how I can start my blog, give information and cite recommendation as well.

    I agree that writing a trustworthy content can contribute a lot in acquiring loyal readers and eventually increase the traffic. Reviewing several products and services in an informative manner drives the readers to go back at the website for more advice, tips, and recommendation. Thank you for sharing this strategies that can make bloggers more competent in this industry. More power to you! 

    • Yes Keyword research is vital before you start writing and especially if you want good rankings so keep on doing the research and become excellent in your craft


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