How to Optimize with SEO

How to Optimize with SEO

How to Optimize SEO

If you want to learn how to rank on page 1 of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you have come to the right place.

Ranking on page one = business = Sales and if you own a business online this is exactly what is needed.

So How to optimize with SEO?

What do you need to get up the top?

How hard is it?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization which in basic terms means getting noticed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

When people surf online looking for stuff, they generally don’t go past the 1st page and it is important to grab your readers when they are searching so how is this done?

By using the Best Keywords of course but how do you know if yours is a great choice?

How to Optimize SEO

The Importance of Keywords

Before you start writing a blog/post/article for your site it is so important to have the Best Title/Keywords and the way to go about this is to do your research.

There are a few ways to find great keywords so let’s get into this further.

Longtail Keywords: These are interesting and how they work is this. Type into Google, Bing, or Yahoo something like this as an example:

How to Optimize SEO

How to optimize SEO

So, if you look at the 1st image you will see some serious keywords to work with, rather than the second one where I typed kitties into google and got very few options to work with.

Let’s go with the 1st image and see what we can come up with as an awesome Title for our next blog.

I am a member with Wealthy Affiliate and inside this platform, we get to use Jaaxy which is built into the platform and it is ranked as one of the best Research tools to use for Keywords.

Here is an image of the results from our long-tail keywords

How to Optimize SEO

If you take a look at this screenshot of the results, you will see, Best basketball shoes 2019 is the one I would choose.


420 searches per month – The QSR is 50 which is good below it’s below 100 and you want to make sure the QSR is always below 100 and make sure your Keyword makes sense.

Basketball men cheap does not make sense so I would not use this keyword.

If you would like to try out some keywords for yourself relating to your niche, please check out Jaaxy.

Once you have your keyword selected it is time to write your blog.

Content is Key.

Some people love to write while others find it a challenge so I hope this next section will make thing easier for those of you who find writing a tricky thing to do.

You have your title, great, next thing to do is make your headings for each section and having 5-6 sections is always good to start with.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, we have a place called site content and it is awesome. It has everything you need in there to create great content so if you want to use this platform and make things easy for yourself I suggest you invest in yourself and your online future and join this great platform.

How to Optimize SEO

OK, you now have your keyword Title, your sections titled and you are ready to write.

When you are writing always write from the heart and be as natural as possible. I think of writing like this.

I am in a cafe with a friend having a coffee and I am sharing a conversation about, How to Optimize SEO and helping my friend out with her/his online growth.

How to Optimize SEO

Don’t tell people what to do. Never sound bossy of arrogant and always be truthful. People pick on b…… and you will lose credibility if you are not writing the truth.

When I started learning about content creation inside Wealthy Affiliate I was taught something so important.

Always use small paragraphs when writing as people get bored and also find long blog posts with no breaks very hard to read.

It is great learning from the real Experts and it is even better being able to share what I have learned with you so let’s keep going.

Adding keywords to your blog/post/article is essential however and this is really important. Never stuff your blogs with keywords as Google, Bing, and Yahoo won’t like it and you may even get penalised by google not indexing your work and you don’t want that to happen.

I was taught to have your keyword in the 1st paragraph, the 3rd and at the end, if you feel it is relevant to your blog post.

Keyword Stuffing is a NO NO.

How long should your blog post be?

This is a little bit tricky to answer however from studying what the experts say, it is always better to give as much information to your readers as possible relating to the blog you are writing and anything from 1000 – 5000 words is acceptable.

I have heard of blogs with only 647 words getting indexed and ranked. But, to gain authority within your niche, you are more likely to have a better relationship with the big guns if you give your visitors something of real value, not just a few small carrots.

Adding Meta tags

You have completed your post. In WA, we use SiteContent and when we have completed our content, we edit our work in WordPress which is incorporated inside the platform.

There are 3 boxes at the bottom of the post and these 3 boxes need to be filled with:

  • Keyword Title
  • Description of a blog post- no more than 160 letters
  • keywords for the search engines relating to your post.

How to Optimize SEO

As you can see in the image, I went over 60 letters in my title and I advise you to try and keep it to the 60

In the next column, I was at 159 which is perfect and then below that are my keywords from the post I wrote.

Fortunately, Google didn’t penalize me for this amount and my post is indexed and ranked on page 1 of Google Bing and Yahoo which is so great.

Sometimes if you have just begun your online business building journey you may find indexing random but once you learn how to do everything just how the search engines want you to, you will be off and running and indexing and ranking will go well.

As an Affiliate Marketer, I have 2 niche websites, this one which is based on helping people learn how to become successful online in the making money online niche and this requires serious research to keep up the top in rankings, however my other site seems to be easier so I guess it depends on the niche you choose and most of all what I have explained here in this blog post.


  • Keyword research is Essential
  • Content writing needs to be honest and filled with great information to help people in whatever Niche you are in
  • Meta tags, titles and keywords are vital and indexing and ranking is all helped by utilizing these 3 things


I have been working as an Affiliate Marketer for a year now and I have enjoyed my 1st year very much.

I knew very little about anything to do with how you make money online and thankfully I had the opportunity to invest in myself and learn from the Experts inside Wealthy Affiliate and will continue to grow more and learn more as I develop my sites.

If you would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate and what is offered to members, please click the image below.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope I have helped you out here.

What did you get from this post? Positive and Negatives, please.

Are you ready to write awesome content now?

Have you learn how to optimize SEO and everything else in order to get indexed and ranked in Google, Bing and Yahoo?

Please ask me any questions about this as I am here to help in any way I can.

And please leave a comment to give me feedback and also to keep me on track with what I am doing here.

Thank you

Go well and grow BIG Online


P.S. I Nearly forgot…

Always add images to your blogs to engage people with visuals is a great place for free images and inside Wealthy Affiliate in Site Content, there are literally 1000’s of free images for members to use.

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