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Rapidprofixpro How to Make Money Selling Courses Online

Yes, You read the title correctly. I have done some thorough research on this product and today I am pleased to share with you, what I have learned about this product.

Is it a SCAM? NO, because you receive a product but is that enough to be legit?

So what is Rapidprofixpro all about and how can you make money selling courses online?

Let’s look into this product in more depth.

What is Rapidprofixpro?

Founders: Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari

Website: Rapidprofixpro

Cost to buy – For a limited time this program is selling for $22 but this price will not stay at $22

Recommended for: Anyone wanting to make money selling online courses, whether you are a newbie or an advanced marketer, this product suits everyone

Money-back Guarantee: Yes, there are 30 days, but you will need to explain why you want your money back and this needs to be a valid reason.

Rating 6/10

You can buy 1 course to set up and promote or 10 with a commercial license to sell all of these courses and it takes around 60 seconds to set up to get you started and making money.


You can choose which niche you want to sell a course and set yourself up within around 60 seconds.

All you do is this

set up for rapid profixpro

lets get started


As you see from the FAQ’s the system is set up and go make money system done for you by the experts behind the scenes and the testimonials on the site are all very positive.

I am not saying you will make millions with this program but it is worth checking out for sure.

If you have your website you can link it to Rapidprofixpro and add the courses to your site

Course Creation

The courses are similar to Udemy – e-learning sites that you sell from your website or from the automated system provided with your membership.

I do feel once you are inside there could be up-sells for more products after you have used 10 with the commercial licence but I am not 100% sure on this.

To me paying $22 discounted from $197 even though it is said to be for a short time only, does have a red flag for me.

Check out my NO.1 Recommendation

learn how to make money online

Affiliate Store

You can also create your own affiliate store and get an affiliate to work for you to make you even more money and you pay their commissions.

This is also set up automatically for you if you purchase the Super Traffic Machine which could be an up-sell however could also be included in the price.

When I read everything I got a little bit confused as one page said you get everything and another page said you pay for extras

This extra may cost $77 which is down-sell from $97 but I am not 100% sure about this, I am sorry.


Rapidprofixpro says, all your marketing will be automated and you will get training on how to set up and make everything fit together to help make you money.

Sales Funnels etc are all added to your project and you will learn how to do this inside Rapidprofixpro, in fact, Jason and Mosh said their amazing program has everything you need and all you do is buy the program and set it up and everything else will happen for you.


Jason and Mosh have built a few products online and have spent loads of time getting it right and they are excited to offer this product to you to help you make more money online without costing you thousands of dollars.

I have checked these 2 men out online and I haven’t read anything really negative



Well, now you have watched what JV Zoo says about this program and can make your informed decision based on the video and what you have read here in this post.


E-learning is becoming a billion-dollar industry with more and more people searching for courses to complete online so it might be a great opportunity for you to join Rapidprofixpro and build some great courses so you too can help people with their learning needs online.

Jason and Mosh say this process is easy and their system works so why not go see for yourself. This could be the next big moneymaker for a lot of people and reading all the testimonials tells me there are some very happy people who have joined this program and they have also built great businesses from the courses they are selling online.


I am going to finish this post now as I feel you have enough information to choose whether Rapidprofixpro is going to be a good investment of your time and money.

If you have any questions or you have already used this program, please leave some comments below and I will reply within 24 hours.

Also if you would like a free copy of Warrior Mindset, there will be a pop up appear on the right, so fill in your details and it will be sent to you directly.

Also, we promise not to spam you with loads of hideous emails as this is so annoying and that’s not what we are about

Go well and remember:

be so good at something image

P.S Make 2019 and Beyond years to celebrate 🙂

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6 thoughts on “How to Make Money Selling Online Courses – No Website Needed”

  1. Hallo there Vicki, 

    I have been looking for a platform to sell courses online and it has really been difficult for me to find a good one.
    I was introduced to Rapidprpfixpro by a guy whom we’ve been friends for only a few days so I had to do my due diligence first before I could buy into it. It seems like a pretty neat platform with the integrations and features and I feel like I am giving to give it a try. At least the 30 days money back guarantee makes me feel a bit safe. I’ll let you know how it works out for me in a few weeks. Have an awesome day!

    • Hi Dave

      Yes, I’d really love that thank you and all the building your business

      Courses help loads of people so I hope you create some excellent online help

  2. Thank you for this review on Rapid ProfixPro. One thing is for certain, the e-learning market is exploding in sales as more and more people are getting access to the internet. This global market has huge potential because people can now learn skills without having to leave home.

    When ordinary people have knowledge that others can benefit from too, e-learning is a fantastic way to get your knowledge out to other people anywhere in the world. It seems from the information you shared and the video, that Rapid ProfixPro makes the process super simple.

    My problem with what was presented in the video was that I kept hearing that almost everything was done for you. Call me old fashioned but I am always a bit cautious when I hear that making money is easy and things are done for you. I do not think this is a scam, but is this really too good and easy to be true?

    • Hi Robert

      Yes I tend to agree with you although the 2 guys behind this product have a great reputation for building excellent products for people and with the 30 money-back guarantee I also feel it is a genuine offer to help people but I also know people will have to do some work as nothing comes free

  3. That is a really huge discount from $197 to $22. E-learning is taking over the world and for sure, this is a business that is growing in leaps and bounds. I am however afraid that there could be upsells once inside the program. I am just wondering why they will think and accept your reason for money-back as valid. They can easily say they do not agree with you. Either way, it sounds legit but I automated programs with zero effort on my part also scares me. I prefer to have a hand and some control in what I am involved in. Thank you for taking your time to review RapidProfixPro.


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