How to Make Money in a Website – (Expert Marketers do this)

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How to Make Money in a Website

Hi and welcome to Money and Freedom Online.

This site was built to help people learn how to create financial freedom online and today’s post is all about how to make money in your website so grab a coffee and let’s get into it today.

With over 4 billion people surfing the Internet, making money online is a great choice and you can create a substantial income over time if you build your business correctly.

Key Tools to use to make Money

Keyword Rich Content

Owning your own website means you are going to need some excellent content/blog on it to attract traffic and before you get writing, you need to research keywords to use.

I use Jaaxy as my preferred Keyword research Tool as it is easy to use and free in the platform I belong to.

So let’s see how Jaaxy works with a couple of examples for you.

Jaaxy keywords for football
Ok, let’s look at the results above for football boots for girls. As you can see the 1st Keyword is useless however all the other titles are great.

You always want your avg(average people looking per month) to be as high as possible and it must always make sense, then you want the QSR (quotable search results to be under 100, especially when you are building your authority and the SEO to be high which it is here.

My choice for this Keyword would be Football boots for girls.

Ok, let’s do another one:

surfcasting rods

Let’s choose 1 from this list- Best surfcasting rods look great – AVG is 112, QSR is 35 and SEO is 98 so this is a great keyword to use in your title and your content.

NEVER overuse your Keywords through your blog/content as Google, Bing, and Yahoo will see it as spamming and you will not be favoured or ranked if you do this and experts say to use it in your Title, then the 1st paragraph and maybe the last paragraph and I have can also recommend this way of using Keywords if you want to rank on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Jaaxy image

This will also bring traffic because as you know most people don’t go past the 1st page of a search engine when they are looking online for something.

Adding meta tags and descriptions

Always make sure you add a meta title description and keywords in every blog. here is a screenshot on where to find this in WordPress

This is essential to do as it helps with indexing and ranking.

Google Webmasters

You also need to let Google know about every post/blog you write so you need to add your URL’s to the inspection service in google fetch ask request indexing as this move things along more quickly for you which is important to your business growth.

Affiliate Programs

Joining affiliate programs is a great way to monetize your website and once you have built a solid foundation for your website in your chosen niche, you will then apply to different companies relating to your niche to become an affiliate for them.

There are 10000’s of programs to join so let’s try a couple relating to the 2 niches we used earlier in this post.

Football boots:

43 million results

OK, let’s try surf casters

189 thousand results for this niche. have some fun. Type into Google: affiliate programs for… and add your niche.

To learn more about Affiliate Marketing click here. Affiliate Marketing is a simple process and can be extremely lucrative, creating financial independence for you.

Google Adsense and PPC

you can join please like Google adsense and when you are accepted, google will then place ads on your website and when visitors click on these ads, you receive a small portion and you will be paid out when the amount you have earned is $100 which I feel is steep but it’s how they roll.

When you are established and you are attracting traffic to your site, you might like to consider paying for advertising which is called PPC (Pay per click) and this is another great way to attract people to your website.

When you decide to begin this, you may like to experience with Bing 1st as it is less costly and the results are often surprising.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube are all essential to the growth of your business so let’s look at the big guns in this section.

All these places are great to utilize however the Experts say, YouTube videos are really important as you grow and if you gain a large number of subscribers over time, you will make money from YouTube as well as bring more traffic to your website. This is the NO.1 choice of marketing by experts online.

NO2 is Pinterest so share all your images to boards you have created

NO.3 is Instagram so post there regularly as well as having a large following will definitely be good for business.

I also enjoy Linkedin as it is very professional and making great connections with business people all over the globe has to be good for business.

The most important thing to remember is not to just drop links and hope people will care. you have to be engaging and helpful and build trust with everyone you connect with so please consider writing a few words to engage with your visitors and new followers as this equals money for you.

Selling Advertising Slots

Another great way to make money in a website is to offer advertising slots to companies and if you offer them at a good price, this can very lucrative over time especially if you have a rotation of different clients every month so well worth looking into.

Work Ethic

Believing in what you are doing and working consistently is the best way to grow your business. if you become complacent once you are making a few dollars is the quickest way to go downhill with your biz so always keep working hard and developing new ideas to help people online and success will be yours.

So in answer to your question today, How to make money in a website, I hope I have given you some nuggets to work with and build onto as you grow your future online.

Before I go

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Also please do me one favour and that is to leave a comment and some feedback and answer questions if you have them and I will reply to you within 24 hours as I am always working to improve my service to people so I am never far from my computer.

Until next time go well and believe in you and where you are heading.

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