How to Make Money Affiliate Marketing – Top 25 Recommendations

When it comes to Affiliate Marketing, you need to know some great programs, services, digital products etc that you can become an affiliate for and create an income so, in today’s post, I am going to share some top recommendations used to do just that.

Sure, you will have to build a solid foundation for your business before you go applying to a few companies to become an affiliate and this is understandable as companies like to know you mean business and can be trusted to help them properly so please make sure you have some really great keyword-rich content on your website before applying to different companies.

Some places, however, offer instant affiliate acceptance so let’s get into this for you.

Wealthy Affiliate

Membership is Free and there is also a premium membership for people who want to learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate you automatically become an affiliate for this program and as a premium member, you get paid one of the highest percentages for referrals.

$8 for the 1st month and $23.50 every month after that if your referral stays and builds and if you are a free member it is 50% less.

You can also earn while you learn inside Wealthy Affiliate and this often gives people enough to pay for their membership which is another bonus.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, please click here

NO.1 on my list of recommendations, Wealthy Affiliate is recommended by over 1.5 million people so if you are new to Affiliate Marketing, this is definitely the best platform to join to learn everything you need to learn about this profession and to secure your future online.

24/7 Support. Live training each week, 1000s of resources, 2 Training Programs, Hosting, SSL Security for your sites, domain name purchase, 1 on 1 mentoring if you want it, and loads more from Wealthy Affiliate Well worth checking out. It changed my life and has done the same for 1000s of people online.


Grammarly is not only a brilliant tool to use for all your writing needs but you can also become an Affiliate for Grammarly so click on the image and go see for yourself.

When you are building a great business online, you will be constantly adding helpful posts/blogs for your readers and there is nothing worse than arriving on someone’s site and you start reading and come across all types of errors.

If you want to become an authority on what you are doing, please make sure you download Grammarly as your grammar and spell-check. It will save you loads of time and it will ensure your professionalism stays intact.


Again you will write loads of great posts for your website and by using Keyword-rich content, you will be indexed quickly and you will also get ranked up in the top pages of Google Bing and Yahoo.

To learn more about Keywords and how to use the program efficiently please click here.

When you do thorough keyword research, you know immediately you will be ahead of the game and that if your articles are engaging, honest, and written using keywords, you will do well. Without Keyword research people often struggle to get noticed and as you will most likely be aware, people love the 1st page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo and very seldom go deeper into other pages so you want to do things the right way and Jaaxy will help you achieve this so easily.

SemRush is another Keyword program with loads to offer and an affiliate program as well.


Amazon is the place for everything online and signing up as an associate for Amazon is a simple process and a great way to earn passive income with your site. Adding product links and banners, writing reviews on great products and not great products will help your reader determine which product is a good buy and which aren’t so go join Amazon.

Sometimes, Amazon will stop your account if you don’t make 3 sales within a certain amount of time. Please do not worry about this as you can always reapply to them and keep moving forward.


Clickbank has literally 1000s of products, programs, and services you could affiliate but before you go jumping in and joining lots of different programs, etc to affiliate for, please make sure they are legitimate and worthy of you joining them and there are some not so good programs on Clickbank and more and more appearing every day so please be careful with your choices.

Screencast O Matic

Screencast O Matic is a really great affiliate program to join and also a really good product to use if you are going to do YouTube videos. It is very reasonable in cost and really easy to use and I highly recommend this product.

I looked at quite a few and Yes, there are more expensive video programs such as Camtasia and others but if you want something simple yet efficient, go try screencast and also sign up to become an affiliate for them and make yourself some money.


AWIN is a really great company to affiliate with, but please make sure you have enough content on your website before you apply so AWIN can recognize you are working hard and giving value to your readers.

Most affiliate programs are free to join and AWIN is as well although when you apply to become an affiliate for AWIN, they will ask you for your bank details and will withdraw $5 to prove you are real and once this is complete and verified, you will be refunded.

AWIN has loads of programs to affiliate with and is well worth joining and another really firm way to earn passive income.

List time

Ok, I am now going to do a list of a few affiliate programs worth joining so here we go:




CJ Affiliate

Max Bounty


Microsoft Affiliate Program

Media Net You must have a large amount of organic traffic to be accepted with Media Net

CBD Programs if you are considering this as a Niche

Joy Organics.

Koi CBD.

 CBD Essence.

 Cannabidiol Life.

Diamond CBD.

Canna Trading Co.

 CBD Pure.


CBD Sky.

Vape Bright.

Email Marketing


Get Response


and of course, there are loads more email marketing programs I am sure you can affiliate with and also utilize their services as you grow your online presence.

Here are a few more great programs and companies to affiliate with to grow your income online. Working from home is the best and if you work hard, grow big by learning the skills, success is yours!!

Optin Monster

Income School

Thrive Themes



Clix Galore

and 1000’s more to choose from and I hope the list I provided in this post will help you immensely.


If any of these links take you to the company and you can’t find the sign-up form, please type into Google- Affiliate program for… and add the place you want to join- Thanks, just sometimes it can work this way and I don’t want you frustrated. 

At the beginning of this blog I have shared Wealthy Affiliate as a top recommendation to become an affiliate- To learn more about this platform and all it offers, please click here

If you are just getting started as an Affiliate I highly recommend you join Wealthy Affiliate for free so you can see for yourself what is offered to members inside this platform and I will be your Mentor :).

It is ranked as the best place to learn all the skills needed to become an excellent affiliate marketer and I agree with this as Wealthy Affiliate changed my life

Having the skills and tools you need to become successful gives you a brilliant start and I hope the Affiliate programs I have shared today help you grow your income and your online presence.

Until next time- Be awesome and grow huge online

This is Vicki Crawford, signing out until tomorrow


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9 thoughts on “How to Make Money Affiliate Marketing – Top 25 Recommendations”

  1. Thank you for this comprehensive list of sites that affiliate marketers can join. I use Amazon a lot and have success on that platform but the commissions are quite low so you need to sell a lot to earn a decent income. 

    Clickbank on the other hand pays its affiliates well but not all their products are great so you actually have to pick wisely. 

    Being a user of Grammarly I find the free version great so not sure how many people would upgrade to the paid version. 

    I am certainly going to go down your list and look at some of the other ones you recommend. 

    • Hi Michel

      Often Grammarly free version doesn’t give all people need especially around grammar and expression so the pro version is good to use although the free version is great as well for newbies online

  2. Well, I couldn’t agree more. These are all good platforms to make some really good money. I see people who are affiliates for wealthy affiliate and they have taken some really good training and are making money big time. That’s like very good. I would love to register for multiple but for now, I do affiliate marketing part-time and so I can’t do that for now. Thank you for the info though. I’ll book mark this page for reference.

  3. A great article you have here. Definitely worthy of the time I spent reading g this article because you surely widened my range of knowledge and open my eyes to see various other opportunities in affiliate marketing. Though I know about a couple of the listed options and markets. I didn’t know about Awin before. Also, I like the option of referral on wealthy Affiliate. I’ll check this out too. Thanks

  4. Hi Vicki 

    Thank you very much for sharing such an important and informative post about top 25 recommendations of affiliate marketing. By reading your post it is very clear to me that when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, we need to know some great programs, services, digital products etc that we can become an affiliate for and create an income. After reading your post I have learnt many things about it. I have read the all recommendations those are really great. 

    Thanks again. I’ll definitely share this post with my friends and family so that they also can get the information. 


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