How to Create an Online Business and- Stay Ahead of the Competition

With 2019 fast approaching what better time than to learn how to create an online business and better yet, stay ahead of the competition.

Sounds expensive doesn’t it however if you read what I am sharing with you in this post, I know you will be pleasantly surprised because I found the best platform on the Internet to build Success Online and I am going to help you today by sharing this truly great place.

If you start now by 2019 you will already be 1 month into your build and this is a great start for you if you seriously want to build an Online Business.

Wealthy Affiliate- Why its the Best

You may have heard about Wealthy Affiliate by seeing them online but just in case this platform is new to you, let me explain a little about this great company.

Carson and Kyle the 2 Founders and Owners of Wealthy Affiliate started this business over 13 years ago to help people around the world grow online businesses and today there are over 1.2 members within Wealthy Affiliate which is outstanding and the numbers keep growing.

With over 3,8 Billion people surfing the net the opportunities online are endless and more and more companies are turning to the Internet to market their products to keep up with the trending markets.

When Carson and Kyle built Wealthy Affiliate, their mission was to have a pay it forward community within the platform where people help each other, share information and also teach skills to other members if needed and there are over 1800 Experts helping out 24/7 inside the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate has grown huge and there are now 25 Developers, a huge technical team to ensure everything runs smoothly 24/7 and of course the members who are awesome.

I had been burned a couple of times in the past so I was quite dubious when I 1st joined for free but within a couple of days, I knew this place was where I could learn, create and build a truly successful business and that’s what I do, in fact, I have a few more businesses online these days and working full time from home is so wonderful.

I get to choose my own hours, wear what I like, go fishing when the tides right and enjoy a balance in my life which is something you don’t get from most  jobs out there and the best part is, you can carry on working full time until you earn enough to stop doing the full time for someone else and work from home as I do on a full-time income earned form being online with your business or businesses.

What will you get as a Member?

There are 2 Memberships at Wealthy Affiliate and here is an image to show you what you will get with each membership

There are also 100’s of resources, video training, tutorials on a load of subjects, e-commerce, drop shipping in fact Wealthy Affiliate has more than any other place on the internet and Carson and Kyle keep adding value all the time at no extra cost to all premium members which is amazing and shows their Integrity and their true pay it forward mission to all of us.


What I dislike

Within the platform there is a Ranking system and people can work there way to become ming an Ambassador and I am fortunate to have ranked as one as you will see in the image below, however some members play ranking games, writing blogs not relative to business, just to get attention, also comment on blogs by saying things like, Good job, Well done, go for it, Thanks for sharing, which of course helps them with their ranking, however, none of those comments are helpful at all and this is so annoying.

I’m not sure why people want to be an ambassador. It’s not like we get any reward for this role, in fact, we have to be so careful all the time within the community to do it right or else other members come down on us. I’m not sure why Carson and Kyle have got this in place and I see no need for this type of thing at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are some incredibly intelligent people who write pieces of training, help out sometimes and they are not Ambassadors nor do they want to be.

I didn’t know how it all worked when I moved into this position after a very short time and right now I am considering whether I want this role anymore as there are people with more to offer than me within the platform although I do have 3,000 followers all looking for inspiration and motivation so time will tell

Its quite a bizarre algorithm that works it all out and I’m not sure why its there- I must ask about this one day.

I’m guessing its to motivate people to help each other – We do this anyway. Oh well, something different.

Another thing I don’t like is people arriving in the platform for free and dropping spammy links to promote themselves as when we are helping a lot of people and we see  this, it is so annoying, however we report this and it is deleted along with the free member very quickly as Wealthy Affiliate does not tolerate any kind of spam whatsoever which is a good thing.

Learning how to Create an Online Business

takes time, focus, learning and determination and if you work full time, you will need to work out time to dedicate to learning and building your business regularly so when Google Bing and Yahoo index you and start crawling your posts, you will need to add more interesting articles to your site to keep up the momentum and also gain trust from  those search engines as this leads to success and income and over time this could mean a lot of income.

Here is a screenshot of one of the members in the platform and his earnings recently

Really amazing for a 21-year-old who dropped out of college and began his online career. Jerry and many others are doing so great and the best part is, You can also become a success story down the track if you decide to join us within Wealthy Affiliate and get started.

Enjoy this short video on Wealthy Affiliate


Before I finish this post today, I also want to add that because Wealthy Affiliate has got more to offer than any other platform on the Internet, every member has the opportunity to own their own online business and always stay ahead of the competition and you can do the same.

I do hope you at least join for free and see what I’m talking about here as I know once you have a look inside, you will see how incredible this platform really is and if you do, I’ll be there to give you any help you may need as will all the other experts within Wealthy Affiliate so with that, thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions, please ask as I am here to give you answers to anything I may have missed.

Go well and may Success become your Best Friend




Founder of Money and Freedom Online






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14 thoughts on “How to Create an Online Business and- Stay Ahead of the Competition”

  1. Hi, thank you for your amazing article.I am really interested to actually start making money online.However, I have a few questions,1) When you recommend wealthy affiliate as the place to start, do they actually provide intensive or enough training to make sure the user is able to work on their own independently?2) Do you have any tips on choosing the subject of the new website?Thank You

    • The training will give you everything you need to become an Independent business Owner online and when choosing a subject, I suggest you always choose you enjoy and have good knowledge on so you can helpp people as you build your content within your site

      Come take a look at Wealthy Affiliate for free and see what you think

      This way you can make an informed decision on whether it is good fit for your business building

  2. Great post and good info. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform you can have when it comes to growing your online business. 

    I’m a member for a while and believe me, without it you will lose the battle with other people. 

    Everything what this platform offers, you won’t find it anywhere else. 

    So really people, join it. 

    • Hi Emmanuel

      I haven’t met you inside the platform yet so thank you for visiting my site and commenting like this

      You are so kind and Yes, Wa has it all and I wish you success in all you work for and all the very best heading into 2019

  3. There’s nothing as sweet as earning passive income online. I’ve known this for a while and I’m striving everyday to get the right step to this. 

    All efforts became somewhat futile until I stumbled upon this gold mine called Wealthy Affiliate. I joined as a starter with free tools I really learnt so much and recently I upgraded to premium so I can have a better application of the learning.

    I know WA is my last bus stop to success and I can’t wait to share my success story

    • I’m so glad you took the premium offer as now you will have everything you will ever need to build success online in any area you desire so well done and all the very best at Wealthy Affiliate

      It truly give it all to our members

  4. I am a “Newbie” and I thank you so much for the information. I will probably never be an Ambassador, as I love to write, but I doubt if my posts are the type to bring much credit of any kind. I am enjoying the lessons and I thank you for your insight.
    I am a grandmother of 10, and a great-grandmother of 5, with one more on the way
    Thanks again Vicki,

    • Hi Janice
      how incredible and here you are building a business online-
      you are amazing and all credit to you for taking up this wonderful challenge
      Enjoy your journey with Wa and I look forward to seeing your website
      Go well

  5. HI Vicki!  Thanks for your interesting article.  It explains some of the questions I’ve had regarding making money online, specifically what a membership offers when an interested person signs up.  The table you include makes clear the benefits of the Premium option while still showing the fact that the Starter option is for those who still need a bit of convincing.  Also, the point you make (What I Dislike) about the Ambassador role is something to think about; being new to WA, I intend to keep an eye on the role with your comments in mind.

    Thanks again for the article.

    • Hi Hugo and thanks for stopping to visit today

      Yes the role of Ambassador is a non paid role and can be very time consuming with often no real reward and in 2019 i will be letting my rank go to someone else as I focus on really moving my businesses to the next level after all that is why I joined this awesome platform in the 1st place so its focus on those goals and achieving the great results I know I can 

      Go well and all the very best for 2019 Hugo


  6. Hi Vicki, 

    When I first joined, I was also really sceptical about it, just like you. It is really good that there is an option to choose the starter membership, and during that first week get a good glance at what the premium membership offers, don’t you think? 

    One thing that I really liked during the time I have been a member is that there are no upsells. When you are a premium member you get it all without limits. I know I wouldn’t have been able to build my own website by myself without the trainings at WA. In my mind, all 50 lessons in 5 phases in the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training have all been really intuitive and helpful. Thanks to that I now have my very own website, which is a dream come true. 🙂

    I think WA is the place to get the proper help for a quick start of you own business in any niche you like!


    • hi Marika

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is ranked no.1 in the online world for all the reasons you have stated and amny more

      I hope you are getting geared up to rock 2019 with your online success

      Go well and thanks for your comment today

  7. Wealthy affiliate is a great platform to learn to build your own website and business.  I have only been a memeber for a short time but can see how valuble it is.  There are a lot of other places that promise the same thing but are much higher priced.  

    I totally get what you are saying about members who just want to get ranked in the system.  I do not know why. 

     I had asked a question at one point and was answered by Carson himself one of the owners, I replied to his comment thanking him for the information and I had gotten my answer, so I was surprised when I got a notification that someone else had answered as well.  The only thing they had to say was that I had gotten a good answer from Carson and to point me to a post by Carson that I had already read and it did not answer my question or I would not have asked it. 

    • I hear you with that- The ranking games are incredible and need to stop

      In 2019, I’m going to let mine go as I am going to focus solely on building my businesses more and more as this is why I joined WA in the 1st place and my goal is to grow and make it my best year ever and I hope you do the same

      Go well and enjoy all WA offers us


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