How to Create a Business Online – (No Selling or Recruiting)

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Vicki Crawford

I’m Vicki, an online marketer these days but it wasn’t always that way.

I had to learn the necessary skills and work consistently on my business to achieve the results I have and today I am going to share how I did this step by step.

How to Create a Business Online

More and more people are turning to the online world to grow a business and with more and more companies building their online presence the time to learn how to become a successful business owner online is now.

Affiliate Marketing is my no.1 choice as a business model and in this post, I will share with you why I know this is the way to go for anyone who is prepared to learn and work hard.

There are a lot of Scam sites online promising people money for nothing and I advise you do not to go near these places as you will most likely lose any money you invest. These sites are everywhere and the people who do this are being shut downtime and time again for ripping people off but continue to create Scams to entice people into thinking it’s easy to pay $’s and do nothing just to see your bank account fill up with the money.

There is only one way to create a business online that is going to last for a long time and that is to do it right and learn from experts in the industry to ensure you are on track and doing things correctly.

What do you enjoy?


When choosing a niche/product/service to build a business around it is important to choose something you either know a lot about or will really enjoy learning about.

For example, let’s say you went skiing in the winter and the skis you wore were awesome. Maybe you want to tell people which brand is great and why. A good niche choice

How about horses? If you use a particular saddle or grooming gear or bridle, these products could be the perfect niche to choose to help people with their buying needs.

western saddle

What about baby gear? or Toys for children under 5? or e-bikes? There are literally millions of ideas you can choose from and with over 4 billion people searching the internet every month, becoming an affiliate marketer is a great choice if you want to earn a great income.

Yes, it will take some time to build a foundation for your business but if you do the training needed, you will be ahead of most others trying to build something online.

Learning from people who are making a full time living doing what they enjoy is the easiest way and the most efficient investment of your money and time and the platform I belong to also gives you the chance to start for FREE to see how you like things inside.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.” most of my earnings are from affiliate marketing, direct ad sales, and sponsored posts”

Instead of having to buy products then resell them or spend loads of money investing in a product range, all you do is build a site offering great product reviews or how to’s and what not to do’s to people who visit your site.

When people visit your site and click on an image or banner you have added relating to your product/niche, they will be taken directly to the company you affiliate with, and if they buy the product or something else while on the site, you will receive a commission for sharing information. Not hard at all although there are some things you will need to learn.

  • How to build a website
  • How to let Google Bing and Yahoo know about your site existence
  • How to add great product reviews/content.
  • How to use the right Keyword rich titles
  • How to use Meta tags and a few other skills to help you become successful and stay ahead of the competition online.

Training will teach you everything

invite to join WA

Some time ago now, I joined Wealthy Affiliate to begin my learning and building journey, not knowing much at all about the online world.

I joined for free to take a look inside this platform and within hours knew it was where I wanted to stay to learn everything I needed to know to build a successful business and today I have this site and my new site Body and Mind Wellness and I know in the future I will have many more website relating to different niches/products to help people with their buying decisions and you can do the same.

Training is the most important aspect of your business and step by step you will learn all you need inside Wealthy Affiliate.

In the image below you can see what will be covered in the training offered to premium members with Wealthy Affiliate.

OEC training

Building a website

A premium member of Wealthy Affiliate can have 25 free websites with SiteRubix and 25 .com websites and when you think about this, over time you could have quite a large piece of the online marketplace if you learn how to do things properly.

Building a website inside Wealthy Affiliate takes around 40 seconds. Yes, 40 seconds. Sounds wrong but it’s 100% true.

All you do is choose your domain name, then choose your WordPress theme from over 3000 themes and when you have done this, you click to create a website as shown in the image below.

free website

Try it for yourself- Think of a product you would like to tell people about or a service or a hobby or a passion and then below create your domain name and go build your 1st free website.

If you do this with a free SiteRubix site as above and later on you want to transfer it to a dot-com website, you can do this easily within Wealthy Affiliate.

To read a review on Wealthy Affiliate please click here.

Joining Affiliate Programs

You will earn everything about this in the training program however I would like to point out that when joining affiliate programs, always be sure before you apply, you have some good blog posts and reviews on your site as most companies will go visit your site before they accept you as an Affiliate.

Some people try to join Companies as Affiliates way too soon in their build only to be disappointed when rejected and I feel this is people who are desperate to make money. Being desperate doesn’t crack it in the online world and you will not become successful so please make sure you learn how everything fits into place by doing the training offered inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Join for FREE and take a good look around.

Go to the live chat and connect with members from all over the world and you will always find some experts in there to answer any questions you may have.

lets get started button

Still not sure- that’s ok, I understand where you are at with your thoughts.

What if it’s too hard?

Do I have to work at training all the time?

How long will it take me to make money?

What if my niche is saturated?

And more questions I’m sure for some of you.

The training is so easy to follow and after each lesson, you get some tasks to complete to ensure you are going ok. You can take as long as you like to go through the step by step, training program and learn how you enjoy learning. One of the great things about the training is, there are tutorials and also video training all the way through which I found so much easier.

How long will it take until I make money?

Everyone works at a different speed learns at their own pace, and does things in their own way so it is hard to determine how long it will take to earn money. Inside Wealthy Affiliate, there are 2 Affiliate programs you will be instantly joined to and if you utilize these 2 programs you could start making money very soon after joining although it can take longer, of course, depending on how you do things. Once again the training is the key.

What if my niche is saturated?

I’m going to ask you a question now? What if all the sci-fi movies have been made and there are no more?

What if all the songs have been written and there are no more?

The reason I used these 2 analogies, is because even though people have written on your chosen niche, doesn’t mean they are going to kill your chance to become extremely successful.

 People come and go and come and go because they lose interest, they do it their way instead of the correct way, they give up too soon, and for many other reasons and the people who are still writing content, may not be doing this as well as you will once you learn some great skills.

Work while working

Maybe you are working full time and want to one day say thanks and goodbye to your boss so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy, working the hours you choose and earning way more than you ever could, working for someone else?

If the answer Yes, then, great because if you learn and build in your spare time, one day you could be earning $7k plus per month doing what you enjoy. Now I’m not promising this to you because you will appreciate we are all different but I am going to show you an image below.

money earned at Wealthy Affiliate

image for postivie thinking

I’m finishing off this post now as I feel I have shared enough for you to make an informed decision about how to create a business online and if you would like to have me as your personal mentor then please join via the link below.

I hope to connect with you again soon, inside Wealthy Affiliate, where you can begin your future online.

I love every day and I love everything being free to be me makes me feel and you can also feel this happy if not happier.

2019 is fast coming to a close and 2020 will be awesome for you if you get started now.


Join Wealthy Affiliate for free now and take a look around, maybe do the 1st 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification, then when Black Friday Sale begins, you can go premium and if you want to take advantage of the BF Sale, you could purchase a yearly membership saving yourself a lot of money. $299 instead of $359.

If you can’t afford the sale you can always go premium after your 1st 7 days and pay only $19 for your 1st month.

Go easy and until next


Vicki Crawford

Create Financial Freedom with Money and Freedom Online

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4 thoughts on “How to Create a Business Online – (No Selling or Recruiting)”

  1. Hello Vicki, I agree with your comments about not giving up if your chosen niche seems to be oversaturated. Niches are only “oversaturated” if they are making a lot of people a lot of money! So I happen to think competitive niches are a good thing. Maybe not for a beginners’ first niche affiliate site but could be if they really wanted to go with that niche. Following the money will give a lot higher chance of earning affiliate commissions than it will trying to forge an unknown path on your first try. Now I’m not expert or super experienced but I can confidently recommend any newbies to the internet marketing game to study keywords for your chosen niche using whats called KGR, or Keyword Golden Ratio, and this will help you find low-competition keywords to focus on when you are starting out. You could even use KGR research to find your niche!

    • Yes, Digger, I agree – a little competition is healthy and pushes us to do better with our content writing and Yes, Keyword Research is vital to success

      Thank you and all the best

  2. There’s a lot of valuable information here on starting an online business.  Determining what you enjoy to do is important in finding a suitable niche.

    I also enjoy affiliate marketing very much.  With the proper training the pieces gradually fall together as long as a person works consistently toward their goals.

    Wealthy Affiliate certainly provides the training and support.  You have given a wealth of information here to enable a person to make a decision as to online marketing and WA.  Thanks so much.  All the Best.


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