How to Create a Business Online- (Learn from the Experts)

How to create a Business Online is today’s question and I am excited to share what the Experts taught me and what I now teach others. It works and it creates financial freedom for everyone who does it correctly.

Learning from the Experts taught me it takes 3 things to start with: Determination, Discipline, and Work so if you are ready to do this, let’s get into the how right now.

Choosing a Business Model

What type of business?

What type of business do you want to build?

Depending on your funds there are many choices around building your own business.

There are some great ways to make money online however there are also Scams online so be careful when you are looking around. There are so many websites telling people that they are the best… only to take their money dishonestly. Check out any one of my reviews to learn more.

You could start a shop and sell products online- This will cost quite a bit to set up. Try Shopify or Aliexpress

I chose Affiliate Marketing after reading what the Experts said about this type of business and this is my no.1 recommendation to get you a great business.

When I decided to build my online business I was searching online looking for some good ideas and came across a review about Affiliate Marketing and after reading the post decided to take a look for free inside the platform Kevin recommended.

I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing at the time but Kevin said in his post, anyone who is prepared to learn the skills and work hard can make a full-time income from this type of business.

I decided to join this platform for free and check it out and within a few minutes knew it was going to be what would create a future online so I decided right then to get serious and dedicate myself to learn this process.

I paid my 1st month which was exciting and so reasonable and got started on the training and after the 1st couple of lessons, I knew this was what I wanted 100% although I must admit I was more than a little nervous not knowing anything of any substance but I kept going and the picture became clear for me.

A Platform to Learn and Build from

Why is it important to belong to a platform to learn and build from?

Why not go it alone? Surely you can learn it all online or on YouTube?

I tried to do this a couple of times many years ago and bombed-out badly and I guess for me the reasons for this were these.

I had no support, I had no idea on how to market my site or keep it secure. I didn’t know anything about online business building or technical stuff for when things went wrong and when I joined Wealthy Affiliate everything became clear to me.

I got started on the 1st training program, the Online Entrepreneur Certification and worked my way through each lesson and completed each task until I completed this training program and I created and built my 1st business online with a solid foundation to allow me to begin Affiliate Marketing professionally and with the knowledge I needed to create an income online.

So amazing- I recommend it 100% to anyone who wants to get started. It truly is the best platform on the Internet to do this and it won’t cost you anything to take a look around and see if it’s suitable for you.

I had the chance to buy my own domain, learn how to build a successful fully hosted website. SEO and how important this is to become indexed and ranked on page 1 of Google Bing and Yahoo, SSL Security(vital) and a fast website because of the state of the art system Wealthy Affiliate has built.

All of this and so much more is covered in a monthly fee which is well worth your investment if you are serious about making money online with your business.

Once you have joined for free and set up your account and profile, my suggestion is this. Have a good look around at everything inside the platform, go to the live chat and see what other members have to say and then head off to the OEC training and do the 1st 10 lessons for free to see if you like what you are learning.

Then if you decide this is for you, go premium and if you do this within the 1st 7 days, there will be a special offer for you for your 1st month, however there is no pressure to move from a free membership to a paid membership although if you truly want to build an excellent online future for yourself then premium is the way to go and investing in yourself and your business will move you forward a lot quicker.

This is a screenshot of the 50 lessons you will learn with the OEC(Online Entrepreneur Certification).

There are also live video training every week and these are recorded so members can watch them in their time zone or when they feel ready for them.

Also in the back of WA, there are literally 100’s of resources you can use and learn from and pretty much any question you may have will have an answer there and if not one of the Experts within Wealthy Affiliate will answer you very quickly so you keep moving forward.

If you make a technical error while you are learning there is also site support who are available 24/7 to fix anything that is needed and they also ensure the platform and all our sites are running perfectly 100% of the time and update when necessary to ensure the state of the art platform remains the best.

Your Business Website

1 in 3 websites are built using WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate used WordPress as well and everything is included with your membership, including themes, plugins, security etc and the only extra costs to you will be buying your domain name relating to your new business and this can be done inside WA as well for around $13-99 per year and this includes hosting.

As a premium member, you can build 25. com websites and 25 free site rubix sites and as a free member you 2 free websites with site rubix.

Again as a business builder, I would suggest you go with a or domain to gain authority with your business and of course, branding your online business which is very important.

Once you have bought your domain name, chosen a theme from the 3000 WordPress themes available, now it’s time to click create a website and within around 30-40 seconds your website will be created and ready to build onto.

This is when content writing comes into play. Blog posts and pages helping people learn about who you are and what you are offering is a huge part of the growth of your business and it needs to be done correctly if you want to index quickly and get onto page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo as this is where the people spend time and this is where the money is.

Let’s look at Keyword research now as this is a vital element when adding content.

Jaaxy- Keyword research

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, as part of your membership, you will automatically become a Jaaxy member which is so great as this program is outstanding and all members use it before they write any post/blog/article so let’s look at why it is so vital to do this before you start writing.

Ok, 1st you need a Keyword title so I have taken a screenshot so you can take a look at it and see what I am talking about.

Let’s say your business is Fly Rods and you want to write an article for beginners:

Check this out and I will explain more.

As you can see I want my title to be Fly Rods for beginners which is a great choice because the AVG is 64 which is not bad and the QSR is only 27 which is good because you want to try and keep the QSR under 100 especially when you are new to this.

The AVG is people asking this question and the 27 is the results google found offering people help so if you chose this keyword as your title and wrote a really informative and engaging post to help people learn about different fly rods for beginners, you will most likely be indexed and ranked quickly which is what you want.

Best Fly rod for beginners is another good one, in fact, quite a few of those listed are good and the great thing is, you can create a list and save keywords to use in the future around the same subject.

I quite often work out 12 keyword titles to use for 12 different post/blogs before I start my week as working like this makes things run more smoothly and takes time away from having to come up with new ideas all the time and I have 6 different categories of saved keywords to use.

Inside Jaaxy you can also check on the ranking of all your pages and here is a screenshot of what this looks like.

As you can see this post is ranked on page 1 of Google Bing and Yahoo- I apologize for crossing the details out but for now, this is appropriate.

Ok, so you now know how to do Keywords although I am sure you will want to do your own for your own niche/business you are building.

Now let’s look more at the content and another essential we use when we write.


Grammarly is the best!! It loads for all your writing and checks in the language you choose, even which English language you use and it does a great job. From spell check to grammar and punctuation- it does it all and I love using Grammarly as it has saved me many hours of checking over and over a post and lets me get on with creating and building my business so please use the service.

Screencast O Matic – YouTube

I am quite new to YouTube as a video content creator and This is one of the essentials to business building.

Helping people get to know who you are and what you are all about. Adding videos telling people how to do something or what to buy and why or what not to buy and why. YouTube is huge and with over 4 billion people surfing the net and a huge proportion of these people looking on Youtube to learn more about 1000’s of different things, creating videos and uploading them to YouTube is vital as you build.

Don’t worry about this is you are really new to business as I understand shyness can make it a challenge but when you learn more and grow bigger and bigger, this is one of the best ways to monetize your website and if you want to use a really good product that is easy to use I suggest Screencast o Matic for you as it really is so great.

Screencast-o-Matic (US & Canada)

Check out my very 1st upload and please subscribe and give me a thumbs up even though it’s far from perfect. 🙂

Thank you


Well, that wraps it up for me today and I hope I have given you some things to work on and move forward with as you begin your journey into building a great future online.

Yes, it takes time to learn the skills needed and if you do this I am telling you, you will look back in a few months and smile knowing today was the beginning of an exciting business building day and I also hope you do join Wealthy Affiliate to gain the skills and get all the tools you will ever need to become successful online.

Take care and be awesome in 2019 and beyond starting now

Vicki signing out until tomorrow

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12 thoughts on “How to Create a Business Online- (Learn from the Experts)”

  1. Excellent post. Affiliate marketing is also what I chose to set up instead of all the other options available online. It’s easier for me since I already have a blog and affiliate marketing integrates well with blogging. It’s not so intrusive the way ads are and, of course, if you really like the product or service, then it’s easy enough to recommend.

    I’ve also tried Wealthy Affiliate and can honestly say that it’s a game-changer for me. If not for the community and the support I found there, I probably would’ve quit a long time ago.

    Thanks for featuring them here.

    • Hi Kevin and Jade

      Good to connect with you here on my site and well done for choosing Wealthy Affiliate as your learning platform and I am so thrilled to know you are both doing great

      WA has it all and all we need to do is learn and build success for ourselves 

      I hope your business grows amazingly

      All the best

  2. Thanks Vicki! I have wanted to make passive income online ever since I heard about it in my early 20’s. Thanks to your website it seems much more doable. Do you think the WA platform would be good for someone trying to make a website for their small business? Even if it wasn’t affiliate marketing. 

    I am doing WA now. I like the website. They have a lot of good ways to get traffic to your website. Also the keyword research tool is really helpful in deciding what keyword to use. I like Wealthy Affiliate Premium because you get unlimited Jaxxy access. Do you know where the name Jaxxy comes from? That, I would like to know. 

    You have a very helpful website and I will probably be back sometime soon. Take care!

    • Hi Carles

      I don’t know where Jaaxy comes from- you would have to ask Kyle and Carson this one.

      Yes, a small business of any type can be built by learning within WA – Any type of business can be built

      Learn and build 

      Go well Charles and work hard to achieve those goals you have set for yourself

  3. Thank you for sharing your expertise! The hardest part for me was choosing what kind of business I wanted to create and what niche I wanted to go into. I have gained a lot of clarity in the past few months and actually joined Wealthy Affiliate like you recommended. It’s great to see someone who uses it and has been successful. I have only been at Wealthy Affiliate for a few weeks now and already have my first site up and running and getting traffic! I am also going to look into getting grammarly because I could really use that. Thanks again for your recommendations. 

    • Hi Hilary- Great to read how you are progressing with your new business and yes, Grammarly is a great product and such a time saver so go grab it 

      All the best as you continue your journey to future income online


  4. This is a well-written article about affiliate markwting and Wealthy affiliate. I have been a premium member for some time with Wealthy affiliate and I have to say that I am satisfied and I have xrown a lot as an afgiliate since I started learning affiliate marketing with WA. Wealthy affiliate is good for beginners. I am still using Wealthy affiliate but I diversified now that my affiliate business is growing so I needed funnels and sales pages.

    I am using grammarly and jaaxy also on both of my websites and they are both a good tool to use.

    • Fortunately we learn how to build funnels and sales pages within WA so I hope you don’t go spending huge amounts of money outside the platform when it’s all available in WA

  5. Hi there, I’ve just read your site and enjoyed your story about WA. I joined up last year on a free membership and went from there. I’m now a premium member and have yet to make a sale but keep plugging away! I think I saw the video with Kyle and was interested in becoming an affiliate from that point forward. I like that you’ve told your story and that it will likely serve to help other people decide who may be on the fence  about joining up. The free membership was a nice way to get started for me too and I’d advise people to try that first. It definitely takes time to learn these skills like you said but its quite exciting to think of the possibility of making an income online. I’m definitely going to try screen o matic that you recommended to edit and share my videos as my site is all about music and so i’ll be making instructional videos on how to play guitar. 

    I wish you all the best on your site and journey at WA,


    • I too play the guitar, Paull and screencast o Matic will be excellent to use for this purpose and I wish you continued success with your journey online

      Go well and be awesome!!

  6. Hi Vicki,

    Thanks a lot for your article. I really liked it.

    You have laid down practical approaches to creating a business online and recommended quite powerful tools to assist in just that. I tried Shopify this year and have not quite got around doing anything substantial. However, affiliate marketing seems to be a better option. And indeed, Wealthy Affiliate helps in just that!

    You have mentioned Jaaxy- it really helps rank long tailed keywords fast, Grammarly- I’ve used this for about 7 years to check for plagiarism in my articles, ScreencastOmatic- I’ve recently upgraded and edited my first videos using this powerful (initially free) resource. Very good, indeed.

    Thanks, therefore, for confirming to me that I am headed in the right path.

    Boniface- AndroidBix

    • Thanks for your input and I am glad you are utilising the tools I mentioned as they really do save time and help loads with our progress

      All the best with your future online and thanks for your input


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