How to Build Your Website FREE – (Join the Experts)

Hey there, Good to see you here in Money and Freedom Online.

Today is all about How to Build Your Website for FREE.

Everyday people join us to learn the skills and use the tools Experts have created and You are welcome to join us to build your free website as well.

In fact, you get 2 free websites with FREE Membership, although I do suggest you build 1 great site 1st before you begin on the 2nd website so let’s see how to do this and how to become successful as well as this is probably why you want to build a website I am picking.

Wealthy Affiliate offers You

For your FREE Membership with Wealthy Affiliate, you get 2 free websites as I mentioned earlier so the 1st thing to do is join this platform.

All you need to do is choose a username and a password and sign up and you can do this by clicking the button below.

Once you have joined you will create your profile and add a photo to your profile so members can connect with you and help you if you need it.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, there are over 1900 Experts working, helping members by answering questions, encouraging and offering solutions for people 24/7 so you will not be alone.

You will also have me as your Mentor and I look forward to working with you and connecting with you inside the platform.

OK, You have signed up, created your profile and now it’s time to get started on the training. The Online Entrepreneur Certification or OEC is the best training I have experienced and it is easy to follow and learn from as Carson and Kyle and the team of developers behind the scenes in Wealthy Affiliate keep it simple and update regularly to ensure we are all getting the very best of everything.


The OEC has everything you will ever need to create and build successful online and by going through this training step by step, you will learn all the basics and the more advanced ways to become indexed quickly and even better, ranked on Page 1 of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, if you do everything how you are taught.

lessons inside Wealthy Affiliate

There are NO shortcuts so you need to be prepared to work hard, stay focused, and believe in your abilities along the way without stopping.

Building a business takes time and hard work consistently so if this is you, then let’s get you aboard and started on your new business building journey.



Niche website

Choosing a Niche can be loads of fun as there are literally millions of choices you can make.

Choosing something you are passionate about like this site: or or something like this Niche and this one from Frank in Hawaii

All these people are building sites focused on their passion and You can too.

When you choose a name for your site it must relate to your Niche.

A niche is a service/product to a certain group of people for example, You may like baseball so your niche might be baseball gear or if you are into fishing, it might be fly rods, or surf casters or fishing gear in general.

Let’s say you love babies- your niche might be baby strollers.

The A-Z of Niches is unlimited so write a list of all the things you enjoy or would like to know more about and then choose your no.1 pick and this will be your 1st niche website. Exciting!!!

Once you have decided on your niche, now it’s time to name your site, and below, you could choose your website name and get started. Be sure about your name as this name is going to be with you as you build your website.



Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress and it is built into your membership so when you get your domain name, now it’s time to choose a theme from in your dashboard inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Ok, You have a theme, a domain name and now, all you do is click – create a website and within around 30 seconds, your website is created and ready for you to build onto.

It is such an easy process and loads of fun as you move closer to having an online presence with your own website and your own niche to work with.

What will you use your website for?

person working at his laptop

People all over the world of all different ages and cultures are building websites, some for a hobby, some just as a blog while others are creating a website that brings in a full-time Income and whatever you choose to do creating and building a free site is the perfect place to start.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 1.4 million members all at different stages of building and everyone in there is all out to help each other which is fantastic.

Carson and KyleKyle and Carson

created and built this business over 14 years ago now and they are both still active every day inside the platform interacting with members, helping members, and creating new and exciting updates to make sure we stay ahead of the competition especially for us business builders.

A choice to go Premium

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, you are also given a choice to become a premium member and my recommendation is this for you.

If you are truly serious about building a really great money-making business online, then join WA for FREE, take a look around, do the 1st 10 lessons if you want to. Then if you feel you are going to enjoy all Wealthy Affiliate offers you and all the other members, please consider going premium and investing in yourself.

Investing in yourself and Your business will pay huge dividends down the track and being premium also opens all the doors inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is an image of the 2 Memberships and what is offered with each one. For Business Builders being Premium is the best and if you ask any Experts other than me inside WA, they too will tell you to go premium and get everything you will ever need to become successful online.

I’m not trying to talk you into anything. I am merely suggesting you take a look and see for yourself.

Every person on the Internet who is building a business invests in themselves and I hope you consider what this could be worth to you down the track.

Earn while you Learn

I always forget to mention this to people so I am glad my brain is working well today. 🙂

Ok, you are a member of WA and while you are learning there are different ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

1. Giving Comments on other member’s websites gains you points and money.

2. Referring people to Wealthy Affiliate pays you a commission

3. Referring Jaaxy, the best Keyword Research Program for creating amazing Titles and Content

These 3 things can well and truly pay for your membership fees so it’s definitely worth it.


I hope you will join me and the other members inside Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to build Your website Free and get started on your new and exciting journey online.

When I joined WA, I knew nothing about building a site or any other the other amazing skills I have learned and now I teach people how to do this and so much more.

Working from home full time is so great too. Sure beats going to work for someone else and being told how much you can earn and what time you start and finish. Yes, you need determination and discipline plus a good work ethic and if you have these things, then please come and join me inside the NO.1 Platform on the Internet and build your new website today.

If you would like to learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer, please click here for more details.

Until next time

This is Vicki, signing off

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10 thoughts on “How to Build Your Website FREE – (Join the Experts)”

  1. You put together a nice way to get members interested in WA. I can learn a lot by viewing sites such as yours. I know most of what you’re talking about because I am a member but I was still engaged to read how it was explained. I look forward to reading more of your site soon.

    • Hi Charles and welcome to my site

      Good of you to pop in and l am glad you enjoyed reading through this post.

      Also well done for joining Wealthy Affiliate and if you focus and work hard, you will also grow success online so go well and enjoy your journey online

  2. Oh thank you so much for teaching about web building. I heard from my friend that we can make money online by having a website, and I’m afraid that it will need coding knowledge. It seems technology has advanced so far that building a website can be done with a click. I will check your recommendation about Wealthy Affiliate. How long usually people start to earn money after building their website?

    • My pleasure. Yes, join for free and see what you think

      It is so great we don’t have to learn all the technical stuff these days 

      As for earning, you can earn while you learn inside the platform. I think I mentioned this so go well and I’ll see you inside

    • I can make money with WA. I love being a premium member while having the ability to create multiple sites, niches, domains, etc. If you are a entrepreneur a site review as this gives you plenty incentive to join. The best part is that it is free. I know whoever joins under your leadership can succeed.

  3. Dear Vicki,

    Working from home and making money online has been my dream since 2008. After a lot of struggles and losses (money, hope, hard work, etc.) I realized the best way to make money online is by having our own website and doing Affiliate marketing.

    However, I am not technically savvy and I am afraid of building a website because it’s rocket science to me. After weeks of research joined Wealthy Affiliate in November 2016 and trust me, I found building a website is a low-level task.

    Not only that by following the WA training my dream came true since December 2017, I am a full-time Affiliate Marketer. WA training is one of the best training I came across online. The good news is that we can try WA for free before paying any money.

    WA changed/Changing many lives. I am sure your post will be a great help for people who are looking to build a website and make money online.


    • Good to know you are enjoying everything WA offers members and thank you for visiting and also for your positive input today

      Go well

  4. Well said Vicki,

    I love WA’s Site Rubix website builder, it’s super efficient and I was amazed that my site loaded faster than most normal sites, super cool! I was excited when I found out there are literally hundreds of themes to choose from, and all of theme for free too, amazing! I know everything’s great there but out of curiosity, what’s your favourite feature? 😀


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