How to Build an Online Business for- Your Future and Success

How to Build an Online Business for- Your Future and Success


Starting an Online Business is very similar to an Offline Business except for the overheads of an online business are a lot less and there are so many other benefits to building an Online Business.

So many people jump into an online opportunity hoping to make money from the get-go and today I am going to explain how to build an Online Business for your Future and Success in what you do.

What type of Business is a good option?

The Internet has over 4 Billion people surfing, searching for items to buy, products to sell, skills to learn and skills they teach and the online world is growing rapidly with more and more offline businesses turning to the Online market to keep up with this trend and become more visible while growing their business and because of this, there are so many amazing opportunities for anyone who wants to get started and create their own business.

Starting your own business without knowledge of what is needed is not a good idea and I suggest you join a platform as I did to learn all the skills and make use of all the tools required as this way, you are going to have 2 really important things in your favour.

Choose to learn from the best

By choosing a great platform, you will learn everything you need to learn and you will also learn how to stay ahead of the majority of the competition online which will help you immensely with your income growth and business presence on the internet.

There are a lot of businesses you can create. You could build a store as in Shopify, or you could learn how to do drop shipping, although I have read many times, these 2 business models require quite a bit of money and time to get going and can be difficult to master.

My No1 recommendation is Affiliate Marketing and in the next section, I will explain why I really love this business model.

Of course, it may not be right for you but if you are a worker with an attitude that making money takes time and loads of effort, then keep reading as you may really like this model as you become more familiar with it

Affiliate Marketing- No1 Recommendation

I joined Wealthy Affiliate some time ago now and ever since the very 1st few hours within this platform, I knew 100% this platform was going to serve all my needs as long as I was prepared to go and do the 2 training programs within the platform and really understand every aspect of how to build an online business for my future and success.

I joined for free and with 2 days made the best decision I have made in Business for a very long time and went premium, paying only $19 for my 1st month- You can do this as well 🙂

I started the training and within a few hours I had bought a domain name for $13.99 for the year and I then chose a theme from the 3000 WordPress themes available and within 40 seconds, my 1st website was created, ready for me to build into a successful Affiliate Marketing Business.

Lets go back a step- Before I chose my theme and domain name, I had to choose a niche and I chose Dog Products for my 1st niche and down the track when I had developed a great site, I sold it on as I wanted to build a different type of Affiliate Marketing business and I needed to dedicate my time to one website and the person who has my website now is still building and growing her future and success in this niche

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

It is quite a simple process although some hard work is involved as with any new business whether it be offline or on the Internet and learning how to build an online business has so many benefits.

No commuting to and from work, work the hours you choose, earn as much or as little as you like, choose when you take your vacation and the big one, over time, have money and freedom to do whatever you like when you like without being answerable to a boss or time schedule however this does require a solid consistent effort and time.

Ok, How does Affiliate Marketing work?

You now have your niche website and you are doing the training learning how to write great content for your site by using excellent keywords through a program called Jaaxy which you get for free when you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you have a solid foundation for your website, you will then apply to different companies who have affiliate programs for example here in this image you will see some of the big ones on the Internet.

There are millions of products/niches you could choose from and there are 1000’s of affiliate programs for every different niche so you will not be short of companies to apply to.

You can also apply to Google Adsense and get paid when people click on the ads Google place randomly on your website- You may have seen some on this site.

Here is an image on a niche to give you an idea of the results

Over 10 million results for Fly rods so if you are into Fishing, you will have loads of companies to approach when you have a good foundation.

Here is another one

Over 80 million for Baby gear and the results for millions of niches will surprise you.

Type into the search bar Affiliate Program for….. and add your niche and see how many results there are 🙂 This is what you build your business around.

What skills do I need?

I love this question and people ask me this a lot.

You will need to enjoy sharing information by adding great content to your website to help people choose the best of what you are offering. for instance, you may write a review on the Best Hang-glider for 2019 and write a review on this product to help people learn which brands withstand wind, rain, what materials it should be built with.

By writing a review, you then recommend the best to your visitors and as an Affiliate for a hang-gliding company, you will have banners and links on your site and within the article you write, you will place an image of the no 1 recommendation for this hang-glider and insert the link.

Now because you have learned how to use the best keywords for each post you write, you will be indexed and ranked in Google Bing and Yahoo and people will visit your website and read through your post and then click on the link you provided which will take them directly to the company website.

If they purchase the hang-glider or maybe another product while they are on that site, You will receive a commission for helping the company you are affiliated with.

You can earn a full-time income doing this if you learn all the skills and use the right tools so my suggestion is this. If you truly want to learn how to build an online business for, your future and success then, go join Wealthy Affiliate for free and see what you think. Go to live chat and ask questions and the members there will help you by answering anything you ask.

Also, complete your account set up and profile pic and members will welcome you and connect with you to wish you all the best and I will also be in there to lend a hand when you need it.

There are over 1900 Experts within the platform who work 24/7 helping people who get stuck and as newbies, people do get stuck sometimes.

There is also a search box at the top of the page within Wealthy Affiliate and if you type in a question, 100’s of resources open up so you can find the answer to your questions.

Invest in Yourself

If you truly do want to become a successful business Owner Online, you need to invest in yourself. Now I am not saying you should spend thousands of dollars, hoping for success. What I am saying, anyone who wants to own, a business has to pay for this as nothing worthwhile is for free. We all know this.

Go work with the Experts, people who have had years of experience and know all the skills to help you and know how to use the tools correctly and will teach you all you need to know and the best part of this is your hosting fee for your websites is included in the monthly fee.

Here is an image of the 2 memberships and as you will see the free membership is for hobbyists or people who are just testing the waters and the premium membership is for people who are serious about becoming a success on the internet so which one are you.

Also, the Special Bonus offer still stands for you to join for free and within your 1st 7 days, if you feel happy Wealthy Affiliate is going to give you everything you need then pay the $19 and let’s get you started by opening all levels of training and so much more

Here is the difference in this image

There is absolutely no risk to you, in fact, you will not be asked for your credit card, debit card or PayPal address when you join. You will only require this when you sign up for premium and open all the doors to your future learning and building

In conclusion

If you would like to read more on Affiliate Marketing please click here

Thank you for reading this post and I hope I have shared enough information to help you learn how to build an online business for your future and success and if you have any questions please ask me in the comments section below, otherwise, let’s go. Let’s get you started on your new and exciting journey in the Online Business World

It’s fun and you get to make money and live life on your terms if you work hard.

I look forward to connecting with you and I hope 2019 and beyond give you all you dream of and work hard to achieve


Bye until next time


Owner of Money and Freedom Online


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4 thoughts on “How to Build an Online Business for- Your Future and Success”

  1. Thanks for this motivational post,  indeed affiliate marketing is truly a good means of been successful and making passive income from the comfort of my home,  also wealthy affiliate has taught me so much, with these effective and strategic training there’s no doubt that the sky would be my limit.

    • Hi Seun and thanks for visiting my site today

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate has everything for anyone who wants to work hard and build success online so keep moving forward and working hard and success and you will become great friends

  2. When I first heard about how anyone can build a profitable business online, I was very skeptical as I don’t think it’s that easy. Speaking from a point of view of someone who has no knowledge at all whatsoever with online marketing, internet technology and so on, how can this task be easy. So of course, finding the right platform that will teach you how to do all these is crucial.

    You know what, I have tried a few already. I signed up for some courses, free and paid, that seem like they really want to help you build your own successful online business that will sustain your future. Needless to say, after throwing in hundreds of dollars, I’m still stuck where I was years ago.

    All these information you said in this post about building a website, doing affiliate marketing and earning money with Ads sound very enticing to me and I would really like to try by signing up with Wealthy Affiliate. You said I can join for free; are the training and courses offered to free members sufficient for me to build a successful business online?

    • Hi Alice- No I did mention in this article and also shared an image of the 2 different memberships 

      Nothing great is free but you can join for free and do the 1st 10 lessons in the OEC training and then decide whether or not to go premium

      Up to you but it really is the best place to learn and build a truly successful business


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