How can I Start Affiliate Marketing – Learn from the Best

How can I Start Affiliate Marketing

 Learn from the Best

As an Affiliate Marketer, it is my pleasure to share some important information regarding, “How can I start Affiliate Marketing” and how to learn from the best.

There are a few places you can join to learn affiliate marketing however most of them have gaps in training and up-sells when you want to go to the next level and this leaves people missing key skills and tools to become successful.

I joined the No. 1 platform on the Internet for Affiliate Marketing training and building and I am excited to write this post to help people like you get started and create and build your own Affiliate Marketing Business as I have.

Wealthy Affiliate

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Wealthy Affiliate is rated #1 on the Internet and in this post I will cover as much as I can to help you make an informed decision on whether you should join this platform.

Why is Wealthy Affiliate no1 on the Internet?

Easy. WA has everything you need to become successful. All you have to do is join, do the training, and build success.

It really is all inside the platform so let’s get into the nut and bolts of how Wealthy Affiliate can help you.

What WA offers

WA(Wealthy Affiliate) offers people the opportunity to learn all the skills necessary to become successful Affiliate Marketers so when people ask, How can I start Affiliate Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate has the answers.

How do I know this?

I have been a premium member of WA since last year and now have 2 successful online businesses and love every day working full time from home. Of course, this takes time to achieve but if you are prepared to work hard and enjoy helping people then keep reading. If this is not you, then Affiliate Marketing is most likely not your ideal type of business.


There are 2 training programs within Wealthy Affiliate and we often refer to them as Wealthy Affiliate University due to the quality of lessons and the skills you learn through completing both programs. By the way, these training programs are included in your membership and there are NO Up-Sells which is wonderful as people hate that kind of wallet-emptying surprise.

I know I do and there are a lot of companies online with hideous up-sells which are not at all necessary or fair.

A decent business has no secrets and definitely no surprise costs once you join. The only extra cost you will incur is when you buy your own domain name and this cost is around $13.99 for a year. All other costs including hosting are part of your monthly fee within WA.

The cool part is you can join for free and set up your account and profile, then go through the 1st 10 lessons for free to see if this type of business is for you.

 How can I start Affiliate MarketingHelp offered

Within the platform, there are over 1900 Experts helping out 24/7 and the members within the community are also there to help you along the way and many of these members are very skilled with marketing, IT, SEO, Video creation for YouTube, and more. Anytime you have a question, there is someone who will help out. The platform is a pay it forward kind of place where we all help out when we can and learn so much by being involved within the community.

24/7 the Technical Team are also available if you make a mistake with your site or something goes wrong. The team is amazing and so quick to help out to get you back working full steam ahead.

How can i start Affiliate Marketing

When I 1st joined WA, I knew very little about how to create a website, what SEO is, What Analytics is, How to use Keywords to get my content indexed and ranked? I certainly had no idea about Affiliate Marketing and today I help people inside the platform and outside Wealthy Affiliate and it feels so great to be knowledgeable in so many different fields now.

Live Chat and Weekly Video Training

Within Wealthy Affiliate, there is the Live chat where we go to ask questions and spend time connecting with other members, and every week Jay who is our main video trainer helps members out by sharing video training on all sorts of amazing tools you can use to become more and more successful online. Jay is thorough and also interacts with members who have questions along the way.


There are 2 memberships and the 1st one as I mentioned is to join for free and if you consider becoming premium within your 1st 7 days, you will receive a bonus offer to pay only $19 for your 1st month which is what I chose as I could see the benefits of being premium within a few hours of joining this place.

Here is what the 2 Memberships offer.

As you can see Premium Membership offers so much and within the platform, there are more resources for you to use.

Getting Started

Once you join, you will set up your account and write a little about yourself in your profile so other members can connect with you.

Then you go to the OEC (Online Entrepreneur Certification) and there you will be taught about choosing a niche, choosing a website name, choosing a theme from WordPress which is built into the platform to use and then once this is done, you will click create a website and in around 40 seconds, you will have your very own website to build onto and the training will teach you everything you need to learn to keep ahead of the competition and become successful in Affiliate Marketing.

how can I start Affiliate Marketing

People often join and ask, “When will I make money?” You need to know that it takes time to build a truly decent online Affiliate Business. Wealthy Affiliate is genuine and honest and is NOT a Get rich quick Scam. It is a business that has been around for over 14 years and has over 1.4 million members all at different stages of growth.

Some give up because they have to work, others stop on the way along and others work hard consistently and have great goals they are working toward and others are very successful and spend a lot of time helping others how to do the steps to become a full-time Affiliate Marketer. Are you going to be next?

In answer to your question

How can I start Affiliate Marketing, my advice is to join Wealthy Affiliate for free and have a good look inside the platform.

If you don’t like it, leave. It really is that easy. There is no risk at all. You will not be asked for any credit cards, debit cards or anything else unless you decide to go premium and then, of course, you will pay your 1st monthly fee.

I love WA and all it stands for. It has changed my life in so many ways and I have learned so much already. Every day I go into the community to help out and see what’s new to perhaps learn and use on my sites. It truly is so giving in the platform and I have also met some really great people who are now my friends which is so special.

If you choose to join, I will be inside to connect with you and also to Mentor you if you need me.

If you would like to learn more about the process please click here

Thanks for stopping to read this post and I hope I have helped you learn more about starting an Affiliate Marketing business and I really hope you join the member inside Wealthy Affiliate to make your own informed decision about whether this is for you or not.

Go well and be awesome


Owner of Money and Freedom Online

How can I start affilite marketing

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