How can I make Money in Affiliate Marketing

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How can I make Money in Affiliate Marketing

Hi and welcome to Money and Freedom Online.

There are some really important attributes and skills needed to become a Successful Affiliate Marketer so please read this article for some insights

Today’s post is written by one of our Online Marketing experts as we know this question is asked 100’s of times a day by people wanting to know if Affiliate Marketing really does work and also whether or not you can make a full-time income from this choice.

A Great platform to learn it all


I am an Ambassador for Wealthy Affiliate and I have 3 Online businesses and am working on my 4th and I love all Wealthy Affiliate offers Premium Members.

This is not to brag but rather let you know I am who I am and my passion and purpose in my life is to help people become successful and I work helping people within the Community at Wealthy Affiliate a lot, although recently it has been less as I need to work harder as I am building a new business and that takes time and dedication with a lot of focus to make it work well.

I remember when I joined and the process that happened and today, I will agree with the rating being the NO.1 Platform to use to become truly successful in Affiliate Marketing.

What makes Wealthy Affiliate the best are a few things that really stand out for me.

The Integrity around how the whole platform runs and the Community of people and expert members all there to help everyone along the way.

There is a well-respected law within the platform and that is. It is a Pay-it-Forward Platform and there are 1.4 million members and no matter who is in the community everyone is positive, kind and so amazingly helpful to every other member. It is incredible and so professional.

Of course, there are some more really important reasons Wealthy Affiliate has it all and if you want to read more on WA click here and here is a video for you to check out as well

How and what do I need to do?

Making money as an Affiliate Marketer does take some skills and also some hard work and this is important to understand before you go any further.

You are going to need to learn the process and skills plus use some excellent tools to become successful online and I hope in the post, you will get a really great overview of what is needed so let’s get into this for you.


The 1st thing you need to do is write a list of all the things that you love or enjoy very much and these might include things like Sports, Motorbikes, Swimming, Surfing, Snow-boarding, Gardening, Cooking, Languages, Health and Fitness, Nutrition, CBD Products, Art, Writing, Photography…

The list is infinite so get writing and when you have run out of ideas, please choose your no.1 pick from the list.

This will be what you build your business about. Make sure this idea/niche you have chosen can be monetized down the track when you have built a solid foundation for your website.

If you want to get started creating and building now, click here and get started for free 


Domain and Website/Training

Ok, you have your niche chosen and now you will need a domain name relating to your niche, for example, if you chose Basketball shoes for junior players, you may want a domain name like Best Basketball Shoes for kids. com or

When you choose a domain name always try to get a .com domain or .net as these 2 are more favourable with the Search Engines. Also, try not to have hyphens if you can as this is not a real good thing to use.

You will need to find a theme that suits your niche and within Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member, you will get around 3000 themes to choose from and also Wealthy Affiliate use WordPress which is also part of the membership.

Jaaxy a keyword program is within WA as well and you will be surprised by all the extra resources, videos, pieces of training, and tutorials you can use at your leisure to learn extra skills on how to use lots of things that make your website even better and all of this plus hosting is really quite amazing especially with the low price we pay.

This information along with everything else offered within WA would cost thousands of dollars and there is no other place online that has and gives what Wealthy Affiliate does.

It really is the best platform you will ever find online. There are no up-sells, no pressure to become premium, although it is the best choice.

You can join for free, do 10 lessons if you like and then go premium or you can remain free however if you are serious about your question: How Can I make money in Affiliate Marketing, I suggest you go premium and really get all the doors opened and available every day. Anyone who is serious should do this as it really is the best way to become successful online as an affiliate marketer.

I am 60 and its the best life choice I have made and anyone can do this. All you have to do is start, learn, create and build

How can I make money in affiliate marketing

Within Wealthy Affiliate while you are learning, you can also start earning which is exciting as it can help pay your membership which means you no longer pay and this has to be good, although I expect to pay as with any business it cost money and I have never seen a business that costs this little with all the is offered- a true pay it forward philosophy from our founder Kyle and Carson

In conclusion

How can I make money in Affiliate Marketing? answer: pick a niche, build a solid foundation for your website by learning how this is done.

Stay focused, determined to build success and have a really great reason WHY you want to do this and please have something more defining that- To earn more money as this will not keep you motivated nearly as much as if you have a real reason to build success.

Your Boss, Your family life, a new home, a new country, travel..what’s your reason? What is your WHY?

Let this be your motivator and don’t stop working towards these goals and always believe in your abilities no matter if it gets tough or a challenge- Just keep going and you WILL be a success as an Affiliate Marketer.

 I know you can do this because I knew nothing when I started and now I am an expert in my field of knowledge and you can be too and hey, beats the price of University to learn all you can learn in Wealthy Affiliate so come and join me within this platform and lets get you moving towards those Goals.

I hope to see you soon and if you have questions, please ask within the comments below and I’ll get right back to you


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