HB Naturals – Is this Company worth joining?

Today is all about HB Naturals and is this company worth joining?

I am going to cover most aspects of HB Naturals to give you some information to help you with your joining decision and I promise all of what I write is genuine as I am here to help you and HB Naturals is such a great company so I want to do this properly for them as much as you.

I have been involved with a few MLM companies over the years and some of them are good companies, there is no doubt, but there always seems to be the pattern of the top people claiming most of the money, while everyone works extremely hard to make a small amount unless they have 1000’s in their teams. It’s time to do things differently so let’s see what HB Naturals is all about.

HB Naturals

As I mentioned above I have been involved with a few MLM/ Network Marketing Companies over the years and for the 1st time I have found a company that I am so proud to be associated with and I have a feeling this company is going to a billion-dollar company in the years to come.

HB Naturals have incredible products, all-natural and with the knowledge of some seriously clever people such as Alexandria  Brighton and her original healing trilogy plus their amazing Management team, this company is one of the best, if not the best Network Marketing Company I have the pleasure to share with you today.


I am diabetic and have tried many products to try and get my sugar levels regulated and I am on 2 medications which I hate taking. They have a weight loss pack and I know these products are going to help me get off my medication- Yay!!!

Pain and inflammation can slow you down and the pain product is wonderful- Gardening for over 40 years have taken its tolls on my knees and back and having this to rub on my muscles and my legs have helped immensely.

If you know anyone, or you, yourself need to live healthier and want to create a business while helping lots of people I hope you will consider joining HB Naturals for free so you can get started on your new journey.

Disclaimer– Yes, I am an affiliate for HB Naturals and proud to represent this wonderful company but I do not promise you a certain amount of income or any miraculous healing as this would be unethical but I can tell you everything I shared here in this post is the truth so go get started and enjoy.


This can be a real pain for people especially if you have a tough month and need to spend money on priority things and the great news is this.

There is no auto-ship requirement- sure if you want to buy each month set up an auto-ship to ensure you keep taking your products every month, however, this is NOT a requirement when you join.

The other great thing is it doesn’t cost you to join- Have you ever come across this before?

This company really does want to help people without it costing you loads of money and I personally found this to be a great reason to get aboard and try some products.

You only buy what you need so there will be no inventory backing up in your house. Get what you need and live healthier. Simple.


If you refer people to HB Naturals and they buy and try products, you will receive a passive income for this and if you decide this business is something you really want to develop, you can make some serious money with the compensation plan so join for free and check it all out. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by becoming a member of this great company.

You get free websites to show people on social media so there is no need to build your own site. Another huge saving and there are currently around 80-90 different products available to anyone all over the world.

Yes, there is not one country they don’t ship to so if you consider how many people there are in the world, over 7 billion, I can honestly tell you, there is a huge marketplace waiting for great associates to do extremely well with these amazing products.

How would your life change if you earned an extra $500 per week and speaking of paying, they payout daily so no need to wait for a month to get paid for the work you have put in.

You are recognized immediately- What are you thinking right now?

I hope you are excited as you should be- HB Naturals has loads to offer, a training page on FB which I will invite you to join when you join my team. Speaking of the team.

We are all involved as we want to help people earn more money, live healthier lives, and have fun along the way and Hb Naturals has made our job so easy as in your back office you will find everything you need to get started and move forward should you choose to do this as a business.

There is no pressure of course. Buying products and using them is something to think about if you want some excellent quality products to help you live healthier and the only reason I have mentioned you can make money from this is because I was sick of living from week to week not being able to do more with life so I figured I would mention this to you to help you as well.

If you are interested in the business side of things, please watch the YouTube video now.


I have watched reviews read reviews, and personally experienced this company and I rate it a 10/10 for the products, the opportunity, the fees to ship out a product, and the people who have built this company

I hope you join for free as I did and learn what HB Naturals can do for you and the people you love, not to mention just sharing it everywhere you can online to help as many people as possible live healthier lives.

I remember something the late great Jim Rohn once said

” If you help enough people get what they want, you will also get what you want”

Before I go

Before I finish up today check out Alexandria Brighton by clicking here as she is outstanding with her knowledge of natural healing.

I review a lot of different programs, companies in Direct Selling, MLM, online products, etc and really enjoy helping people all over the globe and I hope as you have completed reading this, you can see this company has a load of great products and no pressure selling or recruiting which I love about this company.

I give HB Naturals a 10/10 and hope to see you on my team soon.

If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments section below as I am here to help.

Until next time live well and be happy

Vicki, signing out for now

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21 thoughts on “HB Naturals – Is this Company worth joining?”

  1. Hello Vicki, HB naturals would be the reason that I will get back to MLM business. Wow! Such amazing platform. I just couldn’t stop myself from being left in shock while leading that I do not need to make any extra purchase or pay to join since everything is totally free and the only money required is the payment for the product only. Wow! That’s the best I have heard and the compensation is great too. I will check them out, surely.

  2. These seem like rather good products. It’s important to use natural, safe substances if they can replace medications with severe side effects. The testimonials and informational video were helpful. After a recent trip to my doctor I am doing research on some products to help enhance my health so I think I might check these out!

  3. I know most most nowadays believe in natural products as opposed to chemical products. With that said, it is no wonder that people want to sell such products in order to tap the hungry market. 

    I am glad that the HB Natural program is free to join. This is a guarantee that they are not only after my payments but want  to see me make a living while living a healthy life.The fact that they ship to all countries is such a great advantage.

    I love the quote, ‘If you help enough people get what they want, you will also get what you want’.

    Thank you for your recommendations. This is an insightful article.

    • Glad you visited, Carol and thanks for the positive reinforcement about my post

      I hope to help loads of people with Hb Natural along the way

  4. Hi Vicki, thanks for the precise and informative post on HB Naturals. You have verified some essential question regarding the auto-ship being optional and free enrolment. This company certainly looks like an excellent MLM to investigate. Not only are the personal development and income to be earnt, plus HB Natural has a great variety of natural products. I wish you well and thanks again for a fresh and easy to view site. Helen

  5. Hi, your review about HB Natural give me rest of mind, I love doing business online with MLM but to find the right one like HB Natural takes meeting people who have paid for it with their time.like you, I am happy for the information that I will be given a free website and this won’t cost me another money to set up my website for my business, having you as my mentor in the business I will register using your link and will always consult you for mentoring in the business.

    • I look forward to mentoring you and congratulations on joining such a great company

      It will not cost you anything unless you decide to buy some of their amazing products and by sharing your websites you get for free, you will make very good money helping people along the way

  6. Hello Vicki,

    Heart and Body Naturals is a very lenient type of MLM because it doesn’t require autoship. Most MLM companies skyrocket with sales because down line members are forced to order their products and sell everything but earn little. Most of the times, members would give up because they don’t have the ability and resources to distribute purchased products to potential customers. In the end, they loose by paying everything they ordered. This is H and B is different because you have option to whether or not concentrate on selling. Being a member itself can give you the benefit of buying and enjoying the product with no pressure. The best part is getting your hands on high quality natural products that can aid you with healthy lifestyle. Another thing that I appreciate is its availability to all parts of the world! Thanks for giving us business information about this amazing company.

    • You are so welcome and thanks for this excellent comment with such positivity

      I hope you consider joining my team as I need really good people who care about others and you are so lovely and it would be good to work with you I’m sure

  7. Dear Vicki,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and insightful article on HB Naturals.

    Few weeks before one of my friend contacted me and explained about HB Naturals and I joined the company immediately because of my friend’s recommendation. Yet to make any purchase (Not Activated my account). Some of my friends also joined this company and I am amazed to see their results.

    I was working on different things and I am not sure whether I need to take this business opportunity seriously. I had some bad experiences with a few MLM’s so I didn’t pay much interest. Your article certainly made me think more on the subject.

    I am really happy to hear there is no auto-ship with this company. I hate auto-ship, before finishing the complete package the next package arrives lol. I am going to take this business seriously and thanks a lot for the helpful insights.

    Much Success!


  8. Your post here might have changed my mindset of mlm company’s. I see a lot reviews about them and I just hate them. It is totally unbelievable that a company that does the networking business can actually go free. I have tried some of their health product and they are truly outstanding. I guess HB naturals is the first mlm scheme I’d love, great one.

    • Yes, Henderson, it is a great business model with superb products so go join for free and see what it’s all about and I will be in there as your Mentor as well to help you out with questions you might have as you move forward

  9. Thanks for the great review of the HB Naturals company and platform, I was asking myself if this was worth joining and putting effort into promoting to earn some extra income. It seems that you are very optimistic about it and are also a member, are using their products, and promoting them based on that experience.

    That is something I like to see, as often people promote something without actually having tried it or at least done the research to be able to write objectively about what they are reviewing. They often seem to be just trying to earn some quick cash. You are not doing that at all, and I appreciate your effort to clarify what HB Naturals is all about…

    The video on getting started was helpful as well as it described some of the details that I did not find in the text portion of the review. Most people prefer to watch a video these days, as opposed to reading a lot of content. I would like to have seen some kind of wrap up on the program perhaps in a chart or infographic, but that is just me…  

    • Hi Dave

      Yes having health issues is the reason why I am passionate about HB and although I didn’t add an infographic I feel I gave enough information for people to make good choices and thanks for coming to read my post and for the positive comment

      Go well

  10. I have not been familiar with HB Natural before, but the picture you paint looks very nice.  However, I am familiar with MLM companies and how most of them work. People would be fiercely dependent on their products, quality and pricing and how they compare to the competition. Another basic issue is the website and how to attract customers to it, which can be fairly tricky with so much competition. The most successful people in MLM tend to have an existing enormous private network already. If you have not, this could be the problem. I could not find how HB Natural is doing this or where they exactly stand with this. The video is only showing how to sing-up. Anyway, I wish you good luck with this enterprise.

    • Hello Jerry- I have 3 websites from HB as well as 2 of my own

      Social Media, writing guest blogs, inviting people on FB that you know, sharing on all SM sites plus doing YouTube videos would really get the ball rolling.

      I guess if we want to help people, we will find a way- Our mind is the only thing that gets in our way


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