Global Affiliate Zone Scam Alert

Global Affiliate Zone Scam

If you are thinking about joining GAZ (Global Affiliate Zone), you might want to read through this before you jump in.

I always do my best to give a thorough review based on my research, and having researched GAZ and also talked to people who were involved with GAZ, some of what I share might shock you.

I titled this blog Global Affiliate Zone Scam Alert and when you read this blog it will help you decide whether its a good option or not

So let’s get into this in more detail.

Who is Global Affiliate Zone?

Founded in 2015

Owners– Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang, who also coached with AWOL

Products: Walter Filtration systems – Enagic owns these

Cost to join: $99 with huge up-sells

Rating 2/10

Recommendation – NO


What do you do when you join

I don’t recommend you join but if people do join for $99 they are then asked to borrow $10,000 to invest in water filtration products(Enagic) and then get people to buy these systems and also recruit people to join and do the same.

This is not Affiliate Marketing so why they call themselves Global Affiliate Zone is beyond me.

I am an Affiliate Marketer and when you join Affiliate Programs everyone of them is free to join which is an honest way to do business.

Another thing I found out is the Enagic is the Walter Filtration company and Global Affiliate Zone has created a website and business trying to recruit people for a cost. A big red flag for me

Global Affiliate Zone Scam Alert

You pay $99 to join and this is what is offered within GAZ.

Global Affiliate Scam alert

$99 for this and an ongoing fee sounds a bit off to me, considering I belong to a platform where all this is included plus much more for 1/2 the price and with No- up-sells

Learn from real experts and don’t get caught up in the hype that GAZ offers.

Here is another screenshot

Global Affiliate Scam Alert

You pay $99 and then you need to book your 1 on 1 coaching call. you can’t go any further until this is done. Then all you go to the next stage and the next until you get to number 5 and this when you start recruiting people and also get to spend $5000 – $10k on products to sell.

Then you learn the FB Mastery Course which can be learned off YouTube or other places online including where I belong.

I’m not saying GAZ is an all-out Scam but what I don’t like is all the hype marketing which is definitely not worth all the money you need to do this business.

When my friend was thinking of joining she was contacted by the team who all lived in Bali at the time and was told she needed to invest $10k if she wanted to make any money. RED FLAG again here.

It’s just a ploy to get people to spend money so the top guys in GAZ make money. Not really good business ethics suggesting people borrow $ 10, 000 to make money.

There is definitely a much better way to make money online and this is certainly not one I recommend.

GAZ wants people to pay $99 per month for what they consider valuable insightful coaching and online business building.

Global Affiliate Zone Scam alert

GAZ is saying this is what they offer you for $99 per month and then on top of this you pay from $5k up to $10k and really get your business pumping. I don’t think so somehow.

An as for an exclusive community- these people are only exclusive because they are part of GAZ learning like all the rest and in order to learn Internet Marketing, you need Experts who are hands-on helping out 24/7.

Why not learn from real Experts in Internet Marketing and get everything you will ever need to become successful online.

With over 4 billion people surfing the Internet Affiliate Marketing is a great way to build a full-time income if you are prepared to work, learn and grow your online presence and fortunately where I belong gives all its members this opportunity.

All you need to do is get started and start learning and I promise you there will be NO Upsells.

The truth is with Global Affiliate Zone, you will be spending around $1188.00 per year and will receive no products unless you spend thousands of dollars.

Summary of What GAZ will give you:

  • Step-By-Step Internet Marketing Training Videos
  • Weekly Live Webinars
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Call With a GAZ “Coach”
  • Access To The Facebook Group For GAZ Members
  • Landing Page Builder (Check out my #1 recommended landing page builder here)
  • Ready-Made Promotional Copies For You To Use Right Away

This, in my opinion, is not worth $99 per month

I have just found something interesting online and it’s this.

Here is a website and when I delved more into this site and applied to join, it took me to Global Affiliate Zone and the other thing I found amusing was this, they said I would have to qualify before I get accepted. What a joke – Just another lame marketing tactic.

During the enrollment process, you are asked to share your FB details with them so they know you are real.

I didn’t do this as I want to remain safe online and didn’t trust them when these details were asked for. maybe I should have but when it connects back to GAZ, I knew exactly what this website was meant for. Just another landing page hoping to pull people into GAZ.

Commission from GAZ

When you sell GAZ to people for $99 you will receive 30% which is around $29.70, so 10 is needed to make $290.70.

You are going to have to be really good at recruiting to make decent money. you probably figured this out already.

It also sounds like it could be a pyramid scheme and the FTC closes these places down very quickly as they did with MOBE and how many people got taken for a ride with MOBE.

What if Global Affiliate Zone was closed down overnight, then what will you do?

Why not start building your future online the honest way, with hard work, no recruiting, and with Expert help from the get-go.

This is what did and I invite you to join me in the No.1 platform on the internet helping over 1.4 million people learn Affiliate Marketing and How to achieve the best results online without all the hype and you can check it out for free to see if you might enjoy it.


Global Affiliate Zone Scam Alert was titled to get your attention and read through this blog to make an informed decision on this place and before I go, I want to thank you for stopping by to read this post and I hope it has helped you with your online decision making and if you decide to take a look inside my no.1 recommendation I will be inside to lend a hand and connect with you to help you along the way.

Always go with your gut when it comes to choosing a place to do business and by learning more about the platform I belong to please click here 

Until next time, go well, and please ask any questions you may have or leave a comment with your opinion on GAZ

Thank you- it helps keep things real


Owner of Money and Freedom Online

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8 thoughts on “Global Affiliate Zone Scam Alert”

  1. I like the work you’ve done here.

    Global affiliate zone sounds like they offer helpful course. I would have love to see what people think or gave experienced with GAZ. I personally think it is a bit expensive and that they don’t have enough experience yet. And the products offered are not enough for one to succeed with his online business, for example I didn’t see if they offer hosting services.

    That is why I like your number one recommendation, they have more than 10 years of experience and they offer everything you need for your online business, from hosting to affiliate product to help you monetize your website.


    • I like the way you think however I feel having to borrow 10k to make money is not ok

      Wealthy Affiliate has been going for over 14 years now and its the best as you say

      Go well and be successful online 

  2. The amount of scam products on the market grows with the number of people wanting an instant return on any Investment?

    Bringing these out in the open helps people make a better decision and hopefully avoid losing their money>
    Anyone going online should really check the bonafides before paying out any money and it is blogs like this that support you all
    Peter H

    • Hi Peter

      Yes, there are so many Scams online now days and even though I don’t think GAZ is a scam, it is definitely not a good place to join especially with the expected costs related to it

  3. Hi, Vicki! Wow, GAZ really seems like a scam, and it certainly is giving affiliate marketing a bad name, given that it has nothing to do with the field. 

    I can also vouch for the Wealthy Affiliate option that is your No. 1 recommendation – it is legit, doesn’t ask you for any money besides the membership fee, hosts your website, has tons of training; it’s an all-around fantastic choice. Hopefully GAZ gets shut down soon (although, honestly, does anybody actually end up giving them the $10,000?).

    Thanks for the article! Glad to know I should stay away from GAZ.

    • Hi Brady and thanks for stopping by to read this review and Yes, GAZ is not a recommendation, that is for sure

      Wealthy Affiliate gives people everything and I glad you are part of this amazing platform

      I hope to connect with you inside one day

      Go well and thanks again

  4. Thank you I’m always on the lookout for scams. Borrowing $10,000? Yikes. I’m not a fan of upsells so I appreciate you mentioning them straight away. That Global Affiliate Zone is not affiliate marketing is concerning. Thanks for the link to Elementor. I’ve heard of this landing page platform once or twice but a reminder is always helpful. Another great platform and community is Wealthy Affiliate, and I encourage all reading here to check out the links! Great post.

    • Yes, elementor is a great page builder and Yes, I would not recommend GAZ to anyone

      Also, Wealthy Affiliate is most certainly the best platform to learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer and I hope you are doing great there


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