Generate Press Review 2019 -Is it Worth the Money

Generate Press Review 2019 -Is it Worth the Money

Welcome to Grow a Biz Online and I hope 2019 is treating you well and that your business growth is going amazingly.

Todays’ post is about Generate Press and is it worth the money?

GeneratePress Theme is becoming my friend and this post will tell you why I enjoy it so much and I hope it will give you some inspiration when choosing a theme for your next website or maybe even your website you are using now.

Why do I like GeneratePress as Theme?

I belong to Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member and have 3 businesses online now and I am currently building number 4 which I love.

I was using Astra theme on all my sites and decided that although Astra is a clean, fresh theme, I need something with a bit more professionalism to it and using elementor as a page builder, I found GenreratePress compatible so went with it and I love it.

What really amazed me was the price I paid for the Premium Theme

I want to personally thank Tom Usborne a Young Entrepreneur from Canada who has built this theme. Tom has been building websites from the age of 11 years old and has been working with WordPress for over 10 years and he really knows his stuff.

I am so pleased I was told about Generate Press by a friend of mine as it really does make for a standout website.

I’m going to make a confession to you now.  I thought I had a really great website and then my friend introduced me to GeneratePress and Elemnetor as the Page Builder and I went into a spin thinking I would find learning how to use these 2 amazing products and, you know, it is fun to learn how to make your website really stand out and thanks to some coaching from Laura, I have managed to get my head around how to do most things.

At the moment my Elementor plugin page builder is the free version and soon I am also going to buy the pro version of this as well as it has more tools I can get to know and use and I am excited about all the great new changes to my sites.

So What makes Generate Press so Great.

Firstly the look of the website- It is professional and clean. You can change the colours of everything within the theme and the typography along with fonts and sizes of course.

My site is fast loading which is a real benefit as far as Google Bing and Yahoo go and also when visitors like you arrive, as the one thing people hate is a slow site so this is a real plus.

Since I have been using GeneratePlus with Elementor as a Page Builder, I have a more professional feeling towards my sites and the way they look and even though they look ok, I am still working daily on them to make them look really smart so please understand while you are reading this, my sites are still not exactly how I want them to look but every day they get better.

Having a great platform to use these tools

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate we use WordPress for our content writing which is just perfect for what we are doing and with WordPress, there are over 3000 themes to choose from and from these, I chose Generate Press and I am so pleased I did.

For $49US Dollars you can get it all with Generate Press and be rocking your website online in a professional way with a really stunning look and when you renew your yearly membership with Tom @GereratePress, you get 40% off the price you paid 12 months earlier.

This doesn’t seem right when you see the value of this product however Tom, the owner wants people to be successful and to him, it is more important than the money he makes. He probably makes way more than enough due to his outstanding product and his incredibly giving attitude towards his clients.

If you want to get started for free, learning how to make money online as I do then, Click Here


Pretty cool how many things you can get to learn how to use and make your business shine across the world

Before I finish today

I hope you will take a look at Generate Press having read my GeneratePress Review 2019 and is it worth the money.

My answer is 100% Yes, it is worth the small investment to gain so many amazing tools to use when you have the Premium version of this theme.

GeneratePress is fast becoming my friend, although I still have a ways to go to get to know this awesome product intimately and then I will be rocking my website online 🙂

I can’t wait as it only gets better and better every time I log in to my site.

If you are business, I hope your 2019 is off to a winning start and for those of you looking to become a part of an amazing community of people all striving, learning and growing their online business, please join me inside Wealthy Affiliate for free and see what this learning platform has to offer you for your online future.

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