Focusing Your Strengths – Create Financial Freedom

Every human being is born with strengths and talents that can be used to become whatever you choose as long as you are prepared to learn the skills needed and work consistently to achieve results to enhance your gift/talent/strengths.

Focusing your strengths to create financial freedom is what a lot of people are choosing as the Internet becomes more and more popular when buying, selling or learning is involved.

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I started online about 18 months ago now and I went through 2 training programs inside the NO.1 Platform online to teach people how to make money online and I can recommend this platform to anyone who also wants to learn how to become financially independent by working this way.

Where do I begin my journey online?

I looked around for a long time until one night I came across a review of Wealthy Affiliate by a guy called, Kevin and this review is what convinced me to try Wealthy Affiliate.

I joined for free to see what it is all about and within a few hours I knew I wanted to get started and get serious about learning as much as possible within this platform.

I became a premium member for $19 and got started on the training program called the OEC, which is the Online Entrepreneur Certification and consists of 50 lessons to take you from the beginning right through to a money-making stage and I can tell anyone who is willing to listen, this program was the best study I have ever done in my life.

I have studied music which I loved. I became a qualified financial advisor back in 1994 and that was interesting but to learn the skills and use the tools available to premium members inside Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life.

From someone who had some money and was doing ok to now, being able to work from home, writing about really interesting stuff to help people like you decide to become financially independent working online has to be the best decision I have made in my 61 years, well apart from being a singer for over 30 years.

Singing was awesome but back in 2006 I had life-saving brain surgery and singing took the back seat and I truly never thought I would ever find something that makes me smile every day again until I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

This is simply the best!!!

How do I get started?

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I suggest you do what I did and join WA for free to take a look inside this platform to see if you find a fit for yourself and your future.

If you are working full-time, you can do this part-time as there are no time limits set for you to achieve so you can do this at your own pace when you have time.

For people who want to do this full-time as I do, join for free, check out everything you can inside the platform, and then if you are really serious about building a great online future, I suggest you go premium and open all the doors for you to grow and develop a business online.

You must believe in YOU

To move forward in life, you must believe in yourself. Everyone can do whatever they desire in life. All it takes is some learning and work and learning and work and if you can do this consistently without stopping if things get tricky, You will make it and become successful.

So many people think money will fall into their bank accounts without much effort and for those who think this- good luck with your future.

Those who understand that any pursuit that is going to be worth money needs effort and work and often learning associated with that pursuit, will do very well.

I knew very little about the Online world when I started and after going through the Online Entrepreneur Certification and then the 2nd training program. Bootcamp, I soon realized I was on my way to where the money is earned and I got excited and more motivated as time went on and today I absolutely love every day, waking up checking emails to see if there’s been any action and to then login to Wealthy Affiliate and check out my stats, etc in there before I get to work building and growing my 3 businesses online.

2020 and Beyond

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Where is your life now?

What would you like to change?

Do you want to learn how to make more money?

How would leaving a full-time job feel?

Do you believe you can do anything?

Are you hard working and patient?

Are you prepared to learn the skills needed to become successful online?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I asked myself many questions before I really got stuck into my learning and growing online and the biggest one for me was this.

Have I got enough money for my retirement? My answer was a definite NO, and this worried me because I love life but without money, it can be a struggle and now thanks to Wealthy Affiliate I am able to tell you, my life feels completely different and when I turn 65 in 3 years time I know I am going to have a continual income coming in so I can go on enjoying life doing what I love and sharing with people I love as well and this feels so wonderful.

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Learn, work, save, enjoy

All you need to do is check out the NO.1 place on the Internet and if you feel it has what you need, then I welcome you aboard on this new and exciting adventure to help you grow your financial freedom online doing what you enjoy.

Writing about your favorite things, helping people with their buying decisions, starting your own affiliate business, starting your own online store….. The list keeps growing.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate before you join, please click here to read more information so you can make an even more informed choice on what is best for you.


If you would like to join me and over 2million other members inside WA, well done, a great decision and I look forward to being your mentor to help you along the way.

If you are still not sure, please click here to read more about how affiliate marketing works and how you can become truly successful online in 2020 and beyond.

Whatever you choose to do this year to give you a better life, please consider what you have read in this post as it really does work, if you apply yourself and learn what is needed which is not difficult to understand.

Hey, I did it and so can anyone with the energy to invest in themselves to make life more fun with a larger income to do what you want to do with life.

See you inside Wealthy Affiliate and let’s get you underway on your new and exciting journey being taught by experts and being encouraged and looked after by myself and the awesome community of members who are helping people out 24/7 all around the world.

Success is yours so take the 1st step and remember this:

Courage by Vincent Van Gogh

See you again soon I hope and please do me a favor and share this post on your Social media and also leave a comment as I love to know I am on track and if you have questions, please ask as well as I will reply to you within 24 hours.

Thank you- Go well


Vicki Crawford

Owner of

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8 thoughts on “Focusing Your Strengths – Create Financial Freedom”

  1. Thank you Vicki for this motivating article!
    To be honest, I’m still far from being able to have financial freedom. Because I’m still trapped in work 9 to 5. Where, you know, that the income I receive is just enough to eat everyday, pay installments, pay rent, and shop in small amounts. However, because of your article I have the enthusiasm to believe in myself.
    And, I also want to be like you who have an extraordinary fighting spirit! Thats why I will try to join your Wealthy Affiliate community, so that I can learn new things for 2020 and achieve financial freedom like you.

    • Hi Kylie

      Just keep working at building your business every chance you get Kylie and one day, you will goodbye boss and life will be so different for you. Just work every chance you get and your business will fruit for you

      2020 is going to be amazing!!!! Be awesome!!!! and thanks Kylie

  2. My story is similar to yours Vicky, I came across WA being very skeptical but 3 years later and I am still a member and building out my businesses.

    In all honesty, I’m not sure where I would be without it I knew from an early age that I wanted to be an entrepreneur of some sort but in the end though I would be following the same path as everyone else.

    I recommend anyone to join WA and I am glad you haven’t looked back. If anyone can succeed online and with the internet how it is these days why can’t you? And with WA you can use any of your strengths and put them to work in your favor.

    Fantastic post Vicky,


    • Hey Josh- Great to connect with another happy member and thanks for the positive input and I am glad you love WA too. It’s the best alright so lets make 2020 and beyond worth celebrating

  3. Hi Vicki,

    Thanks a lot for the thought-provoking and inspiring article.

    In my opinion, the greatest blessing of our time is… Anyone can turn our passion into profits and attain financial freedom. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    The reason many people fail online is because they expect quick and fast result. The truth is it will take time, effort, work, patience and continuous learning to make money online. Before going through the earning we need to go through the learning.

    Once I read… Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Focus on your character, not your reputation. Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes. – Roy T. Bennett

    The best investment we can make is in ourselves. Building our own online business is an awesome way towards attaining financial and time freedom. Among the increased number of online scams you are guiding people in the right path. The program you are recommending (Wealthy Affiliate) is the same program that helped me to become a full-time blogger working from home.

    • Hi Paul and what a wonderful response, thank you. Yes, all of what you say is so true and if people only realised nothing comes for nothing. We have to work to earn and learn the skills to earn well so financial freedom is ours.

      I am so glad all is going great with you, Paul and I wish you continued success in all you do 

      Happy 2020

  4. Hey Vicky, I enjoyed while reading your story to success. It gives me confidence and motivation to become successful in this online world. I know every one have strengths & passion. I recently started my online business from home and it only possible with my passion and strength. Via your blog post I understand strength is the key to success online.


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