Explode my Payday – Don’t Waste Your Money

Explode my Payday – Don’t Waste Your Money

Review of Explode my Payday Reveals What You Need to Know

Who Are Explode my Payday?

Nice imagery to tempt people

This is a really tricky question to answer, as when I went to the site for Explode my payday it tells me to join via email to get more information which I did and I was then taken to another page to listen to a video.

The video was really interesting but not in a good way.

A woman was talking on a slide presentation about how I have been chosen specifically as she only wants one person from my particular town- I couldn’t stop laughing. Whoever wrote the script for this video didn’t do a very good job that’s for sure.

I got the link off Clickbank to go see if this was a program I could help promote and the next minute I am being told I am special and have been selected for this exclusive offer to help someone build their business by paying to join and pay the exclusive offer to start making over $1,000 within 24 hours and $2000 within 48 hours by doing nothing except paying the fee and get rich.

I listened to the entire video and I am amazed that these videos are still online to hook people into spending their money hoping to get rich by doing nothing.

How many times in your life has something incredible happened when you did nothing? I’d love to know your experience so please write in the comments below.

The Cost to join

For a “Limited time only” you only need to pay $47 reduced of course and then in the video the woman says she will soon be charging $5000 for membership to this money-making program. Can you believe this? Is this not the worst clickbait message on a video ever.

I thought crap like this was being found out and stopped but it seems it just keeps being recreated over and over again.

I’m not 100% sure but even the people saying they are successful looks like actors and actresses and I am sure I have seen them on other sites similar to this so-called money-making site.


There are so many people building scam sites to take peoples money and I have a feeling this one is another one

Would I recommend this to you? NO

0/10 recommendation – Why? Because from the 1st few seconds I was listening to the video I had a gut feeling about the legitimacy of this place. I can’t say 100% that it is a scam because I didn’t pay the money to see but I do advise you not to join this program as it has so many Red Flags.

One of the Biggest Red Flags I noticed is this. If you arrive on a site, you want to know about the business, You want to see how it works and what it all about and how it works etc and this site doesn’t share any information on what its all about or anything about the company, how long its been running, who the owners are or anything else.

How does this make people feel safe investing money into something like this?

In a way, it’s kind of cool seeing sites like this online because people like myself and many others can help people save their money by not investing in these types of companies.

For a no-Risk Investment

If you would like to know more about how to make a truly successful online business then please check out my no1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

You can join for free to see what you think and if you feel this platform has what you need and you are serious about working hard to make money and are willing to learn from Experts, then become a premium member and grow your online presence into Success over time, with a dedication to working and growing your future.

Explode my Payday needs you

In the video, the woman says she needs you to help her grow her business and you will also grow. Great but HOW?

We all need people to help us grow our business. This is where over 4 billion People surfing the Internet help us.

I am an Affiliate Marketer and I love this type of business because all I do is write about products and do reviews and sometimes add links to products I recommend and if people go check out my recommendation and buy the product, I receive a commission, for example- I write a product review about Tennis Shoes for women and I link the best product on my site.

When people click on the link they go direct to the company’s site, buy some shoes and I get paid- How cool is that?

And there are millions of products and services, hobbies and sports, adventures, travel, and more that you can write about to help people make great choices and if you want to know more I invite you to join me inside the No. 1 Affiliate Marketing Platform on the Internet to learn the skills and use all the tools we are offered and also receive 1 on 1 mentoring from me and help from over 1900 Experts within the platform.

If you are going to invest in yourself, please do something that has NO RISK at all and see what you think.

Thanks for stopping by and I would appreciate some feedback so please leave a comment below

Go well and Be awesome in 2019 and beyond


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2 thoughts on “Explode my Payday – Don’t Waste Your Money”

  1. Well, once I sprained my ankle and then I did nothing for a month and it healed.
    No, scratch that. Actually, I had to do a few exercises to start walking normally again. But no, other than that, I always had to do something first before something good happened.

    I have to say; it seems a funny video to watch. From $47 to $5000. That escalated quickly! 😛
    Thank you so much for the warning and the recommendation. I’m searching for ways to make money online, so I’ll check it out.
    Have a good day!

    • Yes, Jenny, I too found this extremely weird and very dishonest by the company
      A bait to get people to join and so inappropriate
      Good on you for looking at my recommendation and I look forward to connecting with you
      Go well


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