Essential Tools in Affiliate Marketing

Today I would like to share with you 10 Essential Tools in Affiliate Marketing which I use in my Affiliate Marketing business.

These tools are not just used by me but also 1000’s of successful Affiliate Marketers

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing and want to create and build your own Affiliate Marketing business, I have a Recommended Starter package here for you and it’s FREE to get started.

15 Esssential tools in Affiliate Marketing

It is vital to have the right tools so you can achieve success more efficiently and I hope this list of Tools I use will help you and enhance the way you do business.

Some of the links in this page are affiliate links, which means I will earn a commission if you decide to purchase anything through my link. The commission I earn, at no extra cost to you, helps me run my website.

Essential tools: Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

There are 4 Main things you need to get started with your Affiliate Business

  1. A Website to connect with Sellers and Buyers
  2. Training and Support to keep you moving forward
  3. A Keyword Research Tools for SEO, Indexing and Ranking
  4. Affiliate Programs to affiliate with and make money

When you are starting out building a business online, you will want to keep to a budget, unless of course you don’t need to but for most new Affiliate Marketers, you will want to use as many free tools as possible that do a great job so today I hope to share some really useful tools I use and recommend to you as well.


Site Rubix offers you 2 free websites with Free Website training, free siterubix domain names and support

There are other hosting platforms you could choose but my recommendation for you is Siterubix and this is for 2 main reasons.

  1. They offer tools to help you optimize your website
  2. Support 24/7 to solve any technical errors

There are 3 main tools they use and these are: SiteSpeedSite SSL and Site Protection.

Their purpose are to speed up your sitesecure your site and protect your site against spam.


When you are new to Affiliate Marketing, you will need to learn some skills and learn how to use the tools to become successful and there are a 4 main things you can really benefit from by belonging to Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Step By Step Training 
  2. Essential Tools- Site Rubix(Created by Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate Owners, Keyword Research tool
  3. Technical Support 24/7 
  4. Community- Help from over 1900 Experts plus all the amazing members who help out every day.

Wealthy Affiliate is my NO.1 recommendation and to get started for FREE please click the button below


When it comes to Keyword Research Programs, Jaaxy has it all and if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, it is included in your premium membership.

Creating and writing blogs is no good if you have not done Keyword research and Jaaxy is an essential business tool.


When you are an Affiliate Marketer, you will be writing blogs about all kinds of things, sharing information, product reviews and more and having your work checked for errors is essential and Grammarly is a must. 

You can use the free version and you can pay for extras if you feel you need them


You will use Google analytics a lot and this is set up within your website through the Google Console and you learn how to do this in the training as a very important part of your learning and building


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is vital to the growth of your business and I use the All in One SEO inn my WordPress Site within Wealthy Affiliate.

There is training within Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to use this to it’s best and is another essential tool required.

There is also Yoast SEO but I prefer the SEO All in one.



Google Search Console is essential to use to help you understand your website.

It is used to ask Google to crawl your site and index your posts, to submit sitemaps and to check for errors on your site and without this toll, things would be a lot more difficult for you to gather information.

8. Free Images

Adding images to blog posts and articles is essential as it engages your readers more and adds a visual attraction to your posts and there are some really good places to go to get images for free



Canva is a great tool to use and there is a free version which is totally adequate when you are starting out.

Canvas is an essential tool to create banners, infographics, logos, social media graphics and loads more really cool stuff and I use this every time I write a new blog post

10. Marketing Forums

This is a great way to get involved and share your thoughts on Marketing subjects, answer questions and ask questions and receive input from Marketing Experts and is essential to building your network

Here are a couple of really good forum sites

As far as email programs go, these are not essential in the early growth of your business however I do recommend Aweber as a good choice.

There are quite a few to choose from but having researched and used a few, I find AWeber a good choice for all your email.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you will have the choice from over 3000 WordPress themes to work with and I really like the way Generate Press looks and the ease of use and also Astra as a theme however it is totally up to you and want you feel suits your niche and your site.

Another thing I use is a page builder and although this is not essential it sure does make your site look professional with everything it does and my choice for page builders is Elementor.

Elementor is a really great page builder and you can get it for free or you can buy the pro version as well and this program helps you build landing pages, amazing content, pop ups to get subscribers and it is so easy to learn and use as there are videos at Elementor to watch and also stacks on YouTube by the team at elementor so when you are ready to use a page builder I recommend Elementor

I started out knowing very little and I joined Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and started my new journey online and within 2 days, I knew Wealthy Affiliate had everything I needed to learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer, and today I work from home doing what I love and it works.

My income has grown and continues to do so as I keep building my 2 websites and this is all thanks to belonging to the best platform on the Internet to learn all the skills you need to become successful.

All you need to do is learn and build and work towards your goals.

Join me in Wealthy Affiliate today and begin your new and exciting journey and become a truly successful Affiliate Marketer and I look forward to being your Mentor if you need some help along the way

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  1. Building your own website is actually easy especially if you have all the tools and software to keep it going. I always check first my preferred topic with a keyword research tool then head into writing content. I am glad that you also mentioned Canva because in creating your banner or logo. I do the same especially with sticker logo design for the balms and salves I make and sell. It’s very user friendly and there’s a lot of free designs to choose from.  

    Just by being a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can get the basic necessary tools in building and propagating your website. I am glad that you shared it in your blog because it’s really important to know these things. 

    • Yes, the essential tools are so great and I am glad you enjoy Canva too.

      I love all the things we can create and it must be so great doing your labels on there

      I would love to know what your URL is as I would love to see you products


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