Elementor Page Builder – Review before you Buy

Hello and welcome to my review of Elementor Page builder.

I feel it is important before you purchase products, to get a good understanding of the product so today’s post will give you the information you need before you purchase Elementor.

So let’s look at what Elementor offers people.


  • Drag n Drop Editor
  • Pop up builder
  • 300 Designer made Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • 90 Widgets
  • Responsive Editing
  • Woocommerce Builder


  • Custom Colour Picker
  • No Coding
  • Copy – paste
  • Autosave
  • Draft Mode
  • Global Colours and Typography
  • In line Editing
  • A Shortcut Cheat Sheet 


  • Enhanced background images
  • Background videos
  • One Page websites
  • Icons Library
  • Motion Effects
  • Shape dividers plus more…


  • Landing Pages
  • Countdown Widget
  • Pop up Builder
  • Testimonial Carousel widget
  • Rating star widget
  • Form Widget



  • Google Fonts – Hundreds of fonts to choose from.
  • Drop Cap – Create a distinguished look
  • Text Shadow
  • Text Editor Columns
  • Font Preview before you choose


  • Section width
  • Column Width
  • Fixed Position
  • Inline elements
  • Content Position
  • Vertical and Horizontal Flexbox Alignment
  • Section Height and more…

Mobile Editing

  • 100% Responsive
  • Mobile Font Size
  • Custom Breakpoints
  • Reverse Columns
  • Padding and margin and more…..

Theme Builder

Theme builder has theme elements, dynamic content, 404, archive pages, footers and headers of course, search page results, single post, custom field integration, and display conditions

With theme content, ecommerce, forms, integrations, Social Media help, a fantastic library, media, interactions and so much more Elementor gives clients a truly great experience.


Yes, Elementor is a page builder. However it is so much more as you can see when you read all I have shared above, and there is more once you get your own account with Elementor.

They have recently added the theme “Hello” and explain this theme works brilliantly with Elementor although I am using Generatepress Pro and it works well with this theme as well others such as Astra and loads more and with all the goodies Elementor offers, you are able to set up a stunning looking site filled with good looking professional content.

You may be smiling right now as you look over this post and I understand it is not perfect as I’m trying different things as I write each new post as I have only been using Elementor for a short time but feel obliged to review them as a really good buy for anyone wanting to give their site a boost with a more appealing look and better functionality without having to know how to do coding thank goodness.

Some of you more experienced builders might disagree.

Either way, Elementor has a lot to offer to business builders online so go check it out and when you open an account you will be amazed at everything available inside Elementor and lastly, if you need a great platform to build your future online please click here to see my no.1 recommendation for platforms to join to get building.

Enjoy and build well






Vicki, signing out until next time

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