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Millions of people are all going to reach Retirement at pretty much the same time throughout the world and with this is going to come problems with funding and also with people who are used to living a certain way, not being able to do this through lack of preparation.

Today’s post will hopefully shed some light on choices you might like to consider, some early retirement tips so you can live life with online financial freedom in your later years without worrying about money.

Be Prepared

I am 60 now and within 5 years I will be “retired” as far as statistics say and I decided to make sure my latter years were happy with, time and money freedom.

How did I do this?

I have built 3 businesses online and currently building number 4 which is very exciting and the more I build, the more I earn and in 5 years from now, if I keep working steadily, I will be earning around $7- $10k per month increasing monthly and this really keeps me motivated to grow more and more online.

Social Security in my Country is around $400 per week for a Single person living alone and that is in no way enough to plan trips overseas, buy a new car, go to the theatre in another Country and do the things I really want to do.

Fortunately, I found a truly great platform and my life is now on the up and up and every day gets better and I am about to share what I do with you. 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate

One evening I was online doing some research for a friend and I came across a review of Wealthy Affiliate and decided to read through the article, Kevin had written and within a few minutes, something inside said, I should take a really good look inside this place as it may have what I need so I joined for free and spent the next 2 days looking around inside the platform, asking questions, pushing all the icons to see where they led me and learning all I could.

If you want to see what its all about please join for free and enjoy

I knew Wealthy Affiliate was going to give me the best training and support, I needed to learn how to become successful online so I became a premium member for the bonus offer of $19 for my 1st month.

Well, I can tell you, it was so great. I started the training, chose a niche(mine was, dogs ) and having picked a theme from the 3000 WordPress themes, I then bout a Domain name Delightduldoggies4u. Com and clicked create a website and within 40 seconds my website was ready for me to move forward and learn how to build on to it.

I followed the training step by step completing all the tasks in order and my website became indexed very quickly which was amazing as I had never experienced this type of thing before.

I wrote post after post to build a foundation for my site all relating to dogs and I loved every minute of it. Every morning I was excited about going to work on my very own online business and during the training, I learned some more really exciting stuff.

Affiliate Marketing

The definition of Affiliate Marketing can be found by clicking here

I had a lot of great content on my site and I applied to different companies relating to Dogs, Dog Products, Grooming etc and was accepted by all the companies. I even became an Affiliate with Amazon and in order to make money, I did some posts on different grooming products and added links to the products.

When visitors went to my site and clicked on my recommendation, they were directed to the Company’s website and when they purchase the products or something else while they are there, I get paid!! Yes, Every time and it was so great to see this happen and watch my income start to trickle in and grow more and more.

As time went on, I decided to start another website and get building that one in a different niche and do all the same things I have been taught in the training and guess what, it started happening with this site as well and today, I have 3 sites and currently in the beginning stages of no.4 so I am well on my way to earning my Goals for retirement and you can do this too.

I knew nothing and now I teach people how to do what I did as an ambassador for Wealthy Affiliate.

If anyone had asked me if this is what I would be doing, I would have laughed as I didn’t have any skills nor did I know how to use all the tools we get to use and today, I am really knowledgeable in this field and love helping people do what I do.

Anyone can do this

All you need is the courage to take a look and give it a go and if you like it, then keep working steadily, earning and building and growing your own website.

When choosing a niche/product. Service, please make sure whatever you choose, you can monetize it down the track as we all do and also, I feel it important to mention, you must keep working at it and be consistent with your writing of really great posts/articles to help people learn about your passion.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate you will find answers to every question, you have, over 1800 Experts within the community to help you out 24/7 and live chat as well where you can chat with other Members and ask questions and share stories with them if you like.

I have never experienced such a fabulous place to become successful and the people I have connected with are from all over the world and all at different skills levels and walks of life and it is incredible. We all support each other, encourage each other and share our successes along the way in the community which is really special.

How can I make money Online

I invite you to come to take a look for free just like I did and ask some questions in live chat. See what other members have to share with you and have a good look around inside this truly great platform and if you feel this will give you the money and freedom down the track, then I suggest you go premium within the 1st 7 days to get the bonus offer of $19 for your 1st month and get started on the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training Course as this will teach you everything you need to know to create and build a really stunning website to suit the niche you have chosen.

Yes, it takes time to build as any business does but it is worth it and I encourage you to think seriously about what I have shared with you in this post and if you do join for free, I will see you inside Wealthy Affiliate to welcome you and to offer my help should you need it as I will be your personal Mentor yo make sure you are looked after.

Before I finish this post

I hope I have shared some good Early Retirement tips for you and more importantly how to create online financial freedom for those later years or if you are young, this is also the perfect time to start because imagine if you start now, where you will be in a few years from now.

Living life on your terms with time and money freedom – I wish I’d found Wealthy Affiliate 15 years ago because now I would be living the dream lifestyle and I would have travelled to lots of really cool places and experienced so much that life has to offer.

Hey, I’m 60 so I have still got time if I keep growing my sites consistently and working the plan and you and anyone you know can do this too.

Come and see what its all about and enjoy the journey. Over 1.4 million members enjoy the journey so Let’s make you another success story

Go well and thanks for stopping by

Heres to huge growth and fun in 2019 for everyone


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4 thoughts on “Early Retirement Tips – Online Financial Freedom”

  1. Hi Vicki:

    This is really thorough review on wealthy affiliate. Actually a friend introduced this platform to me about five months ago, I then became a premium member about four months ago and this platform has really helped me in my journey of online business to get my dream of early retirement a reality. Through this platform I have a website of my own now, the interesting part is that as you learn you can earn, I will strongly recommend wealthy affiliate for anyone who wants to go into online business to secure your financial freedom for early retirement because it is legit.

    Thanks for the insightful post,


    • Hey Tony

      Great to see you and connect with you here on my site

      Thank you for your comment today and all the very best with your business building through WA

  2. I hope your readers really take to heart on what you’ve shared with them! It really is amazing that someone can create income by writing on a topic they love and at the same time can be profitable. You are right though, and I’m glad you mentioned it, as it is not easy to do. It’s not something that happens overnight, but with hard-work and patience it definitely pays off in the end. Great read! Thanks!

    • Hi Jeremy

      Good to connect with you and thank you for stopping by to comment today

      Yes, hard work and consistent effort are the keys plus of course the more you help people the better your business will be

      All the very best to you


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