Creating your own Free Website -Less than 60 seconds

Creating your own Free Website -Less than 60 seconds

This is one of my favourite things to teach people and I hope you are as excited as I am because today is all about building your own website for free in less than 60 seconds, let’s get right into it

Niche – what do choose      

Football Boots for Girls could be your niche, I don’t know but I can tell you the list is millions and millions of choices to create success online.

It is best to pick something you are really interested in or something you have always wanted to learn and while you are learning, you can be teaching others about whatever it is.

Dig deep because online, you can make serious money if you choose the right niche and know what you are writing about.

You will be writing posts, blogs, articles whatever you want to call them, to help people in lots of different ways and your niche must be something you really care about.

If you have some money and you hate writing you can hire a freelancer to write for you but please be aware there are a few online that aren’t good so do your research if you choose this.

A few more examples     

  • Basketball Shoes – be more specific. What kind- Men. women, children, large feet, small feet, professional, hobby…
  • Horses – be more specific. Racing, showjumping, dressage, breeding, Stallions,…

You are getting the picture now. If you are too broad, you will not attract lots of readers, however, if you are more specific, for example, Thoroughbreds and racing, you are going to build a lot of readers who are into horse racing.

Domain name – What to choose

When choosing a domain name you want to try and keep it as short as possible for example, Good luck trying to find one as cool as those, however, your domain name is your brand so choose wisely

Now you are most likely going to have your domain a bit longer than this and when you start writing domain name suggestions, make sure it is relevant to your niche/idea, you are going to market when you are naming your domain.

This is so important for your future online in your niche.

Also if you create an awesome domain name and a fantastic website over time, one day you might want to sell it on Flipper and you could fetch a very tidy sum for it, so do it right.


Now its time to choose a theme for your site, relating to what your niche is going to be.

Using WordPress is awesome and within the platform I joined, you get to choose from over 3000 themes and of course, there are Pro Themes that you can buy online as well but I always suggest you start with a fairly simple theme while you are learning and then change it down the track. I did this and of course, it is another learning for you.

OK, you have chosen your niche, you have joined Wealthy Affiliate for free, and if it is what you need to become successful my advice is to pay the Bonus Offer of paying only $19 to become a premium member for your 1st month.

This will open all the doors within Wealthy Affiliate and you will build a hugely successful Online business and You will want to buy your own Domain and you can’t do this as a free member and if you want Google, Bing and Yahoo to take notice of your website, owning your own domain is vital to success.

It is so easy- You now click on a theme you like and then click build website and with a few seconds, you have your 1st website ready for you to start building your business online.

It truly is this easy. When I was told it was this easy, of course, I thought, hmmm we will see, and YES it is correct.

It takes around 40 – 60- seconds, to build the beginnings of Your Future Online

I am amazed at how cool it is and I hope you will be the same.

I spend some hours within Wealthy Affiliate helping out in the community and it is so great there. You connect with people from all over the globe and I have made some truly special friends within the platform 🙂

Launching, learning platform

Who do you go with to create this website you want?

Wealthy Affiliate is the no.1 platform on the Internet with over 1.5 million members and if you come to take a look you will see this for yourself.

  • Free to join
  • 24/7 support
  • WordPress built into the platform
  • Over 3000 themes to choose to form your website design as Wealthy Affiliate has WordPress built into the platform
  • A wonderful community to help you out while you are learning and who are there to answer all your questions and encourage you and support you.
  • 2 Free websites should you choose with a subdomain – Site Rubix.
  • 50 websites if you choose to go premium and with premium, you get a whole lot more from Wealthy Affiliate. Check it all out when you join for free and make your mind up after you have seen exactly what it like.
  • Training through all levels you need to build and market your very own website to create future income.

This will not happen overnight as this is NOT a “scammy get rich scheme”.


It is a genuine business opportunity that you will work at when you have time and over time your website will grow into something you will be proud of and by doing the awesome training on offer, this is  how you will learn all you need to know

So now what?


Money- How long does it take before you start making Money?

Great questions however a little tricky to answer, because it depends on quite a few different things.

  • How much content you are writing and whether it is relevant to your niche. Also, it has to honest so you gain trust with your readers/ guests/ visitors to your site.
  • If you keyword stuff your articles, Google won’t rank you quickly because they crawl your website and will think you are spammy. ( you will learn all about this in the training you get, so don’t worry too much now)
  • Is your site attractive and engaging to visitors? (Training)
  • Have you got Analytics? (training)
  • Have you set up links to Affiliate programs so you get paid your commission when people buy products from your links? (training)

There are a few more things you must learn through doing the training and all of it will help you get closer to making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 1,400,000 members and there are 1000’s who earn amazing income from their online business but you have to do the training to learn all the necessary skills to do this and patience is the key.

Great things always take time and it is better to do it right the 1st time, than rush in having not much idea on what you are doing, wasting money and getting nowhere. I sure know what I prefer

So if you want to start today for free click on the link and I’ll see you inside Wealthy Affiliate to offer my help to you in any way I can

head on in for free and do what I did.

Check it out to see if this is what  will work for you

Success in all you do



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