What is Future Proofing? (2020 and beyond)

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What is Future-Proofing(2020 and Beyond)

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Is there a way forward?

What is Future-Proofing?

How do I make my life better?

How can I earn more money and not some scammy choice either?

Are you stuck in a job you dislike?

Are you wanting more from life than you have currently?

With the World all Topsy Turvy a lot of people are feeling lost, scared about their future, unaware they may be laid-off at any time, have just been laid off with no compensation and there are so many more reasons people are despondent about life.

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Working at Home Opportunities – What are real?

working at home opportunities

Welcome to Money and Freedom Online. Working at home Opportunities and What are real is today’s post.

Make Money working at home- Is this possible?

Can you really earn money at home or is this just another way of scamming money out of you.

Is your money safe?

How do you make honest money?

How long does it take to make money?

How do you know when you have the right place to learn from?

Is there a real, honest platform with Integrity that is not going to rip you off?

How much does it cost?

Let’s look at how to help you and your future now and how easy it is to get started and not get ripped off

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Saying Goodbye Boss

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Why do you want to leave your current job?

Do you want more money?

Do you want to be your own boss?

How many hours a week do you currently work?

What is your hourly rate?

Welcome and in this post, I am going to share how to become your own boss so saying goodbye boss to your boss will become a reality.

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Focusing Your Strengths – Create Financial Freedom

Every human being is born with strengths and talents that can be used to become whatever you choose as long as you are prepared to learn the skills needed and work consistently to achieve results to enhance your gift/talent/strengths.

Focusing your strengths to create financial freedom is what a lot of people are choosing as the Internet becomes more and more popular when buying, selling or learning is involved.

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I started online about 18 months ago now and I went through 2 training programs inside the NO.1 Platform online to teach people how to make money online and I can recommend this platform to anyone who also wants to learn how to become financially independent by working this way.

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How to Create Your Website FREE


Welcome to Money and Freedom Online and I hope you enjoy reading through this post and get enough information to make an informed decision on how to create your website for free, without any pressure or having to use your credit card or debit card.

This is my full-time work and I love helping people grow online so welcome again and have fun while you’re here.


It can be quite daunting when it comes to thinking about how to build yourself a website and I am happy to tell you, please do not worry as it is really easy and free.

Today’s post will allow you to not only build your own website for free but also learn how to make it look great and also down the track make money from it so let’s look into it in more detail.

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How to Create a Business Online – (No Selling or Recruiting)

Welcome to Money and Freedom Online I’m Vicki, an online marketer these days but it wasn’t always that way. I had to learn the necessary skills and work consistently on my business to achieve the results I have and today I am going to share how I did this step by step. How to Create … Read more

How to do Keyword Research for SEO

5 Top Keyword Research Tools to Rank Higher in Google More visitors, more conversions and this equals more money, so how do you do this? What do you need to know? How do you get more visitors to your site? How do you find the best Keywords? Do you put them in your title or … Read more

Online Home Based Business – NO 1 Recommendation

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Building your own Online Home-based Business is a great choice for anyone who wants to create a passive income which if done well will more than likely create a great income recurring for you every month.

Yes, it takes time and some learning but if you are prepared to learn how to do what is needed, you will do great at this type of business.

I have been working from home, online for a while now and every day is exciting and fun as I grow my businesses.

I haven’t always done this but in 2006 I have life-saving brain surgery and needed to change careers from being a professional Entertainer, Singer/Songwriter to something way less strenuous and demanding.

I searched online, got stung by scams a couple of times, and then one evening I found a review about a platform which teaches Affiliate Marketing and Kevin, was very honest in this review which gave me a good feeling so I decided to check it out for free to see if I would like to do this type of business.

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PLR Products Sale – 2019 Blowout Sale

PLR Products Sale image

You are in business for yourself online and you want to make money by growing your site but you are not into writing your own ebooks or marketing books to sell or giveaway or maybe you just want to do other things on your site.

Having PLR Products is the way to go to extend your market to a higher level and bring more traffic to convert into sales.

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Working from Home Opportunities -10 Top Choices for 2020 and Beyond

girl on a laptop working from home

create financial freedom

How Do You Create Financial Freedom?

What should I do with my Life?

 How can I make money working from home?

 Can I work Part-time until I earn enough to quit my job?

 Can I make a Full-Time income working from Home?

Whether you are currently working in a job or at home looking to build a great future for yourself, you can do this online and today I am excited to share some working from home opportunities for you to get you started on your journey to financial freedom.

Before we get into this, I am going to tell you, no matter what you choose to do, it is going to take time and effort and self-belief to keep you moving forward and if you have a big WHY, this will keep you motivated especially in the early days when you are still new and the money hasn’t started coming in.

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