Can I Make Money Online – (NO.1 Platform to Learn it all)

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Many people ask this question every day. Can I make Money Online?

Yes, most definitely and it’s so much easier to learn from people who are experts with Online Marketing, building websites etc and I am excited to share what I learned and who to go with to learn it all without costing you a load of hard-earned money.

Part-time or full-time depending on where you are at with your life works if you are prepared to learn and work consistently whenever you can without stopping. This is how you achieve success in everything in life.

I am going to share as much information needed for you to make great choices as you start your journey in the Online World.

People look all over the Internet for somewhere to learn how to become a successful business owner online and often get caught up in places that cost way too much money or worse, scams that take your money and leave you feeling in despair with your loss.

I promise what I am sharing here in this post is honest and I also hope when you have read through this post you will agree that this platform has it all and it’s time to get started.

So which platform teaches you everything about creating and building a truly great future online?

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is my no.1 choice when it comes to a place that offers members everything they need to create and build a truly great online business.


Wealthy Affiliate was founded over 14 years ago by 2 young Canadian men, Kyle and Carson and these 2 men along with over 25 developers have built a state of the art system to allow anyone who is prepared to learn an opportunity to build a money-making business.


Inside the platform, there is so much offered including 2 training programs which are brilliant. The 1st one is the Online Entrepreneur Certification Program which consists of 50 lessons all with video and tutorial learning for people and after each lesson, there are tasks to complete to ensure you are doing things correctly, step by step.

Along with this training, there is also a live video training with Jay our no.1 trainer every week and these are recorded so members can watch the reply in their own time which is great due to all the different time zones.

video training

Above is a few of the training however there are 100’s more inside, to learn from as well as tutorials.

Alongside this, there are also 1000’s of resources so if members type a question under training, they will most likely find a few excellent results to keep them moving forward with their business growth.

Wealthy Affiliate prides themselves on the training and this allows members to stay ahead of the competition online because of the way we are taught gives us an edge in the online world. The sites we create are normally indexed very quickly due to the knowledge we get from what we are taught.

When I 1st started with WA, I knew nothing about SEO, Ranking and how to achieve great results, keyword research or anything else that is important to learn and now I teach people from all I have learned over time.

Often people join a platform such as this and ask very soon after joining: “When will I make money?” hoping to make money without doing anything in particular and I am telling you, there is no business where this will happen.


Every business online and offline, requires learning and working hard to produce great results/sales and growing a business with Wealthy Affiliate is no different.

Scam sites promise people a plugin to the system and make 1000’s of dollars doing nothing so please stay away from these types of places as you will lose your money.

If you want to learn what is needed and do as you are taught, you will be on your way to building a long-lasting money-making business that will last for a very long time and it will also give you the freedom and money to work wherever you choose.

Some of our members are travelling the world doing what they love and making money full time from the work they have put in to build a solid business online, while others still work full time and grow their business in their spare time and this works well for them.


There are 2 memberships and one is the free membership which gives you 2 free websites using site rubix

The other is a paid membership and I suggest if you are serious about making money online this is the way to go because you get absolutely everything with this membership including 25 websites for free and 25 .com websites should you grow this big over time and all of them have hosting included in the membership fee which is wonderful.

Here is a comparison chart for the 2 memberships so you can see what is offered within Wealthy Affiliate.


One of the best parts of Wealthy Affiliate is the 24/7 Support from the Experts inside the platform and also the technical team who work tirelessly to ensure everything is running smoothly 24/7.

Then it’s the Community of members all encouraging and helping each other along the way and within the community there are also over 1900 experts all lending a hand, answering questions for members and supporting members.

people celebrating

Also, there is the Live chat which is fun and a great place to connect with members of all cultures from all different parts of the world and of course at all levels of learning which is awesome as there is always someone who has the answer to questions from members.

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate’s main focus is to teach people how to become successful Affiliate Marketers so why is this their main focus?

With over 4 billion people surfing the Internet looking to learn about products, buy products whether these are physical or digital, people are spending more and more money shopping online and this is where you come in.

You decide what niche/product/service you will use and you get started from here.

You then choose a WordPress theme to use and you have over 3000 themes to choose from so you are definitely going to find one that suits you and if down the track as you build, you decide you want a different theme, no problem you can change your theme and carry on. Ok, now you will need to buy a dot-com domain name relating to your niche and you can also do this within Wealthy Affiliate for around $13.99 for a year.

To read my definitive guide please click here

Now that you have done these 3 things, it’s time to click the create a website button and within around 30 seconds, you will have a website ready to go and to build onto.

The great part to all of this is you don’t have to go premium as soon as you join although I did this within a few hours when I saw what is offered for both memberships and feel the investment we make in our futures is minimal compared to all we have available inside Wealthy Affiliate.

When you create your free account, you will not be asked to give your credit/debit card details until you decide to go premium which is really cool as there is no pressure and no risk at all and you get the chance to see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

If you do this, I do suggest you set up your account and profile and a pic of yourself if you have one so members can connect with you and welcome you to this great platform.

What it takes

Can I make money online? Yes, you can and if you decide to join us inside Wealthy Affiliate I will be your coach/mentor if you need me anytime.

It takes time to learn the skills and use the tools you need to grow a solid foundation for your business but this is the case with every business and if you go through the training, you will learn everything you need to build a great business, something to be proud of and earn a great living from, over time.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, there is an opportunity to earn while you learn as well so lets me share this with you.

Firstly there is a comment thread where members offer other members comments for their websites after they had content in the form of blogs/posts and it doesn’t take long to become certified as a commentor and once this happens you will earn money for your help and this can add up over time.

Another great way to earn a really good commission is to refer people to Wealthy Affiliate through your website, social media platform and by telling people what you are doing and once you become involved in wealthy Affiliate you will get an emotional connection which is so good when it comes to sharing what you are doing. There is no pressure to do any of this however it can pay for your membership which is a bonus when you are building.

My membership is all paid for these days and I earn well above the membership fees every month in commissions from Wealthy Affiliate and other programs such as Grammarly and loads more and many of our expert members are making well over 44k per month every month and it has changed their lives big time.


Anyone can do this but not everyone is successful.

People come and don’t want to work consistently and get bored or become complacent or don’t do all the training and of course, don’t learn the skills and then leave blaming others for their failure. In order to become successful at anything, you have to be prepared to learn, work hard, stay focused and not give up and if you do this then you are success waiting to happen.

I hope you take my offer of joining for free to see what Wealthy Affiliate is about and if you want to know more about Affiliate Marketing, please click here or just get started in our awesome platform.

Well, that’s it from me today and I hope to connect with you again soon

Please leave a comment and share this post so others will have a read and get started building a future online.

Go well and be awesome in 2019 and beyond






Vicki, signing out until next time

Thank you

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