Blogging and Money- [Essential Steps to Take]

Blogging and Money- [Essential Steps to Take]

Welcome to another post and today’s post is hopefully going to help you with your steps to take as you move forward into blogging and making money.

More and more people are blogging and money can be earned if you blog correctly so let’s see what the essential steps to take as a blogger are.

Today I am going to cover:

  • The best platform to use to build a blogging site
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation
  • Video Creation

and more so let’s get started.

Choosing the Best Platform

When you start blogging, you may want to learn how to get the best from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Meta tags, Keywords, etc, and belonging to the best platform on the Internet where you can learn it all is essential.

Many people go build a drag n drop website thinking once it’s done, that’s it. It will now be seen by everyone on the Internet. WRONG.

Unless you learn the skills on how to market your blog, you will drift into cyberspace never to be seen unless you share your link with people you know and this is often limiting to your success as a blogger.

Invest in yourself if you are serious about blogging and money and join a platform that gives you everything.

My NO.1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate and the reason I know it is the best is that it has been stated on more than one occasion and with over 1.4 million members including myself, You will get the opportunity to become truly successful by joining this platform and the great part is, You can join for free to take a look around.

As a free member, you get 2 Free websites with a sub-domain called SiteRubix

Here, why not have some fun now and choose a name for your new blog

s been helping people just like you and I learn how to create and build stunning websites for bloggers, Affiliate marketers, E-commerce, and loads more and for the past 14 years, this platform has been growing and is rated no.1 on the Internet for Online business Building which is what you are doing if you are serious about blogging and money.

Choosing your theme

In Wealthy Affiliate we use WordPress as our Content builder 1 in 3 Websites are built with WordPress) and the 1st thing after you have a domain name is to choose a theme and as a free member you get a choice of 12 and as a Premium member, you get over 3000 to choose from so you will be sure to find one that suits your niche/blog.

Blogging and Money

There are a few to give you some idea of what you will see inside the platform.

Once you have chosen your theme, the fun begins and all you do is click create website next and within around 30 seconds, your website will be created and ready for you to go to the next step. Pretty cool huh!! 🙂


Within Wealthy Affiliate, there are 2 amazing training programs for you to go through if you want to learn all the skills and learn how to use the tools needed to stay ahead of the competition which is really important as far as income goes.

You want to get indexed and ranked asap and by learning what to do, You are setting yourself up to be successful with your blogging website.

Here are the 1st 10 lessons within Wealthy Affiliate

Blogging and money

There are over 50 lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification and I have completed this training and highly recommend it to you if you want to be ahead of the “Game” as it were.

Not only do you get the training, you get a 1 on 1 mentor to help you along, and also within the platform there are over 1900 Experts ready to help you 24/7.

Alongside this, there is the live chat where you can go to meet other members from around the globe, interact, ask questions, and get help in there as well.

I’m not sure if there is anywhere else that offers this kind of genuine support.

If you want to please click here to begin the training

As I said the 1st 10 lessons are free and this will give you a really clear picture on whether or not to go premium and open all the doors inside WA.

Also, there is a bonus offer for all new members and that is, if you should join for free and decide to go premium within the 1st 7 days, you will only pay $19 for your 1st month and $49 after that which is incredibly reasonable considering you would pay $1000’s of dollars anywhere else especially university or other online places who are charging over $5500 and you don’t get what Wealthy Affiliate gives you, in fact, you miss out on a lot of truly great learning and tools.

Keyword Research

Before you write a blog it is essential to find the right keywords for your title every time, and Jaaxy also rated as the best Keyword research tool that can be found inside Wealthy Affiliate as part of you being a Premium Member, and you get a few searches as well as a free member.

So what is Keyword and why is it so important?

When choosing a title for your blog, it is important to have a catchy title but also to have your AVG over 100 if you can. AVG is the number of people choosing these words to search for something every month.

Then you want the QSR(Quoted relatable Search) to be under 100. The lower the better.

Here is an example for you on Bird Aviary Supplies ( Niche Subject Bird Aviaries)

Blogging and money

If you look at Bird Aviary Supplies you will see over 160 people on an average search for this per month and the QSR is 50 which means not many people are writing about this so this is a really good keyword for a blog title.

OK, now you are ready to write and sometimes people can get stuck writing really great content and in Wealthy Affiliate, we have a place called Site Content ( I love this place) and it helps members organize their writing so easily.

Here is a screenshot for you:

Blogging and Money

 This place is awesome. It allows you set up your blog into paragraphs with new subtitles and when you get ready to write after your research is done, you just fill in the paragraphs helping people with the knowledge you share and it has a spell checker plus a word count plus title sizes and subtitle sizing which is perfect.

There is one more amazing part to this program- you can also click to add images and within the program, there are 1000’s and 1000’s of free images you can add to each blog.

Content Creation

When writing blogs, you always want to be engaging, add images, be honest, and give your readers some really interesting and helpful content.

I always tell people to write their content as if they were in a cafe enjoying coffee with a good friend as this way when you are typing, you will be natural and the words will flow more easily which again brings and authenticity to your blog.

Always try to write over 1000 words using your keywords in the 1st paragraph, the 3rd, and perhaps the last paragraph but please never more than this as Google sees it as Keyword stuffing and will not rank you well for this, in fact, you will most likely be penalized if you try it.

Be real with your writing. Add keywords when appropriate and if you want to blog and make money keep reading as this is how I make my income online and it is such an easy process.

Affiliate Programs

Once you have built a good foundation of blogs on your site, you might want to consider joining some Affiliate Programs so you can start earning money.

So here we go, Type into Google: Affiliate Programs for.. and add your Niche/Bog Subject, for example, let’s say your blog was to help people choose the best basketball shoes. I typed Aff Programs for this Niche and got these results

Blogging and Money

Here is another one for Saddles

Blogging and money

As you can see by the results for these 2 searches there are millions of different Affiliate Programs for different Niches so have some fun searching for your blog/niche subject.

You can also join Google Adsense once you are established and there is ClickBank, CJ Affiliates, and so many more.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, a new program has been added for the members called Affiliate Programs which is fantastic as there is a whole lot of Affiliate Places to check out regarding different niches.

Here is a screenshot of part of this new addition to Wealthy Affiliate- It just keeps getting better for all the MembersBlogging and money

The image above is only a small portion of what this new program offers so go check it out by clicking here to get started on this new blogging and money journey.

Video Creation

Here is a cute video was done with Biteable.

You will also learn video creation inside Wealthy Affiliate if this is something you want to get into and with YouTube being so popular, this is a great time to learn some video making skills.

Some of our most Successful Members believe YouTube is one of their greatest keys to their success and I am now learning how to create videos to upload to youtube as well. Fun times ahead for me and you if you decide to learn these skills.

Investing in Your Future

For a long time, I was looking online trying to find somewhere that could give me everything I needed to become successful online and when I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free to check it out I soon realized that by investing in myself and my new business, and by staying focused and working every chance I got, I could earn an income that allowed me to do the things I love, go places I have never been and buy things I have always wanted.

Money and Freedom Online is the name of this business and I love every day, not having to commute to work, dress up in the right clothing, get breaks when the boss says you can.

Instead, I get up, do some personal stuff, then walk to my desk and get busy for the next few hours, writing a blog every day to help people in some way and also go through more learning to make me even better than I was the day previous.

Yes it will take time to build your blogging authority, and you need to understand money won’t roll in within the 1st 2 months probably, but if you work consistently and write awesome content and create trust with your readers along the way, you can make an excellent income as a blogger.

It is the best choice I have ever made and I hope you take up the opportunity to at least join for free to check out what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and what it offers its members.

Carson and Kyle, the 2 guys that own Wealthy Affiliate has been working for over 14 years in this business and it goes from strength to strength and we are all so fortunate to build our online futures in a state of the art system with high security, amazing technology and support 24/7 if we need it.

Before I go

Thanks for stopping by today to learn about blogging and money and the Essentials you need to make money Online are right there for you to utilize so go get started and I look forward to connecting with you inside the platform.

Go well and be awesome


Owner of

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get back to you within 24 hours

Thanks 🙂

P.S I would love to know what ideas you have come up with for your blog site and if you join Wealthy Affiliate I will be your Mentor and having been a Success Coach for the past 20 odd years, You will be in good hands so let’s get you rocking in the Online world 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Blogging and Money- [Essential Steps to Take]”

  1. Hi! Thank you for laying out this blueprint for generating money online. I have heard a lot about blogging. But most people don’t explain the details. They give the impression, that as you have said, it’s just building a drag and drop site and then everybody will see it online. There is nothing more far away from reality than that.

    Blogging required learning. And I’ll take a look at this platform you have recommended. Thank you very much! 

    • Hi Henry

      Thank you for your input and Yes, please do go check it out for free and see what you feel

      I hope you enjoy it and start a long and successful journey online

      Go well and thanks again

  2. Oh, I thought Wealthy Affiliate is only about blogging, keyword research, SEO, and affiliate programs. I never knew that they teach video creation as well. Anyway, I strongly agree when you said that blogging requires consistency, which unfortunately is something I suck at. I’ve yet to train my system to keep blogging for a long time because I get tempted short-term that it doesn’t work, especially when I see my traffic stats only in single digits!

    Thanks for putting up this blogging guide, I learned a lot from it.

    • Hi Dominic

      If you type video in the search bar or in training you will get some help with this and Yes, you must write a lot of really great keyword rich content to get traffic coming to your site

      I wish you all the best as you learn more and grow more

  3. It is hard to believe that one platform offers so much in one place. You could easily pay hundreds of dollars per month getting access to all these different tools individually. I keep hearing that video is the best way to reach people now. I have not taken the plunge into that world yet but it is great to know there is training at Wealthy Affiliate to teach us how to get started with videos and YouTube. 

    You were lucky to find a place with so much training and value included in one platform. I have heard so many bad stories of people getting scammed, losing thousands of dollars and getting nothing in return as they fell for make money online programs that are seriously lacking. Some are outright scams and many just don’t include enough information and support to allow a beginner to be successful. It is great there is a truly honest company like Wealthy Affiliate available for people who are serious about creating a new business.

    • Hi Jessica

      Yes, it certainly is refreshing to be part of Wealthy Affiliate and I highly recommend this platform to anyone willing to learn how to blog and be recognized for this.

      Yes it takes time to learn and grow but it’s worth every minute and the small investment you make in yourself will pay dividends in the future if you keep going

      Thanks for your input Jessica and all the best with your future online

  4. Hi, thanks for your thorough explanation! I am a new member and I am still in the process of learning everything. I just have a question, so if I already made a blog and published it, can i still go back and edit the content, title, keywords, now that I know about SEO and how works? I am having a hard time setting up my blog. Would you believe I had to go back to training videos and do it step by step.(I haven’t gotten back to SEO, keywords tutorials yet)

    May I also share regarding Affiliate Programs, there are affiliates which are not available in certain countries but joining ClickBank solved some of these problems. 

    I totally agree that Wealthy Affiliates have a tremendous support from the community. Everybody shares inspirational stories, offers help and influence others to work hard and be successful. More power to you!

    • Yes, you can go back and edit everything you have written including keyword titles but remember if the post is indexed it would be advisable to leave it as Google has already found these posts

      I hope this helps


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