Best WordPress Website Builder – DIY for Success

Best WordPress Website Builder – DIY for Success

Hi and welcome to Money and Freedom Online. This website is all about helping people develop and grow their own business online, and today’s post is all about the Best WordPress Website Builder.

Your DIY for Success is building your own business online with a stunning website that attracts people from all over the world so how do you do this?

Using the right platform is one of the keys to success when it comes to building a really decent site so let’s get into the nuts and bolts of how to get this done efficiently and without costing an arm and a leg along the way.

What to Look for in a Platform

Best WordPress Website Builder

There are a lot of different places online where you could learn how to build a website and some are ok, although most are either too expensive or free to build and don’t use WordPress and from the research, I have done, don’t have SEO, SSL Security, Hosting, Support 24/7, 1 on 1 mentoring or many other essentials.

Security: Having a secure platform to build a website and high security is needed on the Internet today due to hackers and spammers so Top SSL Security is a must

Hosting: Another essential when you actually want to go live with your new website and Yes, there are good hosting platforms, however pretty much the same goes for most hosting sites as I mentioned before. Security and other essentials are normally up-sells for these platforms.

Mentoring/Coaching: When you are learning how to do things, it can bring up challenges and questions you need answers to so having a Mentor/Coach or other experts to lend a hand is vital to keep you moving forward.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization: Again extremely important if you want to get indexed and ranked in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. For more information on SEO please click here 

SEO Meaning

WordPress: 1 in 3 websites use WordPress as their preferred building platform and with everything WordPress offers and it’s no wonder.

So how do you get all the things you need in one place and how do you know it’s the best?

For some time now I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I love everything about this platform.

Why? Because for myself and over 1 million other members, it has everything you need to become successful online, and most importantly it can help you create the best WordPress Website in just a few minutes.

So how is this done?

Join for Free and take a look inside. Setup your account and profile, sharing a few details on who you are, where you are from, and why you joined WA.

You are able to have 2 free websites as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate and the choice of some nice themes to use for your site as well. 🙂

Try creating your 1st website domain name below

Now go to the training on the left inside the platform and get started on your 1st lesson. you can do the 1st 10 lessons for free so enjoy. After the 1st 10 lessons, if you feel Wealthy Affiliate is going to give you what you need to build a future online, then click go premium. If you do this within your 1st 7 days, I will guarantee you the bonus offer of paying $19 for your fee for the 1st month.

What will you get?

As a free member within Wealthy Affiliate, this is what you will be offered.

Best WordPress Website Builder

As you can see from the image above, you get a lot of the essentials you need to build your 1st website and if you feel like this platform is the place for you and you do go premium, you will be amazed at everything inside Wealthy Affiliate.

What I love most about WA

From the moment you set up your account and profile, people inside the community at Wealthy Affiliate start to welcome you.

The community has over 1900 Experts willing to help out, it has a live chat 24/7 with people of all different levels from countries all over the world in their offering encouragement, answers to questions and quite often you will see Kyle and Carson, the Founders and Owners of Wealthy Affiliate chatting and adding great value while they are chatting to members.

Many people say it feels like home after a short time and they feel safe to share when challenges arise and they also love celebrating progress as they build and add onto their sites.

The training programs: Both the OEC and Bootcamp are incredible training programs and for me, I knew very little about how to build a decent website or how to develop it and make it seen by Google Bing and Yahoo. I knew nothing about SEO or SSL or anything else remotely technical and now I train people on certain things inside WA and I also help my referrals out.

Resources: Again, amazing. If you type a question into the search bar inside the platform, there will be 100’s of resources for you to use to get answers.

There is live video training every week and it is recorded so people can watch it when they have time. Jay is from Canada and has been a Wealthy Affiliates NO.1 Trainer for around 10 years now.


How does it all come together?

First, you need to figure out why you want this website, in other words, are you wanting to blog, make money in the future, or both.

No matter what, you are going to need a niche.

What is a Niche? The dictionary says this:

Here are some Niche examples:

Horse Gear, Baby products, Health and Wellness, Aging.Travel, Dogs, Cats, Fitness, and millions more.


Best WordPress Website Builder

As you can see with the image above there are 206 million results for Gaming consoles so if this was going to be your niche for your website build, you would have made a brilliant choice.

There are literally millions of niches and if you type into your browser, whatever you are thinking of, I am positive you will find something really awesome to work with.

I also suggest you write a list of all your favorite things if you are stuck for ideas and when you have finished, pick the one that is going to make money in the future and also something you can share blog articles with your visitors.

Domain name:

You need a name for your domain and from all, I have learned along the way, the shorter the name the better and this can be challenging depending on your Niche.

Best WordPress Website Builder

Nike, Google, Bing, Yahoo. Rebook etc are all 1-word domains worth millions of $’s so good luck with a great name.

Remember always check your spelling as I have seen people buy a domain only to find that with their excitement it was spelled wrong- Oops!!! Be aware!! 🙂

If you can get a dot. com domain and try not to use hyphens. Not sure why but I do remember learning this in the training somewhere. 🙂

As a member with Wealthy Affiliate, you get 2 free domains as a free member however you are allowed 25 free domains and 25 dot-com websites as a Premium Member.

Ready to Rock n Roll

Best WordPress Website Builder

You have chosen your niche, you have got your domain and you have chosen your WordPress Theme. As a free member with Wealthy Affiliate, you get to choose from a few and as a Premium Member there are over 3000 themes to choose from and by using the added features, you can condense your search more easily to find the best Theme.

I am being a bit presumptuous here but I am hoping you have joined WA for free as this next bit is the fun part.

In WA, it is so easy

All you do now is click create a website and within around 30 seconds, your website is created and you are ready to build it into something amazing as you go along.

Best WordPress Website Builder

Secret Sauce to Success Online

If becoming successful means something to you, consider these things.

You must be prepared to learn the skills necessary to become known by Google, Bing and Yahoo and you want visitors, lots and lots of visitors so you must learn how to achieve the best results. Yes?

Ok, I have shared a lot of what Wealthy Affiliate offers its members and now it’s up to you.

Do you want to learn from the best in the Industry?

Do you want to become truly successful online?

Are you prepared to be patient while you are learning and building?

Have you got great focus and determination?

If you answered Yes, to these things, then I invite you to join me inside Wealthy Affiliate so you can get moving and growing online.

As with any business, it takes hard work, focus and a plan on where you want to go with your website and if you are prepared to put in the effort, you will grow a successful online business.

So what does Premium membership offer

if you are serious about building a business with your website and want absolutely everything to help you become successful, then please go Premium.

The cost is $19 if you go premium within your 1st 7 days(the bonus offer) and after that, it will be 449 per month. Some people may moan about this but if you have a look at everything you get for this price I can guarantee you will say as I did, this is awesome!!!

There is nowhere else on the Internet that gives members what Wealthy Affiliate gives and especially for the fee we pay.

This is what you will get and more…

As you can see with the comparison chart, Premium is the way to go if you are ready to learn, focus and work hard to build your new website into something to be proud of and to give you an income down the track.

So why do you want to build a website?

Is it just for fun?

Is it to create money and freedom to do whatever you like when you like?

Time with Family?

Travelling the world working from your laptop?

Every one of us has reasons and I would love to know why you want to do this and I am also here to offer my help anyway I can.

Jump and the Net will appear

You may have heard this saying and Yes, it is a good one however before you jump, always check out the company you go with to build your website as there are so many places online offering all kinds of rubbish and charging way too much money.

Some sites, you join for say $27 and then the upsells occur and keep coming which in my opinion is a little dishonest so please be careful and always choose wisely.


In summary, what have I shared.

  • How to build a WordPress website
  • Choosing a domain name
  • The Best WordPress Website Builder Platform
  • How  to choose a great Niche
  • What you will need to become indexed and ranked in Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • training Programs to give you lift off 🙂

Where do you want to take your website? To the top? Just a hobby? Serious online money making business?

Whatever you choose to do I invite you to join the NO.1 Platform for teaching people everything about online marketing, building a great site through to SEO and all the other necessary tools you will need if you want to grow a successful online future for yourself.

It’s Free to join as I mentioned before and if you don’t think it is a fit for you after you have looked around, all you do is log out and all the best along the way to you.

That’s it from me and I hope I have helped you learn about the Best WordPress Website Builder and I encourage you to go check out my no1 recommendation to get started.

Exciting times ahead for you and thank you so much for stopping by.


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6 thoughts on “Best WordPress Website Builder – DIY for Success”

  1. I am a Premium member, I only joined a couple of weeks ago.

    I started with the free starter membership and found the training to be high quality and easy to implement. 

    I really love how step-by-step they are as they give you your to-do tasks. I highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to make money online.

    Even if you continue to work other traffic sources as you blog, organic results in search engines simply can’t be beaten and is a worthy secondary goal. 

    Every website needs a blog in my opinion and blogging is the way to search engines.

    Just my two cents, hope it helps, and safe travels in your online journeys. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Elaine

      I am so glad you enjoyed the free training offered inside WA and have now gone premium. 

      This must mean you are serious about learning all the skill and using the tools to become successful online

      Go well and well done

      Great decision

  2. This looks really soothing, calm and totally engaging. I believe blogging would be a great thing to do; if the goal is high and passionate. I have a question though. It says one can earn income. How exactly so? By the looks of it, it is a web development platform. Do web developers earn money from helping each other out? I so, that is awesome!

  3. Hey Vicki

    Excellent post. You cover all the essentials of building a successful online business. As a blogger and Internet marketer, I can testify to the need for having an integrated hosting and site building platform backed up with solid service and community support. Wealthy affiliate does check all boxes incredibly even in the free version. 

    I loved your niche selection ideas and recommendations and this is a must know for anyone who want to succeed as an entrepreneur – not just online but offline as well. 

    I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to set up their own business to start sharing their ideas with the world using a free membership and upgrade when they’re ready to build a sustainable business of their own. 

    Thanks for the share 


    • Hey Joshi

      Thanks for stopping by at my site and for your input – I really appreciate other marketers coming in and sharing their opinions

      Go well and all the best moving forward


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