Best Keyword Tool – Reasons Jaaxy is My No.1 Recommendation

Best Keyword Tool – Reasons Jaaxy is My No.1 Recommendation

.For a long time, I struggled with keywords and thought, hey, I know what I’m doing and just wrote my blogs and of course nothing really got recognized by the search engines. I got lost in Cyber-Space.

I know when it comes to writing a blog having the best keyword tool to work with is so important.

Then I found Jaaxy and I can tell you, now when I publish my blogs, they are soon recognized by all the major search engines, indexed quickly and ranked soon after they are published which makes my work worth it.

This also means traffic which leads to money so I use keywords every time I write a piece of content and I suggest you always do the same to get the most benefits to your business online.

Jaxxy – The benefits of Jaaxy

  • Ranking in Major Search Engines
  • You will be ahead of the competition
  • A growing database of 100’s of MILLIONS of keywords, Jaaxy is the most powerful, accurate, and robust keyword research platform on the market.
  • Save, store, share, export and manage all of your keyword research activities with Jaaxy’s state of the art keyword management platform
  • You can instantly check monthly traffic, QSR (quoted search results)- you will want to stay under 100for this.
  • This is really important if you want to get ranked by Google, Bing, and Yahoo which of course you will

The different price points

You can join Jaaxy for free or

  • Pro is $19 per month with a discount for yearly
  • Enterprise is normally $69 per month however if you decided Enterprise is the one you want, you will receive a discount of $49 per month with a discount for a yearly payment of course


How to Create a Jaxxy Account

Creating an account with Jaaxy is simple

Just click below and you are on your way

Enjoy your amazing new tool and come back and tell me what you think. I’d love that as for me it really is the greatest keyword tool ever

Before I go I also want to mention to you a really great place to build your own websites so you can grow your business online starting today.

You can join for free, get 2 free websites. your 1st 10 lessons of training free and should you decide you want more that is offered within this great platform you can become a premium member and get everything offered within the platform

I am talking about a place I found a while ago now and it has given me so much. I now have 4 online businesses all doing extremely well and success and I have become great friends because I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

I joined for free and within 2 days could see what was offered to premium members and I grabbed the opportunity and have learned all that is needed to become a successful Online Marketer and Affiliate Marketer as well and I will be grateful to Kyle and Carson the 2 Founders for the rest of my days. ?

What do you get?

Here is what is offered for the 2 memberships at Wealthy Affiliate and if you join I will be there to help you along the way if you need me and so will the community of amazing members within the platform.

Also you get Jaaxy for free when you join and if you also get 100’s of resources for free as well, in fact, every question you ask will be answered by experts including me and there is no reason if you are motivated and focused that you can’t be a successful Online Marketer, Business owner and Affiliate Marketer if you learn by doing the training and setting your Goals and working to achieve each one along the way.

No.1 recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate is the no1. recommendation to anyone who wants a career online and there are over 1,000,000 members all working towards their goals and also members celebrating success they have achieved and are a couple of examples of what members celebrate




Every day people are celebrating how far they have come and what they are making from their online business and if you want to, you can do the same

Why join Wealthy Affiliate

All the reasons above and also trying to do it on your own is so difficult

I tried it for 2 years and all I can say is how truly grateful I am to have been searching for a program that would allow me to learn everything in one place and when I landed on Kevin’s website and clicked on his link it took me to the best place ever and, yes, I work hard and Yes, it pays and I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate

Bad Choices  

A few years ago when I 1st started out I came across a few places and jumped in as people do and got burned financially and learnt the hard way.

Up-sells after joining for $17 and then $37 and then $197 and then another one at $297 with up-sells in the $1000’s and I lost money on false promises by scam artists making websites look fancy only to be waiting for good people to come along and Bam!! Money has gone- I tried to get a refund on a couple with no luck and one of them was shut down by the federal law.

In closing today

I’m not asking you to risk anything. All I am doing is inviting you to come to take a look for yourself to see if Wealthy Affiliate is for you and if it is then let’s get you moving towards online success

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have learned a little more about how to use Keywords and where the best place is to utilize this great tool.

See you soon



Success starts with the 1st Step

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