Baby Boomers and Social Security – Build Your Nest Egg

Nest EGG

Are you Prepared for later life or early retirement?

Baby Boomers and Social Security are becoming much spoken about topic. As you will be aware, there are millions of baby boomers all over the world, some who have prepared properly for retirement, some who want to retire early, and some that are still not ready for those later years.

I am 61 this year and because of a life-changing moment back in 2006, all my resources (savings) were used to survive while I was recovering from life-saving brain surgery and I have never managed to replenish my savings to a point where I feel comfortable about retirement until recently.

I began Affiliate Marketing, not knowing anything about this field of online business building and now I feel safe knowing the more I continue to grow my businesses online, the more income I will create.

So let’s look at what I do and maybe, just maybe, this is something you might like to consider as well so let’s get into this in more depth so you can gain a better understanding of the process.

How Wealthy Affiliate changed my Life

I had been looking online for some time and I hadn’t found a suitable place to learn how to make money online. I came across a lot of Scams and was feeling quite despondent until one evening when I researching a business opportunity for a friend and I came across a review of Wealthy Affiliate and decided to take a look and read through this review.

Kevin, the man who had written this review was very thorough and by the time I had read this great review, I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate for free and look further on the inside of this platform.

Within a couple of hours, I also recommended to my friend that she join as well which she did- She was 64 at the time and even though she had a small nest egg, she admitted it was not going to give her the choices she wanted when she was a little older and living off social security.

What I found inside Wealthy Affiliate

I was amazed at how many resources were inside the platform and there were also 2 training programs to go through to teach people all they need to become successful at Affiliate Marketing and I made a decision to go premium and really put 100% into learning everything and creating and building a nest egg for myself so I could travel, buy things I enjoy, give to my family and anything else that made me smile.

My friend, Linda and I went Premium and got started on the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (OEC) which consists of 50 lessons starting at the beginning.

Training OEC

Creating my 1st Website

First I chose a niche which was Dogs, then I chose a theme from over 3000 WordPress themes available inside WA, then I bought my 1st .com domain name for my niche- and then I pushed the create website button, and within around 30 seconds my very 1st WordPress Website was waiting there for me to build.

Off to the next lesson and step by step I went through all the training and created a really good website – for me, this niche wasn’t what my passion was and I gave this site to anther member inside Wealthy Affiliate to help her out and the site is still going and Susan loves it and works hard continuing to grow her business/niche on Dogs.

I then started this site- money, and freedom online so I could help people learn how to make a serious income online by doing what I did and this is my passion as it is so exciting when people join Wealthy Affiliate and get started on their journey and share their successes and progress as they build.

Any age

Inside Wealthy Affiliate people from all over the world, different cultures, different ages and different skill levels are members of Wealthy Affiliate, and everyone in the community inside this great platform, support and encourage each other along the way.

I think the youngest member Ani is 17 and our oldest member is 84 and this proves the platform works for anyone who wants to learn and build a business online.

I tried MLM, Network Marketing, and Direct Selling over the years and nothing has come close to Affiliate Marketing and the simplicity of the process.

So what is Affiliate Marketing?

Aff mafrketing image

You have your website with your chosen niche, you add content which is keyword researched and once you have a good foundation for your site, you apply to different companies to become an affiliate for them and once you are accepted, you place links and banners on your website and when people visit your site to learn about your niche and click on the links and banners, they are immediately taken to the company’s website where if they purchase a product, you receive a commission for your help.

No products to handle, no selling, no recruiting people, just simply by adding well-written content, you can make a substantial amount of passive income and this is how your nest egg grows.

Yes, it takes time and I remember when I wrote my goals out I decided to give myself 5 years from the get-go to learn 1st, then build a future income earning business online and I can tell you, I have been doing this for 13 months and have already made over $500 which doesn’t sound like a lot but this amount keeps growing and becoming more and more as I keep building.

Jerry, one of our young members makes a lot of money and he has only been doing this for 2 years but he has put in the consistent effort with his building and it is certainly paying him well for his efforts.

Here is a screenshot:


Here is another one:

Income for aff

Notice this amount is in English pounds as Debs comes from London and she is doing amazing too.

Here is one more image with another great member success

Aff income

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, there are loads of success blogs where member share their successes with other members and this is so inspiring to me as I know with the continued effort my income is going to explode, especially once I reach the 2-year mark as this is typically when any business that is started from scratch gets it momentum and start to turn a profit and I figure online business building is similar to the bricks and mortar business building except the overheads/costs are minimal.

One of our members sold his blog for $28k after 13months which is pretty darn awesome when you consider what it cost to build it. We are talking about serious profit.

What are the best ways to make money online

What are great websites worth?

Websites that are built correctly and have been loved and have loads of great information and many visitors are worth loads of money and I am always amazed when I read on what websites sell for. Incredible not to mention if you decided to create a few excellent domain names and then on-sell those as well.

One of our members has added this hobby as another investment for her future and I have got a few myself which I will hold onto for now.

Time plus Investment

Many people join a platform like Wealthy Affiliate and the 1st question they ask is “When will I make money?”

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 14 years and is ranked as the no.1 platform on the internet for anyone who truly wants to learn how to become an excellent Affiliate Marketer owning their own business online and for the people who ask this question, we all answer them with this. This is not a scammy get-rich rip-off, it is the real deal.

Your investment: Building your own business requires an investment in your business, patience, learning, and loads of consistent effort and if you are this person, then Wealthy Affiliate is definitely for you.
The cost to join Wealthy Affiliate is free and this is great as you get to check everything out, maybe do the 1st few lessons to see if it’s for you and then if you decide it is, you would then invest in yourself and your business and pay $19 if you do this within the 1st 7 days and $49 per month after that.

Here is what you get for the 2 memberships offered at Wealthy Affiliate- Of course if you decide to pay 6 monthly or yearly there is an extra discounted price so the options are there for you.

I went yearly and it cost $359 so it’s a really good way to go if money allows however there is no pressure to do anything of course. It is up to each individual and your circumstances.

In conclusion

As I mentioned earlier I have looked at a lot of business models and programs over the years and I can tell you from my heart, that Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to grow a really great future online and create the nest egg for your future.

Baby Boomers and Social Security people in fact anyone that has a great work ethic and is prepared to learn can create a substantial nest egg and I invite you to join me inside this platform to get you started on this new and exciting journey to future financial freedom

GO well and thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Can you please leave a comment with your thoughts and feedback and I will reply to you within 24 hours?

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Vicki, signing off for today

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12 thoughts on “Baby Boomers and Social Security – Build Your Nest Egg”

  1. This was indeed a great success story,  I just joined wealthy affiliate and honestly this is everything I have always wanted to understand, their training is topnotch. It has been a wonderful experience ever since I got into the world of wealthy affiliate. I’ll definitely share this post with friends and family. 

    • I am so glad you have joined Wealthy Affiliate and thank you so much for sharing my post with others as people really do need to have extra money to enjoy and financial independence is freedom big time so keep growing and go well

  2. Great advice for baby boomers here! I’m sorry to hear of your surgery but it’s great that you found affiliate marketing and are enjoying success. Affiliate marketing is such a great option for retirees. It doesn’t require any physical exertion and can be done from the comfort of the home. Also is a nice way to occupy the mind, stay sharp and be in the know with the younger generation. Wealthy Affiliate is such a great platform to make that happen as it’s one of the best platforms and online communities out there. Any retirees who are looking for way to supplement social security would do well to check out your links, well done!

    • Welcome to my site and thank you for your positive reinforcement about this post

      Yes extra money an alert mind and connecting with great people makes the journey so much fun

      Go well and thanks again

  3. Baby boomers and those receiving social security are often not ready to live with the sudden drop in income from their retirement, and it can be a really hard time for too many. With many people having only a social security check and no additional passive sources of income, it can seem that building a nest egg is next to impossible.

    Since I am in the retirement age myself, and I too am in need of some additional income (plus it is nice o keep busy doing something that is helping others and is worthwhile doing) I chose the same path that you are advising retirees like us to do. Wealthy Affiliate showed me how to build a successful online business I can run right from home. 

    It sounds like you have done very well too using the platform, and I think that it is great that you have some friends to share the adventure with as you all build your businesses. Not only is it fun and keeping you active, but you also can earn some of that extra income that we all are looking for.

    You have some great advice and I can attest to the value of the training and the features that you get access to as a Wealthy Affiliate member. Members have all the tools they need to get a proper business up and running. The community is also active and supportive, as are the owners. 

    • Hi Dave

      Thanks for this great input today and also I am so glad you found WA to give you added income for your retirement

      People need to be prepared and this is a great way to achieve excellent results so keep on growing and all the very best

  4. Hello! I think this topic is crucial and is a fantastic way to introduce people to WA. (In Paragraph 5, the word ‘was’ is missing). I also worry about retirement on a weekly basis. Your post is very well written, straight to the point and without any drama about a serious topic. Plus, not only do you mention joining WA as creating a source of income, but you also mention the fact that a successful website has a financial value and can be sold at a high price. Thank you very much for an article on that topic. Purdey

    • Hi Purdey and thank you for your input

      Yes I try to help people see options available to help them become financially independent and Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn how to do this

      Thank you

  5. Wow, very pleasant article Vicki.

    Affiliate Marketing is the go to for careers in the 21 century and if any go getting baby boomers want to gain social security for there present and future you don’t get a better place than what you offer here.

    There is a wonderful world of opportunity in them there hills, and wealthy affiliate not just a program, its a university and a family. Thanks for you awesome insight Vicki.

    See you in the inside.

    • Hi Ropata and thanks for this great input

      Yes Baby boomers plus anyone in between can create financial success as an Affiliate Marketers if they work hard and learn well so thank you and I look forward to connecting with you inside WA

  6. Hi Vicki! Many thanks for this very interesting post. I am a member of WA myself and I can only recommend this platform. Everything that you say is true. Take care. Purdey

    • Thank you, Purdey, and good to connect with another member
      I hope all is going well for you and may success become your best friend


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