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Hi and welcome to Money and Freedom Online. I’m glad you chose to visit and read this post as it is filled with all you need to make a great decision for yourself regarding how to become an expert in Affiliate Marketing.

I don’t claim to be an expert just yet, but I can tell you this, if you join the right training platform, the best training is available to you and you will be taught by experts who have been doing this training for over 14 years now. I did and it changed my life and it can do the same for you.

This platform is rated no.1 on the Internet and as I share what I have learned, you will also see why it is so highly rated by over 1.5 million people so far.

So let’s get into the nuts n bolts of what you will get and how you will be trained without it costing you 1000’s dollars, in fact, you can get started for FREE.

I promise to give you a thorough post filled with all the information you need so let’s go.

Wealthy Affiliate

Founders: Carson and Kyle back in 2005

Website: Wealthy Affiliate

Rating – 5/5

Training – 5/5

Support 5/5

Cost – Free to join and Premium Fee if you are serious about success


Inside Wealthy Affiliate, there are 2 training programs and the 1st one you will go through is the Online Entrepreneur Certification or the OEC as we call it.

This consists of 50 lessons for you to learn everything from the beginning, including what Wealthy Affiliate is about.

You are taught how to choose a niche, a theme from the WordPress themes we use, and then how to create and build a website. For some, building a website can sound a bit tricky but I assure you, it’s so easy.

Once you have a domain name, a theme, and of course a niche, you will click a button that says, create a website and within 30 seconds your website is ready for you to build onto as you learn new skills.

Here is a screenshot of the training. What I love about the training, not only is it has done in tutorials but also a video for visual learners and this makes the process so easy.

Above is the course lessons and here is an image of the 1st 10 lessons you get for free to get you started on your road to success as an Affiliate Marketer.

Here are the learning outcomes and benefits to expect from this:

Once you have completed this course, you will most likely head over to Bootcamp and do this course of 70 lessons, depending on your niche.

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free, I took a good look inside this platform and soon realized if I invested in myself and my future by going premium, ever door would open so I did this and I did this within my 1st 7 days and received a bonus offer which you can get by clicking the button below.

Jay, one of the Wealthy Affiliate top trainers also offers video training every week live and it is recorded to suit people living in different time zones so you don’t miss out and Jay’s training is of immense value as you learn and build.

These are a few of the video training, Jay has done and there are literally videos for 100’s of different things to enhance your business growth as you move forward with your learning and building.

Alongside this, there are 1000’s resources inside Wealthy Affiliate where, as members, if you have a question, all you do is type your question into the search bar, and voila, the answers are there, plus 100’s of training from Expert Members who share “How to do ” so many incredible things.

I have never seen a place like WA, that offers what members receive for a small fee every month. The fee you will pay for premium membership gives you so much, including your hosting fee for all your sites as you build your business.

Premium Membership

This is what you will get for a premium membership plus all of what I mentioned above as well.

  • Websites- 25 SiteRubix, 25 your own domain websites
  • Support 24/7
  • Live chat 24/7
  • Website Security
  • Website Backup
  • Training x 2 Programs
  • Live Video Classes
  • Keyword research Tool – Unlimited searches
  • Affiliate Programs – 2 x Higher Profit
  • 1 on 1 Coaching
  • Private access to the owners
  • Website feedback platform
  • Website Comments platform
  • Video walkthrough training plus tutorials

Plus so much more and there are always regular updates and add-ons to help you achieve excellent results

There will be NO up-sells inside Wealthy Affiliate- what you pay for is it, unless of course, you want to purchase page builders, pro themes but this is not a necessity at all because WordPress has everything you need to build a really great website.

1 in 3 people choose to build their sites using WordPress and I know you will enjoy how easy it is to build using this product.


People ranging from 17- 85 from all over the world are members of Wealthy Affiliate and within the community, there are over 1900 Experts helping out 24/7 so you will always have help if needed.

There is also Site Support who works 24/7 to make sure if members make a mistake while learning, the technical team will fix the issue to keep them moving forward.

There are also 25 developers behind the scenes of this state-of-the-art system keeping it running and up to date 24/7, adding anything that is needed without disrupting the members which are so great.

People at all different learning levels connect with other members and over time you will make some truly great friends from around the world.

I have met some incredible people and every day I spend time in the community helping people learn and encouraging people along the way.

I am proud to be an Ambassador for Wealthy Affiliate and I take this role seriously and if you work well,  care about helping people once you learn the ropes, you could also be one of our Ambassadors.

 No pressure of course as the most important thing to do when you join is to go start the training and learn everything you possibly can ticking off each task as you complete them so you can move onto the next lesson helping get you closer to earning great money for your future.


A few people join Wealthy Affiliate hoping to make money in their 1st few days of joining and if this is you, I am telling you, this is not how growing a business works.

Building a great business, takes time, learning, and loads of consistent effort to achieve the results you need to earn a full-time living and if you do it correctly, you will be successful.

Whether you are working full time, part-time or not at all, making time to learn and build is essential because your business won’t grow by magic.

Plugging into the best system to learn how to build a successful Affiliate Marketing business is vital and if you want to learn how to stay ahead of any competitor out there, then please join us inside Wealthy Affiliate so you can become another success story.

Above is a piece of a post from one of the Experts in Wealthy Affiliate.

Above are screenshots of some of the success stories and if you get started, start learning and building,  you can be another success story to add to the 1000’s from inside the no.1 platform online, Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing before you decide, click here


Excellent training

24/7 Support

State of the art system

Low monthly fee or huge discount for paying yearly

Affiliate program x 2 built into Wealthy Affiliate

Honest and filled with Integrity


Can be addictive 🙂

So that’s it from me today and I hope you have enjoyed what I have shared with you and I hope also, you take up this opportunity by joining for FREE to see what you think and if you get serious about Affiliate Marketing and creating a financially independent future for yourself, then let’s get you moving forward with this.

Until next time- Go well and be awesome in 2019 and beyond

Vicki, signing out

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6 thoughts on “Affiliate Training Programs – Best Training for Beginners”

  1. Lol, you said wealthy affiliate can be additive. It is not a lie I must say as sometimes I find it hard to leave my PC to do other things. I am just realising the addictive part too. I joined about a month ago and when I did, it didn’t take so long to upgrade to premium. The training has been perfect and I love the community too. In general, wealthy affiliate is a great place and j have enjoyed every momebt on the. Platform. Is it the best? Yes and I’ll recommend it to anyone who wasnts success. Great review.

    • It sure is Henderson and we have to remember to have balance don’t we. I’m the same and spend hours on WA writing and connecting and of course, helping people out and I love every minute of it and all we get as members. So awesome.

      Thanks, heaps for stopping by and sharing your feedback and I hope you are rocking your business

  2. Beginners definitely face some questions when it comes to starting with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is really great to get into though so it’s worth the initial struggle. It’s important to get to most and best information when starting out, so a post like this one is really helpful. Wealthy Affiliate is a tried and true website and is one of the best platforms and communities out there when it comes to operating a successful affiliate marketing business. You provided a really thorough and helpful review of Wealthy Affiliate here, well done!

    • It’s great to connect with you here on my website and thanks heaps for sharing your thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate

      It really is the best and I’m glad you love it too

  3. You’ve hit the nail on the head with this informative article concerning the wealthy Affiliate training platform otherwise known as university. Since ive been an online marketer, this has been the most massive training I have ever gotten into because it is simply awesome. I learned everything that is required if a marketer and every training has both the video and written format which makes it much more easier to comprehend. I would recommend this for any beginner who wants to learn about affiliate marketing because it is the best platform to go too. 

    • Thanks for stopping by Ro and also for your positive input re WA.

      I hope you are growing big online and I look forward to connecting with you inside the platform


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