Affiliate Marketing Training Course – Create a Free Business Website

Affiliate Marketing Training Course – Create a Free Business Website

If you want a Successful Online Business, You need a really great website and today is all about Your Business Website

Hi and welcome to this website which I built by learning all the skills and using the necessary tools as a Member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has been my online building platform for some time now and I have already successfully built 3 businesses and I am currently working on number 4 which is really exciting.

Yes, it takes hard work and determination along with focus and a consistent effort however if you are serious about growing a business online, you will understand the qualities you need to be successful.

Why would you choose Wealthy Affiliate

Is it because they are ranked as the NO.1 Platform on the Internet to grow your online business?

Yes, this is one of the reasons however for me it was because they have been around for over 13 years and are growing more and more each day with over 1.4 Million Members. This says something to me.

Carson and Kyle the 2 guys who started this business and are still the Owners today work tirelessly creating better tools, updates regularly and are working within the platform helping people every chance they get.

Behind the scenes are 25 developers all working on keeping this state of the art platform running 100% for every member.

The Support, the caring and encouragement and all that is offered in Wealthy Affiliate is something I cannot compare to any other platform online and I hope you come and take a look for free and see what you think.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free

Yes, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and get started with your online journey and as a Free Member you get 2 Site Rubix websites and 10 lessons from within the training completely free and in my opinion, this is a really good way to get started in your online career.

Why? Because this will give you 2 things.

1. The opportunity to build a free website and learn how things all fit together

2. You will know if this is something you truly want to do.

As a free member you get quite a few resources that will help you, however if after you have completed the 1st 10 lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, you feel passionate and excited about what you are creating and building, I suggest you go Premium to open all the doors you will ever need to become an Online Entrepreneur.

Here is the Comparison Chart and if you decide soon after you join free, to go Premium, you will receive a bonus of paying only $19 for your 1st Month

Here is the Comparison

Taking your Business Seriously

There are 2 Training Programs within Wealthy Affiliate- There is the OEC which is mentioned above and then there is BootCamp which is awesome very beneficial to you as a Marketer and Business Owner.

Here are the 2 Images of what is taught


As you can see the Trainings offered are very Comprehensive and we as Members refer to these 2 Programs as the Wealthy Affiliate University,  except and the great news is, you don’t pay thousands of dollars for these 2 amazing training programs. They are included with your membership as a Premium Member.

Hosting Comparisons is my next image just to reassure of the value you are getting when you join Wealthy Affiliate.

So for your monthly fee, you get $1000’s of dollars worth of training, resources, extra tutorials, videos, live chat, 1 on 1 mentoring with the Owners if you need it and over 1800 Experts inside the Community helping out 24/7 when members have a question that needs answering.

The Technical Support team are also available 24/7 if you make a mistake when you are building, as we do when we are learning. These people are incredible and get us unstuck and sorted out very quickly.

Domain Names

This is a favourite topic for me because when I joined Wealthy Affiliate and was building my 1st Niche Website, I bought my very own domain name relating to my business for $13-99 per annum and the great thing is, you can buy as many domain names as you like as an Investment and resell them if you want to on Flippa-

I have bought quite a few now and one of them is now valued at around $795 which is a really good return on investment.

This cost will be your only extra cost unless of course, you want to extend your free theme to a premium theme however this is not necessary although it can be extremely beneficial as you grow larger as a premium theme such as Thrive Themes or Divi or GeneratePress can give your site some really amazing new layouts.



Over 4 Billion People surf the Internet looking for products to buy, make, sell and things to learn, teach and Market and the market is growing so rapidly as more and more companies are growing their presence online to keep things running and grow more sales so the need for more excellent business people online is huge.

Affiliate Marketers helping companies by promoting their goods and getting paid, Online stores are appearing everywhere, and e-commerce is huge online so if you want to earn a very lucrative income, start now and within 2 years if not sooner depending on how hard you work, you will be earning a full time living from your online efforts.

How will this change your current situation?

Will you leave your full-time job?

Will you buy something new?

What about your family- How will this benefit them?

I know for me it has been life changing and I love the time and freedom it gives me and of course, the money is always a blessing,

I get to do my artwork, go fishing, garden and enjoy all of the things I love to do without worrying about money anymore.

My Latest piece of Art

Yes, it takes time and a lot of effort to do this however if you are prepared to change your life then I invite you to join me inside Wealthy Affiliate so I can work with you to help you move forward and help you and success become great friends.

Until then- Go well and Remember- Success starts with the 1st step


Founder and Owner of Money and Freedom Online


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