Affiliate Marketing the Pros and Cons

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Not all shiny apples are worth biting into and it’s the same for Affiliate Marketing. There are some Affiliate Marketing Platforms that are worthy of your money and some that aren’t and today’s post is about Affiliate Marketing the Pros and Cons.

Affiliate Marketing is a very popular form of marketing to earn a full-time income but it’s not for everyone and in this post, I am going to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of Affiliate Marketing so you can make an informed decision on whether it’s for you before you go spending any money.

So, let’s get into this for you now.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate Marketing is when you become an Affiliate for a company related to a niche you enjoy and when you have a solid foundation of content, you add links and banners from companies you have joined as an affiliate and you place these links and banners on your website.

When people search the internet looking for information about your niche and arrive on your site, they may click on a link you recommend and this will then take them directly to the company’s websites where, if they purchase a product, you will then receive a commission for helping out.

This image above shows you in simple terms what needs to be done as an Affiliate Marketer, however, there are some things you should know before you embark on this journey online.

The very 1st thing you need to consider is this:

  • Are you ready to own your own business online?
  • Are you willing to learn the skills you need?
  • Are you prepared to work hard to achieve the results you want?
  • Are you hoping for money to start arriving when you begin?
  • Do you have a plan on how much time you are willing to work on building your future online?

So many people think all they have to do is join a platform, learn a little bit, and then the money will start coming into their accounts. Some even think money will be earned within 2 weeks of their journey.


Money stacks

You need to understand that building a business offline and online takes hard work, dedication, learning and also using the tools you need to become an authority with any chosen niche you enjoy.

Most businesses do not make a profit offline for the 1st 2 years, sometimes quicker and sometimes much longer than this and the online world is no different so you really do need to understand it’s gonna take consistent effort to achieve the results you desire, so if you are ready, let’s look into the pros of Affiliate Marketing.

I started making some income after 3 months but I worked every day for 8 hours as I would at a job and I did all the lessons and learned the skills needed to create this.

So if you are ready to become a truly successful Affiliate Marketer, my next suggestion is you join the no.1 platform on the internet to learn all the skills and get the tools you need to build your own awesome business online.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, please click here or click the button below to get started for free.

Here are some screenshots taken of some of the success that happens from being a member with Wealthy Affiliate and there are 1000’s more inside this great platform.

(This is not a promise of this income earned- Every member works at a different learning pace and work pace)

Those screenshots are to show you, anyone can make great money but consistent effort is required until you have a large site filled with really great keyword-rich content to help people who visit your site.

Should you choose Affiliate Marketing?


  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to set up your site with Wealthy Affiliate
  • Income is endless and can be part-time or full time depending on how you work
  • Passive income leading to financial independence and freedom to do what you like
  • More money for your family
  • More and more companies are growing online so the need for affiliates keeps growing
  • You can become your own boss
  • Work hours you choose from home
  • Work as you travel the world
  • Buy things you really want
  • No Sales, no inventory,  no pressuring people, no recruiting
  • Money from many different sources as you grow your site
  • Sale of your business

There are loads more Pros but I know you are getting the picture. 🙂

Some of what you will learn if you join Wealthy Affiliate as an Affiliate Marketer.

The image above only shows a portion of what is available to WA Members and if you decide to go and join for free to check out everything, you will see for yourself what is on offer to members.

I am still blown away even today as Wealthy Affiliate continues to add new resources, updates, and more to ensure its members get the very best service and learning. And for the amount you pay, it really is incredible. Kyle and Carson, the 2 Canadians who founded Wealthy Affiliate have created a truly wonderful pay-it-forward platform where over 1.9 million members are all at different stages of business growth as Affiliate Marketers and the platform just keeps giving.

Ok, let’s look at our reasons why you shouldn’t become an Affiliate Marketer as a choice for future money and time freedom.


  • It takes time
  • You must learn the skills necessary to build a great business
  • Consistent effort is required when you are building.
  • Money doesn’t come in the 1st stages of growth.
  • Writing content is vital so if you don’t like helping people by writing reviews and recommendations or sharing helpful information, Affiliate Marketing is most likely not for you.


I had tried a few different ways to make money online, got ripped off twice by scams, and learned to be diligent in my search of a place where I could learn the right way to build a great business and earn good money over time and when I found a review of Wealthy Affiliate, I joined for free to see what was on offer to members.

After a few hours, I knew this platform was the one for me so I paid for my 1st month and got into the training program called the Online Entrepreneur Certification and step by step I learned and grew, and having completed both programs now, I can honestly tell you, these training programs will give you everything you will ever need to become successful as an Affiliate Marketer and as a bonus with WA, you can also qualify for a free trip to Las Vegas every year staying in a superb hotel, living like Kings and Queens meeting other Super Affiliates who are attending the conference.

How cool is that!!!

So why not go take a look if you are up for the challenge and see if you feel you have what it takes to build a great affiliate marketing business to secure your future.

People aged 17- 85 are Affiliate Marketers and these people come from loads of different countries and cultures all working towards their goals and dreams and it is so wonderful to read about how much members achieve as they share their journey in the community of Wealthy Affiliate.

Experts are on hand to help 24/7 and the community has over 1900 Experts there to lend a hand if you get stuck. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience and love of this platform and all it gives us. I have learned so much. More than I ever dreamed and I’m now 61 and loving life, earning money and I am free to do whatever I want when I want and you can too.

As I finish writing this post, I thank you for reading through this post and if I can help you in any way, please leave a message in the comments below or email and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Go well and remember

Vicki Crawford

Affiliate Marketer/Business Owner of

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10 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing the Pros and Cons”

  1. For what is worth, the pros of affiliate marketing is in four ways better than any sort of cons that might be identified with it. Affiliate marketing is the real deal and thanks for sharing the various benefits attached to sheeting up a business on it as an affiliate. It is true that getting started with affiliate marketing requires serious work but then, that is a substitute for not going to any 9-5 jobs and staying back at hone in my convenience while working as an affiliate. Also the low start up cost too us a thumbs up. Great post

    • I totally agree with you Ro

      I love everything I do every day with my affiliate Marketing business and watching it fruit is awesome!!

      All the best to you along the way too

  2. Thank you so much for this inspiring post, I am thrilled and motivated by your story, I have always been skeptical about going into affiliate marketing because I feel it is too competitive. But your post has provided me with great insights on how to go about that. Thank you for Sharing ,I will bookmark this post and follow the tips sheepishly.

  3. As with everything on this planet, there is the good and the bbad side but when it comes to making money, we always want the good side to have a higher chance than the bad side. And this is where affiliate marketing thrives. The low or no start up cost, the convenience of working, the independence and freedom and so much more that it offers is simply the reason it is one of the best platforms ever. While the bad sides are just pointers to take note of while striving through the journey of being an affiliate marketer. For anyone serious about affiliate marking, wealthy Affiliate Is the right place ti be.

    • It sure is Mattias and I hope you are doing great inside Wealthy Affiliate

      I am yet to connect with you in there but I am sure we will one day

      Go well and build big

  4. Affiliate marketing is definitely not for everyone. A lot of people quit if they don’t see profit in the first few months of work. You can say that it is a downside to this type of business. Though lucrative but can be slow picking up. I heard that if you are not willing to give your business two years of hardwork then you are just not ready for affiliate marketing. The good thing is that some people do see good profit in the first year but this does not happen to a lot of people. You really have to be willing to see your business through for at least 2 years to be sure you have done the best you can.

    • Hi Jay and thanks for your input

      Yes, most businesses start to see profit in their second year and if we work hard this continues to grow and grow which is wonderful

      Go well and build strong

  5. Thanks for explaining in details the pros and cons of affiliate marketing in details, this explanation would definitely be a guideline for both beginners and pro who wants to invest time and money in affiliate marketing, I use to get the wrong mindset of making money online as soon as i start up my affiliate campaign, this post has actually corrected that impression. this was indeed very helpful.

    • I’m so glad you stopped by today Seun and got some clarification from reading this post.

      Yers mindset is key when you start out owning your own business and if you work consistently and learn well you will become successful and I wish this for you


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