Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it

There are more and more people becoming Affiliate Marketers because there is great money to be made if you do it right and with the online MarketPlace growing rapidly, there is no better time to begin your journey online in this Industry.

Scams are out there – Be aware

So many Online businesses come and go, some because of choice and many others because of their Law Breaking such as Mobe who was closed down by the Law because of their dodgy dealings.

Empower Network was also shut down due to bankruptcy and no doubt will try to come back under another name trying to hook people with promises and charging a lot of money to be part of their “amazing lifestyle” online.

Turned out 1000’s of people have been scammed out of a lot of money and will most likely see no return for it.

Everywhere online you will see all kinds of sites offering you a whole lot of fancy tools and even places where no work is needed and you will be a millionaire within a few months-  SCAM!!!!

Wealthy Affiliate- No.1 Recommendation 2018

For over 13 years Wealthy Affiliate has been going strong and growing in popularity more and more, and I feel really honored to be an Ambassador with Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle and Carson believe in a true pay it forward, caring, honest place for anyone who wants to become an Affiliate Marketer and the platform is state of the art.

These 2 men plus of course the team behind the scenes have developed a place where 10000’s of people are Affiliate Marketers. Some newbies who don’t know much at all and some who already have knowledge about how to build an online business and people everywhere in between.

Kyle and Carson work tirelessly every day helping people, creating more pieces of training, upgrading certain parts of the platform so we can money in different areas inside the platform, and making sure the platform is running smoothly 24/7.

Behind the scenes would be an incredible place to visit to see how it all functions as it truly is an incredibly well-built platform.

If you want to check it out for free click here and go take a look for yourself 🙂

Training- Wealthy Affiliate University

There are 2 Training Programs within WA as we fondly call Wealthy Affiliate.

One is the Online Entrepreneur Certification  (OEC) and as a free member you get the 1st 10 lessons and as a premium member, you will get all of the training offered.

There is also Bootcamp which is training on how to use more really great tools and skills to really move your business forward.

There are also video pieces of training and a live Video Class by Jay every week, all part of your premium membership and if you want a quick answer, you can ask in live chat or ask the community as there are over 1800 Experts in there offering their answers and help.


To become a really successful Affiliate Marketer, you will need to have a niche and there is a neverending list on anything you could possibly think of for example. Dive gear, Helmets for pro football players, Skateboard for beginners, Fishing Gear, Camping Gear, Televisions, Gaming equipment, Guinea Pigs, Fitness, Swimming, Outdoor living… Google any idea that comes to you.

Here is an example of a Niche and the Results

263 million results on Best Golf Clubs 2018 so choose something you can enjoy helping people with and something you really enjoy or have always wanted to learn about and this will be your niche.

Building your own Website

You now have your niche which is great and now you need a website and within the very 1st part of the OEC training, you will create and build your own website.

You can build SiteRubix websites or as a premium member, you can buy a dot-com domain name and build a really amazing website step by step, by choosing your theme from over 3000 WordPress Themes adding your domain name, and click Create, and in about 30 seconds, you will have your own website.

This is a serious opportunity to become an Online Entrepreneur, so if you are a focused hard working person, I invite you to join Wealthy Affiliate for free, have a really good look around inside the platform.

Go through the first 10 lessons in the training and if you feel this is the best place to be and you are serious about becoming a Business Owner, then I would become a premium member and really get working to bring you the success you desire.

You need to build a really solid foundation for your website with great content and when you have achieved this, you will then join Affiliate Programs relating to your niche and I will give you an example of this with the Golf Club Niche

So now you join some Affiliate Programs relating to your niche and then you add links that the company gives you to your website posts and also as banners on your website.

People visit your website, click on your product links, and they are taken directly to the Company you are an Affiliate for. If they buy something from this business, you get paid. Being a great Affiliate Marketer can bring you an excellent Income which will start as a part-time income and over time and with the growth of your website a full-time Income may be produced. That is pretty cool, huh?

Having Time and Money Freedom to do whatever you want, when you like is a great lifestyle. Yes, it’s going to take time and hard work but if you are really serious about becoming your own boss, then this type of business is really the best choice for you to become an Online Entrepreneur.

In Closing today

This is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scam- It takes your hard work, your self-belief, your wanting time and money freedom, and your determination to get this, for it to work for you so if this is you, let’s get started now so you can make 2019, your best year yet.

There is no risk.

If you don’t like it once you have been there for a few days, all you do is leave and go do something else,  however, if you enjoy what you see and learn,  you have 7 days to decided to become a premium member and you will get your 1st Month for $19 as a Bonus offer and I guarantee you, You won’t find a place like Wealthy Affiliate on the Internet giving you what premium members get inside WA and that is why it is ranked as the NO1 Platform on the Internet to teach Affiliate Marketing.

When you see how much you are given for this price, you will be like all the members inside the platform. We are always amazed at how cheap it is considering what we have at our fingertips and how easy the process is to learn.

Kyle and Carson believe in a pay it forward platform and because of this, they keep giving us more and more without any hidden up-sells or anything negative.

I love Wealthy Affiliate. It has changed my life already and I recommend it to you if you are ready to begin an exciting, fun, learning, growing journey to Online Success in Affiliate Marketing.

If you have any questions please ask as I always reply within 24 hours

Enjoy a successful day in whatever you choose to do

Go easy and I hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate


Owner of Money and Freedom Online

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