ACN Inc – ACN Review 2019

ACN Inc – ACN Review 2019

Who is ACN?

ACN is a Telecommunication Company founded in 1993 and has all kinds of different products for people and I will go into this further in this review of ACN Inc.

ACN is also a Multi-Level Marketing Company which puts a whole new spin on things.

ACN has IBOs’ (Independent Business Owners) who find people to become customers and also recruit other IBOs’. There are 4 Guys at the top and these Guys have been with ACN from the Get-go.

ACN is a legitimate company serving people in a lot of countries around the world with their services and benefits of being a Customer.

What does ACN Offer

Internet, Mobile Phone, Landline Deals, Security and more are offered to Customers however if you want to own a business, it is going to cost you and it’s not cheap.

Why the Huge Joining Fee?

Joining ACN. As per the ACN Independent Business Owner Agreement, the cost of ACN affiliate membership is $499 and I find this quite ridiculous. I use the word ridiculous because I would like to know why you would have to pay such a high price to own a business like this

I understand it costs money to own and build a business but I am not sure why this fee is so high. Surely it would be easier to get IBO Independent Business Owners if the fee was dropped to say $99 as this seems real for ordinary people and isn’t this who IBO’s are targeting.

Also, the low % of people are paid a commission for getting customers and is not helping the people who are building. It is feeding the pockets of the 4 guys at the top and feels like just another hyped up, promise of rewards.

I joined ACN in 2007 for a short while and Yes, I got customers and Yes I also got a few people to join but when they realised how low the commissions were they left and went on to try other MLM Biz Opportunities.

I also left and I was a great business builder but ACN felt like a long haul. I remember going to a weekly hyped up meeting to hear we were going to be getting a video phone and how exciting this was and how thousands of people would join because this phone was going to be incredible.

A Year later the phone still hadn’t been launched- I got this info from someone knowledgable within ACN.

For me, it felt like a lot of hype, people who joined early and gained the money at the beginning trying to coax people to do the same but with different results.

Yes, ACN is still going as there are millions of people in the world and I know in the US and Canada ACN is doing great however I don’t know about the other countries so can’t offer any advice for these countries.

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Do I recommend ACN?


Legitimate Company

Available in many countries

Discounted Telecommunication Products


$499 to own a business with ACN

Slow to grow

People come and go as Customers

Asking friends and family to join


Do I recommend ACN?

Rating – See Comparison to my no1 recommendation


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In Closing today

I have tried many MLM Companies over the years and can recommend a few, however, I don’t recommend you buy a business with ACN although you may want to try their services and make your own choices from there.

ACN is a legitimate company with some good guys at the top who own and run this company however I still feel the buy a biz fee of $499 is steep for people who really want to grow a business, especially in one hit. If people were able to pay monthly for their fees as a business owner it would make a difference I am sure especially to people on a tight budget.

Yes it costs money to build your own online business and this is normal but surely it could be made easier for people

Thank you for stopping by and reading this review

What are your thoughts?

Am I being too harsh?

Have you experienced ACN?

I would love to know what your thoughts or experience is with this Company and look forward to reading this in the comments below

Go easy and success to all of you who work hard


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