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Welcome to Money and Freedom Online. I have been affiliate marketing now for a while and love the passive income it brings and also it is so great helping people online with their business growth.

I am a retired Entertainer/Singer-songwriter and back in 2006, I had to retire from the stage due to needing life-saving brain surgery. For some time during my recovery, I felt quite lost as the stage was my life.

Me when I was 40 – Things have changed a lot since then 🙂 however, I still love music

Click on my pic if you would like to hear some of my songs on SoundCloud

As I got better I continued studying Personal Development something I started way back in 2000 and I am now a success Coach for people all over the world which is awesome.

The 1st course I completed was the Dale Carnegie Training Course and I live the principles taught in this course every day. I have also studied from more great leaders in the Industry- Jack Canfield, The late great, Jim Rohn, Joe Vital and Robin Sharma to name a few and all of these people have taught me so much and I feel so blessed to be able to pass my knowledge on to help people I connect with along the way.

Along the way, I decided to create a business online to allow people who needed my services to be able to connect with me online rather than on person even though we have Skype to do 1 on 1 mentoring as I felt this would extend my market to all parts of the world and it has so I am very blessed.

As well as having my coaching business, I also decided to study Affiliate Marketing so I joined a platform called Wealthy Affiliate to learn everything I needed to learn to become successful at Affiliate Marketing and I can tell you this- I love it.

Wealthy Affiliate has given me so many opportunities to help people learn how to make a full-time income online working part-time and full time and it’s such a fun journey.

I coach people and encourage and empower them to become their best self and I also mentor people inside Wealthy Affiliate and help them learn new skills needed to be successful online.

I have a gorgeous family – 2 adult children and 3 beautiful grandchildren and a wonderful life living close to the ocean in a sleepy seaside town in New Zealand.

My interests include fishing, gardening, painting, acrylic pouring and of course, music.

I am looking forward to connecting with you and hope you enjoy visiting Money and Freedom Online to get some gold nuggets to help you grow your online futures.

If you have questions please ask as I am here to help you and look forward to connecting with you

Thank you- Now let’s get moving forward and make 2019 and beyond something to celebrate

Bye for now

Vicki Crawford, signing out until next time


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