12 Minute Affiliate Review- Are You Serious?

12 Minute Affiliate Review

$460 each day and it only takes 12 minutes!! Yeah right!!

In this post. I will cover in more detail and give you my honest opinion with the 12 Minute Affiliate Review.

What is the 12 Minute Affiliate Program?

12 Minute Affiliate Review

Founders: David Sloan and Devon Brown

Product: Done for you Sales Funnels and Landing pages

Cost: $9.95 to join and look inside for 14 days

Up-sells: Yes

Recommendation Not for Beginners

Rating 6/10

Money-Back Guarantee: Yes, because it is a ClickBank product

12 Minute Affiliate offers you the choice of Marketing in 3 Niches

Personal Development

A Home Business

Weight Loss

Yes it is a good product, however, not only is there up-sells but you will also have to pay Aweber for their email marketing and Click Funnels as well to get moving and the upsells as well so this is getting pretty costly

Once you have joined you will be asked to pay for Your Results Blueprint @$39 then Your set up cost of $69

The 1st Membership- The Basic Membership gives you Landing Pages, email templates, and recommended products to promote but only for the Making Money Online Niche so if you want to go for all 3 Niches you will have to pay for the Gold membership

12 Minute Affiliate Review

12 Minute Affiliate Review

I’m telling you now, nobody can make $460 in 12 minutes Online but if you do want to check it out please click here

Although 12 Minute Affiliate is not a Scam, I don’t recommend it because there are some red flags and one of these is

David Sloan and Devon Brown want you to use Solo Ads and Solo Ads also have hidden costs which you will have to pay for.

I am a Successful Affiliate Marketer and I can tell you now, it takes a great platform, loads of expert help, and a really good platform to learn in and I don’t feel 12 Minute Affiliate is going to give this to you but hey, if you want to give it a go, then by all means but please be aware of the extra costs that you will need to pay for along the way.

The place where I belong has no hideous up-sells and is an honest place to learn all the skills and use all the tools and the bonus is, You get to start for free to see if you enjoy what is offered.

Another Red Flag is this- Every person that joins and pays top dollar is going to get the same products, the same emails to send out, the same landing pages to use- Now how does this build credibility. This is so spammy.

There are much better places to learn how to make money online – Click here to learn more about my no.1 recommendation.

Making Money Online

Takes commitment, learning, tools, unique content to help people and in the 12Minute Affiliate, nothing will be unique as every person who uses this program will use the same tools and this is a big Red Flag for sure.

Some of the concepts will work for some people but I still feel after checking this product out, that there is a much better way to grow a long-lasting, truly successful online business.

12 Minute Affiliate is not a scam but I feel the costs involved just keep growing for a “maybe” and I don’t recommend an investment in this product, especially when I pay $49 per month and this includes some of the best training I have ever experienced, hosting, websites, support 24/7 and so much more.

I’m talking about my NO 1 Recommendation to anyone who wants to learn how to make money online.

Easy as 1 2 3

12 Minute Affiliate promises you, You will never look anywhere else because of what you get buy unfortunately they don’t share all the extra cost on top of the price you have to pay to become involved, stay involved, and the up-sells.

Just doesn’t do it for me at all.

So here’s what you get12 Minute Affiliate Review

And that is it as far as these guys tell you until you actually join and then more surprises and more money spent.

If I was going to join a place to grow online, I would want to know everything upfront and because of the Scams online, this should be a legal requirement so people don’t waste their money.

Upfront honesty. No Hype, which is how this product is sold

Looks fancy in the image below but it’s just a graphic, not a hard copy product so why this – Oh yes, to attract buyers.

12 Minute Affiliate Review


Yes, we are coming to the end of the 12-minute affiliate review so what are the pros and cons of 12 Minute Affiliate? I hope I have given you enough information to help you decide whether this product will help you and is it worth the money you invest?

It’s up to you of course, but I am adamant there is a much better place to grow your future online and I will share more at the end of this.


  • You can check it out for $9.95
  • 60 Day Money back guarantee
  • A Facebook Group


  • Not good for Beginners
  • Upsells that is very expensive
  • Traffic Methods that need to be updated


Before I go I would like to invite you to join me and other really great members inside Wealthy Affiliate where anyone can learn how to become successful online.

All you need to do is sign up for free and check it out inside the platform, do some of the training and see if it what you need and want to grow success online. If it is, then go premium, and let’s get you moving on up in the online marketing world.

I love being a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I really haven’t got anything negative to tell you because it truly is the best.

Click here to read my review and click here to learn what you do to become an Affiliate Marketer and not only this but how to be a super successful one who down the track could earn a full-time income doing what you enjoy.

It is the best so please check out the other posts here at Money and Freedom Online.

Any comments will be great as I enjoy interacting and reading peoples points of view so go for it


Owner of MFO/Online Entrepreneur

Money and Freedom Online

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  1. Hi, I love this article thanks. I have read a heap of reviews all with differing opinions like this one, which seem to like the 12 minute affiliate a bit too much, so not sure if they are just saying it’s great. Thanks once again for this enlightening article, I will continue to enjoy your content.


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